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CNN is a world leader in news and information reaching more than 300 million households around the globe. It is available in over 100 different languages across all platforms including television, mobile and digital devices. For 37 years, CNN has remained committed to being real-time, trusted and neutral – bringing the facts to its audience.

The CNN mobile app allows you to stream live CNN wherever you are, whenever you want. Get video coverage of today's top stories, and explore our extensive library of full-length feature programming, special event coverage and exclusive interviews with newsmakers from around the world.

What Channel Is CNN On DIRECTV?

CNN is one of the most popular news networks in America. It is also one of the most political networks in America. CNN is available from DIRECTV, and you can see what channel it is on and what time they're on.

CNN is a United States cable news channel founded in 1980 by Ted Turner. The network's headquarters at the CNN Center in Atlanta is only one of the network's 34 bureaus located around the world. CNN may be available on your DIRECTV package, depending on your location and provider.

Channel Name Channel Number
CNN 202

What to watch on CNN.


Anderson Cooper 360° is the only place to go for in-depth and investigative coverage of today's news stories. Our team of award-winning journalists covers the top stories from around the country, and the world, as well as producing original reports on topics that matter to you. We're dedicated to telling important stories with accuracy and insight, to being a voice for everyone who needs one - seeking truth and holding those in power accountable.

Fareed Zakaria GPS

Fareed Zakaria GPS is a weekly public television show hosted by Fareed Zakaria, broadcast on CNN and CNN International. The program features analysis of international news and current affairs, in-depth interviews with leading global figures, and exclusive reports from the far corners of the world.

High Profits

High Profits is a social media and marketing company that provides you with the tools to generate high profits. Our strategies are based on in-depth analysis of your business and what is required for you to grow. We have experimented, tried, tested, and used these techniques so we know they will work. High Profits offers 24/7 customer support so that no effort goes wasted while working with us.

Death Row Stories

Death Row Stories brings you stories from behind bars, as told by the men and women who lived them. From their first day in prison to the emotional moments leading up to their execution, this podcast explores how they got there and what it's like to live with that much time on your hands.


if you have a DIRECTV subscription, you can watch CNN on Channel 202. DIRECTV also offers additional news channels, so be sure to check out DIRECTV channel lineup if CNN isn't your thing.

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