Frequently Asked Questions about Satellite TV

What is satellite TV?

Satellite TV is a TV service that relies on satellites orbiting the earth to bring television programming to homes and businesses.

How does satellite TV work?

Satellite TV works in a relay system similar to satellite internet, but it uses a set-top box and a TV instead of a modem and internet-ready device.

How many satellite TV providers are there?

The most popular Satellite TV providers are DISH, Viasat and DIRECTV.

What's the cheapest satellite TV provider?

The more popular satellite options are DirecTV and DISH.

Is satellite TV cheaper than cable?

Cable providers have more low-cost packages available, but satellite TV often provides more channels for the price.

What satellite TV providers in my area?

Satellite TV has good coverage, which is what makes it good for rural areas. You can check what satellite tv provider is available in your area with our ZIP code finder.

Is there still free satellite TV?

Yes! If you're paying for satellite TV service, it may surprise you to learn that there's a free version, too. "Free to air" (FTA) satellite TV delivers thousands of channels of broadcast content via satellite to consumers all over the world.

How Much do satellite TV packages code ?

Satellite TV package prices differ depending on the channels included with each package. To compare channels and prices of all other satellite tv packages.

Is satellite TV available without a dish?

Both DIRECTV and DISH require a dish receiver to transmit the TV signal. For more details call +1 (855) 212-8877

Same day Installation is possible with satellite TV?

Yes, same day installation is possible but its depend on your service area.

What channels does satellite TV have?

Satellite TV providers get programming from two major sources: national turnaround channels (such as HBO, ESPN and CNN) and various local channels (the ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and PBS affiliates in a particular area).

How to Book satellite TV connection ?

You can Book satellite TV connection via telephone
Call for Dish Network - +1 (877) 471-4808
Call for DirecTv - +1 (855) 213-2250
Call for Viasat - +1 (844) 778-1116


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