Does Viasat require a satellite dish?

  • Posted on: 03 Jul 2024
    Does Viasat require a satellite dish?

  • Viasat is one of the most popular satellite internet service providers in the United States, as well as one of the largest providers of satellite broadband services in the country. The use of the word ‘satellite’ often raises the issue of whether or not the use of Viasat requires the installation of a dish. In short, the answer to the question, Does Viasat need a satellite dish to receive its signal and get online?" is yes.

    How Viasat's Service Work?

    While most internet service providers rely on physical network connections like cables and cell towers, Viasat uses satellites in orbit to facilitate internet connection. The satellites of the system have a clear view of large spaces in the continental United States. For purposes of accessing the Viasat network, an individual has to have a satellite dish with a compatible Viasat modem installed in an area where it can view the southern sky. This enables the dish to transmit and receive data from the Viasat satellites in space as the next step. This dish is normally mounted on the roof or a pole-type mount. In other words, these pieces of equipment are not optional accessories; they are central to accessing and utilizing the Internet plans offered by Viasat.

    The process of satellite dish installation is quite simple but to avoid some problems, it is better to contact professionals. The dish must be oriented in a way that applies to the position of the customer to be at the correct angle to the satellites. From the dish, cabling follows into the home or office, where it interfaces with the Viasat modem/WiFi router device. This is what gives the home broadband network the ability to distribute the internet connection.

    Where a Satellite Dish is Needed

    Viasat requires a satellite dish due to the underlying technology of satellite internet access and the distances involved. Viasat requires a satellite dish due to the underlying technology of satellite internet access and the distances involved.

    It orbits above the earth’s surface, way above 22,000 miles up in space. There are certain requirements that signals have to cover this vast distance.

    Satellite signals cannot penetrate through solid structures such as walls or even trees. The principle is very simple: there must be no obstacles between the dish and the sky, except, of course, the portable shelter!

    The signal is shaped into a slim cone directed towards the satellites to ensure the strongest possible signal at the dish.

    The dish receives very low signal levels from the satellites and then boosts these signals and transmits them to the modem.

    The situation is that without the dish antenna being in a perfectly aligned position and without any obstacles to keeping sight on the sky, signal levels are not sufficient for communication to take place. Thus, installing satellite equipment is necessary to gain connectivity to the Viasat network.

    Differences from Cable and Fiber

    Internet delivery through satellite is similar to Viasat, where satellite dishes are needed while cable or fiber networks are different. Over the working of the internet, one does not see the herculean distance that is covered by the networks on the land and hence they can provide service without having to use enormous antennas pointing to the heavens. This means that, unlike wireless solutions, cable or fiber-optic lines can be directly wired to provide connectivity inside the building and no customer equipment is required on the roof.

    But satellite internet has the strength of being accessible in areas with no proper cables or fibers. Yes, even the areas that are located in very remote rural regions should be able to obtain Viasat service if they have the needed clear sight line to the south to install a satellite dish. This flexibility of satellites is why more than 800,000 households in the U.S. that cannot be reached by traditional internet service providers still use Viasat internet beamed directly to their roof dishes.

    Viasat Dish Options

    Viasat provides customers few options when it comes to choosing satellite equipment:

    Leased equipment: Viasat offers to deliver a satellite dish and modem during the purchasing process of the service. This helps to reduce the large outlay that one would have to incur at the start of an activity.

    Bundled purchase: Purchase satellite equipment with a Viasat subscription. Housing costs are slightly more affordable in the long run than leasing.

    Bring your equipment. Viasat: If you already have compatible satellite equipment, you can have it recarpeted for Viasat instead of purchasing or renting equipment.

    Most of the equipment that you are likely to purchase can be easily retained if you move to another house in the future, which makes it greatly reusable. Any leased gear must be returned, whether the client is canceling or moving to a place outside of Viasat’s coverage regions. Some of the older legacy dishes could also be compatible with the use of adapters. Joining Viasat always means selecting some satellite equipment to do it along with it, though.

    Am I really in need of a satellite dish?

    Lastly, a brief conclusion is that indeed, Viasat connects its clients to high-speed internet through the installation of a satellite dish, which is best done by professionals. The dish accumulates the satellite signals transmitted to the earth through their numerous spacecraft floating in space above us. Other than this specialized antenna and having a clear view of the sky in your area, there is no other way of connecting to the Viasat network.

    If you have an interest in satellite broadband, you can check the Viasat plans and see if they are available at your address. Should the service be available at your doorstep, you possess what is needed, namely the right location of a dish with south exposure. Be ready to allow the fitting of satellite equipment on your property during the installation of Viasat with an appointment. This creates a fast, modern, and competitive broadband service from a new innovative space communication technology.


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