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What Channel is Celtics Game

Watch Boston Celtics 2023 NBA TV

In the realm of sports enthusiasts, finding the right channel to watch your favorite team play is essential. If you're a Boston Celtics fan and a DIRECTV subscriber, you're in the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we'll unveil the mystery behind the question, "What Channel is the Celtics Game on DIRECTV?" We'll not only answer this query but also provide you with valuable insights and tips for an optimal viewing experience.

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Being an ardent Celtics fan, it's crucial to stay updated with their games. DIRECTV offers an array of channels, and the key is to know where to look. In this article, we'll break down the channels where you can catch the Celtics in action and share some additional information that every fan should know.

Finding Your Celtics Fix

Wondering where you can catch the Boston Celtics games on DIRECTV? Let's dive right into it!

DIRECTV Channels for Celtics Games

DIRECTV offers a variety of channels where you can watch NBA games, including those featuring the Boston Celtics. Here are some of the channels you should keep an eye on:

Remember to check your local listings for precise channel numbers, as they may vary depending on your location.

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Streaming Options

In this digital age, streaming is another fantastic way to catch Celtics games. You can use the following streaming services:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let's address some common queries related to watching Celtics games on DIRECTV.

How can I find the Celtics game schedule on DIRECTV?

You can easily find the Celtics game schedule on the official NBA website or by using the NBA app. Additionally, you can check your DIRECTV program guide for game listings.

Can I record Celtics games on DIRECTV?

Yes, you can! DIRECTV provides a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) service that allows you to record Celtics games and watch them at your convenience.

Are there any blackout restrictions for Celtics games on DIRECTV?

Blackout restrictions may apply to certain Celtics games, especially if they are being broadcast on national networks. To check for blackout information, visit the NBA's blackout policy page on their official website.

Do I need a specific package to watch Celtics games on DIRECTV?

To ensure you have access to channels broadcasting Celtics games, consider subscribing to a DIRECTV package that includes sports channels like ESPN, NBA TV, and NBC Sports Boston.

Can I watch Celtics games on my mobile device with DIRECTV?

Yes, you can! DIRECTV offers a mobile app that allows you to stream live TV, including Celtics games, on your smartphone or tablet.

Is there a dedicated channel for Celtics highlights on DIRECTV?

While there might not be a specific channel solely for Celtics highlights, you can catch game highlights and analysis on various sports news channels available on DIRECTV.


In the world of sports, staying connected with your favorite team is essential. As a Boston Celtics fan with DIRECTV, finding the right channel to watch the games is crucial. Now that you know the channels and streaming options available, you can enjoy every moment of Celtics action. So, grab your jersey, get ready to cheer, and watch the Celtics dominate the court!

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