The Big Ten Network is now available on Dish Network. This exciting development gives Dish Network subscribers access to 24/7 programming dedicated to the Big Ten Conference, including live games, on-demand content, and more. Fans of the conference can now cheer on their favorite teams and players anytime, anywhere.

The Big Ten Network is home to some of the most passionate and historic fans in all sports. The network captures tradition with an incomparable coverage that includes 1,000+ sporting events per year from basketball, football championship games Olympic sports award-winning original programming classic movies deep studio analysis plus much more!

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How to Access Big Ten Network on dish Network ?

  1. Subscription: Ensure you have a subscription to Dish Network that includes the Big Ten Network (BTN). This may be part of your standard package or require an additional sports package add-on.

  2. Channel Guide: Refer to your Dish Network channel guide to find the specific channel number for the Big Ten Network. It's often located within the sports or college sports section.

  3. Remote Control: Use your Dish Network remote control to navigate to the channel where the Big Ten Network is located.

  4. Interactive Menu: Utilize the interactive menu on your Dish Network receiver to search for upcoming games, highlights, or other BTN programming.

  5. On-Demand Content: Access on-demand content through Dish Network's menu system to watch replays of games, highlights, or special programs related to Big Ten sports.

  6. Dish Anywhere App: Use the Dish Anywhere app on your mobile device or computer to stream Big Ten Network content live or on-demand, providing flexibility to watch games and shows from anywhere with an internet connection.

  7. Dish Network Website: Visit the Dish Network website and log in to your account to access streaming options for the Big Ten Network, including live games and additional content.

what channel is big ten network on dish?

The Big Ten Network can be found on channel 439 on Dish Network. If you are a fan of the Big Ten, then this is the network for you. The network airs coverage of all things Big Ten, including football, basketball and other sports. You can also watch shows such as The Journey and Campus Connection. If you want to catch all the action from your favorite Big Ten school, make sure to tune in to the Big Ten Network.

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Top popular shows on the channel

Sports Lite With Mike Hall

Mike Hall hosts his own late night talk show, Sports Lite with Mike Hall on Big Ten Network. This informative program covers the latest sports news and provides witty commentary to keep viewers interested in what is happening around them or even inside their favorite team's organization!

Campus Eats

The best food in college towns is on display for all to see when Troy Johnson and Jenny Dell take viewers through the local eateries. They'll show you what makes each place special, from their breakfast options (including some unreal eggs benny sandwiches) or how they toast a burger right up until dessert! From there its off into the nearest parking lot so that hunger can be satisfied without ever leaving your car... unless someone offers money instead which has happened before).

BTN Live

Big Ten Network has the most comprehensive coverage of sports in America, with shows on every conference game and an extensive YouTube channel. BTN Live Radio brings you interviews from all around college football as well as chats about important issues like social justice that affect us directly or indirectly because we have someone who knows what they are talking about hosting it!

The Big Ten Network on Dish is a great way to catch all of your favorite NCAA football games. You can catch all the action live, or watch recordings of previous games at your convenience. Plus, you can access the network's exclusive content whenever and wherever you want. If you're a fan of the Big Ten Conference, then the Big Ten Network on Dish is a must-have."


The Big Ten Network on Dish Network offers comprehensive coverage of collegiate sports, primarily focusing on the athletic programs of the Big Ten Conference. Broadcasting a wide array of live events including football, basketball, baseball, and more, the network provides fans with in-depth analysis, highlights, and exclusive content. With a dedicated emphasis on the storied traditions and rivalries within the Big Ten, viewers can immerse themselves in the excitement of college athletics. Whether tuning in for game day action or insightful commentary, the Big Ten Network on Dish Network caters to the passionate fanbase of one of the nation's premier athletic conferences.

FAQs about Big Ten network on dish

Is there a Big 10 Network on Dish?

Yes, you’ll get the BTN channel on the dish. It is available to up to 73 million homes across North America.

Where can I quickly view the Big Ten Network?

Big Ten Network is now available on Fox Sports.

How can I receive the Big Ten Network?

You can receive it using any of these devices or platforms; AT&T U -Verse, Verizon FiOS, Dish Network, DirecTV, Shaw Direct, etc.

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