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190 channels starting

America's Top 120 from Dish Network, which offers a massive selection of over 190 channels! Whether you are searching for your daily news fix, exciting sports programming, or even some classic sitcoms and movies to enjoy, this subscription has it all.

A 2-year price guarantee requires credit qualification and a 2-year commitment and covers primary programming, local network, and equipment. Hopper Duo is included in the price for eligible customers. Hopper, Hopper with the sling, or Hopper 3 $5/mo. plus. An upfront fee may apply based on creditworthiness.
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America’s Top 120 Channels

America's Top 120 brings you the best in sports, news, drama, comedy, and more with 190 of the most popular networks nationwide. Stay up-to-date on the latest entertainment from hit shows like Modern Family, Grey's Anatomy, and The Voice, or catch all of your favorite sports teams live with ESPN, FOX Sports, NBC Sports, and more.

Popular Channels

  • 190 Total Channels
  • All-time favorite networks include USA, CMT, Disney Channel, ESPN, and E!
  • ESPN is included so you can watch March Madness, the National Championship, and more
  • Over 70 SiriusXM music channels
  • 60,000 free movies and shows on demand

Excellent Value

  • HD FREE for Life® for top picture quality
  • 2-Year TV Price Guarantee
  • Local channels included (most providers charge extra!
  • Free installation setup for up to 6 rooms
  • Smart TV with Dish Anywhere App

America’s Top 120™ Channels

Premium Channels Free for 3 Months

Dish Network is offering a limited-time promotion. For a limited time, when you order America’s Top 120 and three premium movie channels (Showtime®, The Movie Channel®, and Epix®), you get access to Showtime® and DISH Movie Pack™ without paying extra for three months.

    • Showtime is Free for 3 months
    • DISH Movie PackFree for 3 months
    • Epix $7 per month
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Add International Channels to Your DISH Subscription

Dish Network International TV packages provide more than 270 channels in 28 languages and dialects from all around the world. Whether you're interested in watching shows from the United Kingdom, British America, or Canada, DISH offers international programming that aims to meet your cultural needs.

Add International Channels to Your DISH Subscription

Available Regions and Dialect

Africa: Pan-African

East Asia: Cantonese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Filipino, Vietnamese

South Asia: Bangla, Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Gujarati

Europe: French, German, Greek, Polish, Portuguese

Middle East: Arabic, Israeli

South America: Brazil

DishLATINO Packages for Bilingual Homes

DishLATINO brings you the best in Spanish and English programming at an affordable price. It's a great deal, with DishLATINO you get: More than 40 Spanish channels and over 100 English channels DishLATINO offers the best in sports, news, movies, and more No hidden fees! Price includes all taxes and equipment costs

What is the difference between America's Top 120 vs 200?

America’s Top 120

America’s Top 120 is one of the most popular TV packages in North America. It offers you more than 190 channels, including USA, CMT, Disney Channel, E!, and ESPN. With a wide variety of tastes and interests, this package is ideal for budget-conscious households with children who are interested in a variety of kinds of content.

America’s Top 200

America's Top 200, our most popular package, has over 240 channels showing all your favorite TV shows, movies, and sports. This package includes the premium movie channels HBO®, Cinemax®, and Showtime®, as well as local broadcast channels like ABC and CBS.

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What channels are included in Dish Network America's Top 120 package?

Dish Network America's Top 120 package offers a diverse channel lineup, including popular networks like ESPN, CNN, HGTV, and more. For the full list, visit the Dish Network website.

Can I customize America's Top 120 package with additional channels?

Yes, Dish Network provides the flexibility to customize your America's Top 120 package by adding extra channels or premium networks to suit your preferences.

Is HD programming included in America's Top 120 package?

Yes, America's Top 120 package includes HD programming, ensuring you enjoy a high-quality viewing experience with crystal-clear visuals.

What is the contract duration for America's Top 120 package?

America's Top 120 package typically comes with a 24-month agreement. This contract offers stable pricing and benefits, providing a consistent and reliable entertainment experience.

Are there any hidden fees associated with America's Top 120 package?

Dish Network is committed to transparency. While additional fees may apply for specific services or equipment, they are clearly outlined in your billing statement.

Can I bundle internet services with America's Top 120 package?

Yes, Dish Network offers the option to bundle TV services, including America's Top 120, with internet services for added convenience and potential cost savings.

How do I access local channels with America's Top 120 package?

America's Top 120 package includes local channels in most areas. To check availability and access, visit the Dish Network website or contact customer service.


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