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When it comes to enjoying an immersive television experience, DIRECTV offers a wide range of cutting-edge equipment that puts control at your fingertips. From advanced receivers to state-of-the-art remotes, DIRECTV ensures that every aspect of your TV viewing experience is top-notch.

1. DIRECTV Genie: Your Entertainment Powerhouse

The DIRECTV Genie is the ultimate centerpiece for your home entertainment. This advanced HD DVR receiver allows you to record up to five shows simultaneously, so you never have to choose between your favorite shows. With a massive 1TB storage capacity, the Genie also gives you ample space to store your recordings, allowing you to create your personal library of entertainment. In addition to recording capabilities, it also supports 4K Ultra HD and can seamlessly connect to multiple rooms, providing a smooth and uninterrupted watching experience.

2. DIRECTV Mini Genie: Extend Your TV Experience

The DIRECTV Mini Genie is a compact and sleek receiver that brings the power of the Genie system to additional televisions in your home. With the Mini Genie, you can enjoy all the features of the Genie, such as live TV, recorded content, and access to On Demand shows and movies, in any room of your house. Its compact design makes it easy to install and reduces clutter, giving you a seamless and connected TV viewing experience throughout your home.

3. DIRECTV 4K Genie Mini: Ushering in the Era of 4K

For those seeking an unparalleled picture quality experience, the DIRECTV 4K Genie Mini is a must-have. This revolutionary device delivers stunning 4K Ultra HD resolution, displaying imagery with incredible clarity, vivid colors, and enhanced detail. Whether you're watching live TV or streaming content, the 4K Genie Mini brings your favorite shows and movies to life like never before, providing an immersive and cinematic experience right in your living room.

4. Advanced DIRECTV Remote: Simplify Your TV Navigation

Navigating through hundreds of channels and features has never been easier with the advanced DIRECTV remote. Equipped with voice control capabilities, this intuitive remote allows you to search for shows, movies, and sports events by simply speaking into it. Say goodbye to tirelessly scrolling through menus – with the advanced remote, you can access your desired content with a few simple voice commands. Additionally, the remote features an ergonomic design and backlighting, ensuring comfort and ease of use, even in low-light conditions.

5. DIRECTV App: Entertainment On the Go

Missing your favorite show while you're away from home is a thing of the past with the DIRECTV App. Available for both iOS and Android devices, this app lets you stream live TV and access your DVR recordings from anywhere. Whether you're traveling or simply relaxing at a coffee shop, you can stay connected to your favorite programs and never miss a moment of entertainment. The app also offers advanced features like remote control functionality, allowing you to control your TV directly from your mobile device.

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Watch TV everywhere with the DIRECTV app.

The DIRECTV app allows users to watch their favorite TV shows and movies wherever they go. With this app, customers can access their DIRECTV subscription on their mobile devices and enjoy a wide range of programming on the go. From live sports events to popular TV series and blockbuster movies, the app provides a convenient way to stay connected to the world of entertainment. With features like remote control functionality and personalized recommendations, the DIRECTV app enhances the viewing experience for every user.

Watch TV everywhere with the DIRECTV app.

What are my DIRECTV equipment fees?

DIRECTV offers a wide range of equipment to enhance your TV viewing experience. However, along with the convenience comes certain costs. In this listicle, we explore the equipment fees associated with DIRECTV so that you can better understand the charges you may encounter.

  1. Genie HD DVR:
    The Genie HD DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is the heart of your DIRECTV system. It allows you to record, pause, and rewind live TV, as well as access on-demand content. DIRECTV offers the Genie HD DVR for a monthly fee of $10 if you have one main Genie receiver or $15 if you have multiple Genie receivers.
  1. Mini Genie Receivers:

    Mini Genie Receivers allow you to enjoy the full functionality of the Genie HD DVR in additional rooms. DIRECTV charges $7 per month for each Mini Genie Receiver. However, if you opt for the Genie-2, also known as the Genie Server, you can connect up to seven TVs without the need for additional receivers.
  2. Wireless Genie Mini:

    If you wish to eliminate the clutter of cables and wires, DIRECTV offers a wireless option for your Mini Genie Receivers. The wireless Genie Mini costs an additional $104.99, which is a one-time equipment fee. However, the monthly fee for the wireless service is waived if you have one wireless Genie Mini.
  3. 4K Genie Mini and DIRECTV 4K Genie HD DVR:

    If you are looking to enjoy stunning 4K Ultra HD content, DIRECTV provides both the 4K Genie Mini and the 4K Genie HD DVR. The 4K Genie Mini carries an additional monthly fee of $7 per receiver, while the 4K Genie HD DVR has a monthly fee of $15.
  4. Whole-Home DVR Service:

    The Whole-Home DVR service enables you to access your recorded content on any compatible TV in your home. This service carries a monthly fee of $3, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of streaming your recorded shows in any room.

Protection Plan:

DIRECTV offers a Protection Plan for $8.99 per month to cover any unforeseen equipment-related repairs and replacements. This plan can help ensure that you do not incur additional charges for repairs or replacements should any issues arise with your DIRECTV equipment.

Access to best-in-class 4K picture quality via apps

Access to best-in-class 4K picture quality via apps

Access to best-in-class 4K picture quality via apps has become increasingly important in today's digital age. With the advancement of technology, streaming services and smart TVs have made it easier than ever to enjoy high-quality content from the comfort of our homes. Whether it's watching our favorite movies or binge-watching the latest TV shows, having access to crystal-clear visuals and vibrant colors can greatly enhance the viewing experience. The ability to stream 4K content through apps not only provides viewers with a visually captivating experience.

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