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HughesNet Internet Plans for Avid Users

100 GB Data Plan


  • Download speed up to 25 Mbps1
  • Upload speed up to 3 Mbps1
  • Bonus Zone – 50 GB extra data allowance per month during off-peak hours (2 am to 8 am)
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Video data saver

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200 GB Data Plan


  • Download speed up to 25 Mbps1
  • Upload speed up to 3 Mbps1
  • Bonus Zone – 50 GB extra data allowance per month during off-peak hours (2 am to 8 am)
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for multiple connections
  • Video data saver2 will automatically adjust rates for optimal streaming

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Overview of HughesNet Internet

HughesNet is a satellite internet provider that serves those areas in the United States that are outside cable and fiber optic lines, especially in rural and remote areas. The motion of satellite pairs enables HughesNet to provide high-speed satellite internet that is above the regularly occurring atmospheric conditions. Scheduled speeds range from basic 25Mbps downloads and 3Mbps uploads to premium 50Mbps downloads and 10Mbps uploads for their business users. 

HughesNet has a high latency in comparison with fiber-optic and cable internet because satellite internet is used. This leads to delays for apps and video chatting, which need real time handling. To make up for the bandwidth limit, HughesNet internet plans have a monthly data limit with additional charges per megabyte used over the limit. Schemes may vary from 10GB per month to 150GB per month, depending on a particular need. 

HughesNet internet means that a dish about the size of a pizza box is installed at your place alongside a special modem to connect with the satellite network. Be it for installation charges or the equipment fee, prices range between $99 and $299. By signing up for HughesNet, customers are usually locked into a 2-year contract, which requires them to pay back the equipment and installation costs during the contract period. The contract charges early cancellation fees. Generally, HughesNet completes the job of providing necessary Internet access to rural residents, but latency and data limits may make their Internet speed and monthly available data amount uncompilable with those of urban Internet service providers.


HughesNet is the most widely available service in the United States, as it serves as a satellite provider that covers the entire nation.


While HughesNet pricing may be more expensive compared to other internet providers, they do provide the added benefit of Free Installation and an additional 50 GB of Bonus Zone data.

Internet Speeds

HughesNet Internet plans to offer a download speed of 25 Mbps, which is enough to facilitate primary web surfing, streaming videos, and playing games online.

HughesNet Internet Prices and Plans

HughesNet simultaneously offers satellite internet services across the United States and supports download speeds up to 25 Mbps. Their data and price plans vary from the lowest 10GB per month, calling for $59.99, to the higher 50GB per month, which would cost $149.99.

 The 10GB basic data plan is 25Mbps down and 3Mbps up, for $59.99 per month. This option is ideal for an average user who would want to use their phone to email, browse, be socially active, and stream the basics. HughesNet’s $69.99/mo. The 20GB plan increases the download data allotment but maintains the same speeds as the previous plan. The 30GB gives even more, and it costs only $99.99 a month. 

For people with a lot of users or data purposes, HughesNet provides us with a 50GB plan for $149.99 with faster speeds for downloading at 25Mbps and uploading at 3Mbps. Unlike the communist system, where data allocations are set for each worker by their supervisors, in the system we propose, data tokens can be bought if you exceed your data allowance. The equipment fees as well as the 2-year contract are both required by all HughesNet plans. Initial costs begin at $199 and cap at $299, which includes satellite dish installation and modem set-up. HughesNet proclaims that there are no hard-coded data limits. Only after you finish the given data capacity from your monthly contract, the Internet speed be lowered.



Download Speed

Upload Speed

Data Allowance


HughesNet 15 GB Internet


25 Mbps1

3 Mbps

15 GB

(888) 797-3141

HughesNet 30 GB Internet

$74.99/mo. $49.99/mo.*

25 Mbps1

3 Mbps

30 GB

(888) 797-3141

HughesNet 100 GB Internet

$89.99/mo. $69.99/mo.*

25 Mbps1

3 Mbps

100 GB

(888) 797-3141

HughesNet 200 GB Internet

$149.99/mo. $124.99/mo.*

25 Mbps1

3 Mbps

200 GB

(888) 797-3141

HughesNet Internet Fees:

HughesNet Sign-up Costs



Equipment Fee (Satellite Antenna and Modem)


$14.99 per month

Standard Installation



Lease Setup Fee


$99 one-time fee

Connect Multiple Devices Wirelessly with HughesNet's Built-In Wi-Fi

HughesNet's Gen5 satellite internet package comes with a capacity packed Wi-Fi router that enables all your devices, regardless of their number, to be connected together. It provides the freedom to get online using your laptop, tablet, smartphone, smart TV, or game console, no matter where you need to be. Even the Wi-Fi connectivity is built in for easy internet access.

There are advanced JUPITER Wi-Fi routers available through Whole Home Coverage that provide fast and dependable satellite internet that spreads all over your entire house or business. Multiple antennas not only ensure the message is fully sent to all angles of the room without any blind zones or streaming lags when gaming,. Plus, it is easy to keep connected by making single moves from room to room with no more missed signals.

HughesNet Wi-Fi lets you interact with up to 30 devices concurrently. By that, we mean a situation where multiple family members can simultaneously use the Internet to video chat, download large files, stream movies, or play games online without any glitching occurring, which can happen even during peak Internet usage hours. In your cozy home office, there's no need to pass the mic or bump the other guys off the net.

Thus, here we are with sleek and sophisticated systems that can serve all your devices simultaneously. Why bother with those old-fashioned internet services that seem to be functionally limited? The HughesNet Gen5 version will be available for upgrading today, and users who purchase this satellite internet option can enjoy its fast and reliable speed while their entire home is covered by free Whole Home Wi-Fi out of the box. The connectivity of laptops, phones, TVs, and tablets will neither be interrupted nor disrupted because there will be multi-way docking.

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HughesNet Built-In Wi-Fi

Why is HughesNet is the First Choice of users?

HughesNet internet has become the go-to choice for internet users, especially in remote and rural areas, due to its strong historical roots and widespread availability across the United States. With almost 100% coverage in all regions of the country, HughesNet continues to provide high-speed internet solutions to over 1.5 million subscribers, making it the best satellite internet provider, according to U.S. News & World Report. Along with nationwide coast-to-coast coverage, HughesNet offers a variety of data plans that suit different household requirements. The company invests significantly in research and innovation, introducing smart ways to keep the service running smoothly and making it more effective, such as whole-home Wi-Fi and Video Data Saver.

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HughesNet Internet and Voice Bundles

HughesNet offers hi-speed satellite Internet bundled with a phone service that supports households across the nation to ensure they have fast, reliable internet connections. HughesNet exploits advanced satellite technology to bring internet speeds that will be on par with the broadband speeds offered by most of the famous cable and DSL providers.

Gen5 assistance comes with downloading speeds of 25 Mbps and uploading speeds of 3 Mbps in all 50 states. By following a syntax markup language based on input tags, output tags, element tags, attributes, and special characters, the webpage will be highly readable, logical, and responsive to changes automatically. The service Voice comprises unlimited local and long-distance calls to the continental US and Canada, which helps people residing in rural areas enjoy a cost-efficient call.

HughesNet is inclusive of both rural residents and suburban families by bundling fast internet and cheap local calling, thus enabling rural residents and suburban families to stay in touch with one another online. Satellite technology, apart from enabling the traditional communication necessities, successfully pulls down the geographical interrupts.

HughesNet Internet Discounts

Online connection will be a major factor in your happiness at home if you have a good deal of fast, reliable internet service. This season, package discounts are provided now by the HughesNet network so that the satellite-driven internet connection of the best quality becomes more accessible and affordable. Shipping today, new HughesNet subscribers who sign up for a plan are able to save as much as $100 for the first ninety days of internet services. Get more cash-back savings if you bundle internet with your home phone. HughesNet does not miss out on the opportunity to offer periodic soldier family discounts in addition to the accounts that are being switched from dial up connections.

How to Get the Best Deal on HughesNet Internet?

HughesNet is one of the big players in satellite internet, among others in the US. Finding the best offer on your HughesNet package is a combination of research and understanding the questions applicable to the service. Here are some tips:

Look at the packages and the quotes. HughesNet offers several packages at different speeds. See what download/upload speeds and monthly prices different providers and plans offer to make sure you choose the one that fits your needs perfectly at the lowest cost. You will find that the higher speed packages are among those that have a higher cost.

Ask about promotional pricing. HughesNet often gives promotional discounts and gift cards in return for signing longer-term commitments, which is usually 12–24 months. Next, you should verify if any present product promotions or restricted time initial offers are going on. Generally speaking, if you give notice prior to the date stipulated in the service contract, you will have to pay an early termination fee.

Find out if bundling is available. Sometimes you get a lower price if you use your HughesNet service with other services like phone, TV or security monitoring. To verify if there is any available plan that will reduce your charges, consider the current packages or bundles.

Go for gear-buying - Even though HughesNet equipment rentals are already factored into the advertised prices, the fees you pay each month recur. That is, you can avoid the payments if you buy your own HughesNet Gen5 equipment beforehand. This includes the modem, antenna, and, of course, any other items needed.

Verify for data caps. Almost all HughesNet plans have a section where the data may be accessed at a limited rate. Know the data thresholds in order to effectively limit its consumption beyond causing an overshoot of the expenditure for additional charges. Such period of day instances limitless.

The right homework of internet bundles through making calls to the companies to get discounts and promotions will keep your wallet happy by saving you hundreds of dollars on HughesNet. The price can be determined by the performance or quality of a product, but being a smart shopper is worth it.


What plans does HughesNet have for satellite internet?

HughesNet has various internet-only plans, with data caps ranging from 10 GB to 50 GB, as well as unlimited data options starting at $149.99 per month. They also offer hybrid plans through their HughesNet Fusion service, combining satellite and wireless technologies.

Are there any promotions for new HughesNet subscribers?

Yes. HughesNet is currently offering a $100 Prepaid Mastercard for new residential subscribers who remain active for at least 31 days, as well as up to $25 off monthly bills for the first six months on select plans.

What is the speed of HughesNet internet?

The speed of HughesNet satellite internet is 25 Mbps, which can be considered sufficient for basic internet usage such as email and online bill payments.

Does HughesNet have data caps?

Yes, all of HughesNet's internet-only plans come with data limits ranging from 10 GB to 50 GB.

What happens if customers exceed their data caps?

HughesNet will not charge customers if they go over their data limits, but their download speeds may experience throttling to around 3 Mbps. Customers can also purchase Data Tokens, which cost around $3 per GB to regain their standard speeds after going over their data allowance.

Does HughesNet offer free installation?

Yes, all of HughesNet's internet-only plans come with free home installation if customers choose to lease their equipment, regardless of their location. For customers who purchase their equipment, HughesNet is also offering $100 in instant savings, whereas for those leasing their equipment, they are offering $99 in instant savings.

What is the most recommended HughesNet satellite internet plan?

According to studies, the most recommended HughesNet plan is the 100 GB plan for $89.99 a month, which is suitable for customers who like to stream TV and movies. Customers can also download movies and shows during the Bonus Zone (2:00 a.m to 8:00 a.m) to make their data allowance last longer.


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