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What channel is CBS in Nashville TN

CBS Nashville: The best of Nashville, on the best channel.

In today's fast-paced world, finding your favorite TV channels can sometimes feel like a challenge, especially when you're in a new city or just looking to switch up your viewing options. If you're in Nashville, Tennessee, and wondering, "What channel is CBS on in Nashville?" or "How can I find CBS on my TV in Nashville?" you're in the right place. In this article, we'll provide you with all the information you need to locate CBS, your go-to network for news, sports, and entertainment.

Understanding Nashville's CBS Station

CBS Channel Nashville TN

To kick things off, let's get straight to the point. In Nashville, Tennessee, CBS can typically be found on channel 5. Whether you're using cable, satellite, or even an over-the-air antenna, this channel is where you'll tune in for CBS programming.

What Channel is CBS on in Nashville?

If you're wondering how to find CBS on your TV in Nashville, it's crucial to check your local listings and cable/satellite provider. Different providers may have slightly different channel numbers, so it's best to consult your TV guide or use your remote's channel search feature.

Nashville CBS TV Channel

CBS offers a wide range of programming, from hit TV shows like "NCIS" and "The Big Bang Theory" to live sports events, including the NFL and NCAA basketball. To catch all the action, make sure you're tuned in to the Nashville CBS TV channel.

Finding CBS on Different Platforms

CBS TV Guide Nashville

For those who prefer using TV guides, searching for "CBS TV Guide Nashville" online can be a convenient way to find the channel number for CBS in your area. Many websites offer up-to-date TV listings for your local area.

Local CBS Station in Nashville

If you're interested in local news and events, you'll want to know the channel for your local CBS station. CBS affiliate stations often provide coverage of local news, weather, and community events, making it a valuable resource for Nashville residents.

CBS Nashville Cable Channel

If you're a cable TV subscriber in Nashville, you can usually find CBS on its dedicated cable channel. Check your cable provider's lineup to locate the channel number.

Additional Resources

CBS Network Nashville Tennessee

If you're looking for more information about CBS in Nashville or specific programs and schedules, you can visit the official CBS website or the website of your local affiliate station.

Nashville CBS Station Number

For quick access to CBS, it's a good idea to program your remote with the Nashville CBS station number. This way, you can easily switch to CBS without having to remember the channel.

Nashville Cable TV CBS Schedule

Stay up to date with your favorite CBS shows by checking the Nashville cable TV CBS schedule. Many cable providers offer online schedules and on-demand viewing options.


In conclusion, finding CBS on your TV in Nashville, TN, is a straightforward process. Just remember to check your local listings, cable/satellite provider, or use online resources like TV guides to locate the channel. With this information at your fingertips, you can enjoy all the great CBS programming that Nashville has to offer.


What channel is CBS on in Nashville if I have an antenna?

If you're using an antenna to receive TV signals, CBS in Nashville is typically found on channel 5.

Can I stream CBS online in Nashville?

Yes, you can stream CBS online in Nashville through various streaming services like CBS All Access (now known as Paramount+), YouTube TV, Hulu Live, and more.

Does the channel number for CBS change during special events or sports broadcasts?

In most cases, the channel number for CBS remains the same in Nashville. However, during special events or sports broadcasts, your local affiliate station may provide additional channels for enhanced coverage.

What channel is CBS in Nashville TN?

CBS in Nashville TN is on channel 5.

Is CBS Nashville TN involved in the community?

Yes, CBS Nashville TN is involved in a variety of community initiatives. The station supports local charities and non-profit organizations, and its employees volunteer their time to help out in the community. CBS Nashville TN also hosts a variety of community events, such as blood drives and food drives.


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