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Viasat States

About Viasat

Viasat offers high-speed satellite broadband services, secure networking systems, and satellite technologies for both commercial and government applications. Headquartered in Carlsbad, California, Viasat offers internet access to remote and rural areas where traditional terrestrial services are limited or unavailable. Their advanced satellite technology enables connectivity for aviation, maritime, and military sectors, facilitating communication and data transfer across the globe. Viasat also develops innovative solutions for defense, cybersecurity, and satellite-based entertainment services. With a focus on expanding connectivity and bridging digital divides, Viasat continues to be a key player in the satellite communications industry.

Viasat Availability

Viasat offers satellite broadband services throughout the United States, including major states such as California, Texas, New York, and Florida. In cities like Los Angeles, Houston, New York City, and Miami, Viasat provides high-speed internet access to both urban and rural communities. Its coverage extends to remote areas where traditional terrestrial services are limited, bridging the digital divide. Viasat's satellite technology enables reliable internet connectivity for residential, commercial, and government customers, ensuring access to essential online services and communication tools across the nation.

Get Viasat satellite Internet & Tv together

Viasat offers bundled packages that combine satellite internet and TV services, providing comprehensive connectivity and entertainment solutions. With Viasat's satellite internet, customers gain high-speed internet access even in remote areas, while Viasat's satellite TV delivers a wide range of channels and programming options. These bundled packages ensure seamless integration of internet and TV services, catering to the diverse needs of households and businesses across the United States. Whether for streaming, gaming, communication, or entertainment, Viasat's combined internet and TV offerings provide reliable connectivity and quality programming, enhancing the digital experience for users nationwide.

Top Benefits of Viasat

Available Virtually anywhere

Viasat's satellite internet service is available virtually everywhere in the United States, reaching even the most remote and underserved areas where traditional terrestrial options are limited or non-existent. Leveraging advanced satellite technology, Viasat ensures widespread coverage across the nation, connecting homes, businesses, and government facilities regardless of geographical location. This comprehensive accessibility bridges the digital divide, empowering communities with essential online connectivity for education, work, communication, and entertainment. Whether in rural regions, suburban neighborhoods, or urban centers, Viasat's commitment to universal availability ensures that everyone has access to reliable high-speed internet services, fostering connectivity and opportunity nationwide.

2-year price lock guarantee

Viasat offers customers a 2-year price lock guarantee, ensuring stability and predictability in their satellite internet subscription costs. With this guarantee, subscribers can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their monthly rates will remain consistent for the duration of the lock-in period. This helps customers budget effectively without worrying about unexpected price increases. Whether for residential or business use, Viasat's commitment to price stability allows customers to plan their finances confidently and make informed decisions about their internet service. This transparent pricing approach underscores Viasat's dedication to providing reliable and affordable satellite internet solutions to users across the United States.

Professional Installation

Viasat offers professional installation services for its satellite internet systems, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free setup process for customers. Trained technicians handle every aspect of the installation, from mounting the satellite dish to configuring the modem and connecting devices. This ensures optimal performance and reliability of the internet connection. Additionally, the technicians provide guidance on positioning the satellite dish for the best signal strength, ensuring efficient operation. With Viasat's professional installation service, customers can rest assured that their internet setup is handled with expertise and precision, enabling them to enjoy fast and reliable internet connectivity from the start.

Top Viasat Internet Packages

Plan 1: Download speeds up to 100-150 Mbps

Viasat offers download speeds ranging from 100 to 150 Mbps, providing users with fast and reliable internet access for various online activities. With download speeds in this range, subscribers can seamlessly stream HD video content, participate in online gaming, conduct video conferences, and browse the web with minimal buffering or latency. This plan is suitable for households with multiple users and devices, enabling simultaneous usage without compromising performance. Whether for entertainment, work, or education, Viasat delivers high-speed internet connectivity, empowering users to stay connected and productive in today's digital world.

Plan 2: Download speeds up to 50-75 Mbps

Viasat offers download speeds ranging from 50 to 75 Mbps, providing users with reliable internet access for various online activities. While slightly slower than Plan 1, these speeds still enable seamless streaming of HD video content, online gaming, video conferencing, and web browsing with minimal buffering or latency. This plan is suitable for smaller households or individuals with moderate internet usage needs. With download speeds in this range, users can still enjoy a smooth online experience, staying connected for work, education, entertainment, and communication. Viasat's ensures consistent and dependable internet connectivity to meet users' needs.

Plan 3: Download speeds up to 12-25 Mbps

Viasat's Plan 3 offers download speeds ranging from 12 to 25 Mbps, providing users with basic internet access for essential online tasks. While slower than Plans 1 and 2, these speeds still enable activities such as web browsing, email communication, and light video streaming with reasonable performance. This plan is suitable for individuals or small households with minimal online usage requirements. While not ideal for high-definition video streaming or online gaming, Viasat's Plan 3 ensures reliable connectivity for essential internet needs, allowing users to stay connected, informed, and productive in their online endeavors, albeit at a more basic level of performance.


Q: What is Viasat Internet?

A: Viasat Internet is a satellite-based internet service provider that offers high-speed internet access to customers across the United States, even in rural and remote areas where traditional terrestrial options are limited.

Q: How does Viasat Internet work?

A: Viasat Internet works by transmitting data between the user's satellite dish and Viasat's network of satellites in space. The satellite dish on the customer's property communicates with the nearest Viasat satellite, which then relays the data to and from the internet backbone on Earth.

Q: What speeds does Viasat Internet offer?

A: Viasat offers a range of speed options depending on the plan chosen by the customer. Speeds typically range from 12 Mbps to 150 Mbps, allowing users to choose the plan that best suits their needs.

Q: Is Viasat Internet suitable for streaming and gaming?

A: Yes, Viasat Internet can support streaming services and online gaming, although the performance may vary depending on the selected plan and network congestion. Higher-speed plans are generally better suited for these activities.

Q: Can I use Viasat Internet for business purposes?

A: Yes, Viasat offers internet plans specifically designed for small businesses, providing reliable connectivity for essential business operations such as email communication, web browsing, and cloud-based applications.

Q: What is the installation process for Viasat Internet?

A: Viasat provides professional installation services, where trained technicians will install the satellite dish and configure the modem to ensure optimal performance. Installation typically takes a few hours and is included with the service.

Q: Does Viasat Internet come with a contract?

A: Yes, Viasat Internet plans typically require a contract commitment, usually for a term of 24 months. However, Viasat also offers a 2-year price lock guarantee, ensuring that the monthly rates remain consistent throughout the contract period.


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