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What Channel Is CNBC On DirecTV?

Watch CNBC on DirecTV Now!

CNBC on DirecTV is a prominent source of business and financial news for viewers across the United States. As a leading television network, CNBC delivers comprehensive coverage of global markets, economic trends, and investment opportunities. With its vast resources and experienced team of anchors and reporters, the network provides insightful analysis, in-depth interviews with industry leaders, and real-time market updates.

CNBC's partnership with DirecTV allows millions of subscribers to access this wealth of information and stay informed about the latest developments in the business world. Whether it's information on stocks, bonds, commodities, or macroeconomic indicators, CNBC on DirecTV ensures that viewers have access to the tools and insights they need to make informed financial decisions. With its professional tone and commitment to accuracy, CNBC on DirecTV remains a trusted source for investors, business professionals, and anyone interested in staying ahead in today's dynamic and ever-changing global economy.

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What Channel Is CNBC On DirecTV?

CNBC is available on DirecTV on channel number 355.

CNBC is a highly popular business and financial news network. If you’re a DirecTV subscriber, you might be wondering what channel CNBC is available on. Thankfully, finding CNBC on DirecTV is straightforward. To watch CNBC on DirecTV, simply tune in to channel 355. This dedicated channel ensures you have access to real-time business updates, market analysis, and expert insights. Whether you're interested in stocks, economic trends, or breaking news impacting the financial world, CNBC on DirecTV provides you with a comprehensive source of the latest information to keep you well-informed.

Location Channel Location Channel
Birmingham 355 Baltimore 355
Little Rock 355 Detroit 355
Phoenix 355 Minneapolis 355
Yuma 355 St. Louis 355
Los Angeles 355 Charlotte 355
San Francisco 355 Omaha 355
Bakersfield 355 Albuquerque 355
San Diego 355 Las Vegas 355
Fresno 355 New York 355
Sacramento 355 Columbus 355
Colorado Springs 355 Oklahoma City 355
Denver 355 Portland 355
Washington DC 355 Philadelphia 355
Jacksonville 355 Nashville 355
Fort Worth 355 Memphis 355
Miami 355 El Paso 355
Orlando 355 Houston 355
Tampa 355 Brownsville 355
Atlanta 355 Dallas 355
Honolulu 355 San Antonio 355
Chicago 355 Austin 355
Kansas City 355 Norfolk 355
Louisville 355 Seattle 355
New Orleans 355 Boston 355

How to get CNBC on DIRECTV?

  1. Check Your DIRECTV Subscription:
    Before trying to access CNBC, make sure that CNBC is included in your current DIRECTV subscription package. You can find this information by visiting the official DIRECTV website or contacting their customer service. Be aware that some packages may require additional fees to add CNBC to your channel lineup.

  2. Tune into the Correct Channel:
    Once you have confirmed that CNBC is part of your package, find out the channel number for CNBC on DIRECTV. This can vary depending on your location and the specific package you have subscribed to. You can easily find the channel number by going to the DIRECTV channel guide on their official website or using the interactive channel guide on your television.

  3. Do a Channel Refresh:
    If you recently subscribed to CNBC, made changes to your DIRECTV package, or are experiencing issues with channel reception, it might be worth doing a channel refresh. This ensures that your DIRECTV receiver is up-to-date with the latest channel lineup. To do a channel refresh, follow these steps:
    a. Go to the DIRECTV official website and log in to your account.
    b. Look for the "My Account" section and select "Manage My Account."
    c. Find the "Refresh My Service" or "Refresh Receiver" option and click on it.
    d. Wait for the process to complete, as it may take a few minutes.
    e. Once the refresh is done, switch your TV to CNBC's channel number, and CNBC should be accessible.

  4. Consider Upgrading Your DIRECTV Package:
    If you don't currently have CNBC as part of your DIRECTV package, you have the option to upgrade your subscription. Contact DIRECTV customer service to explore the available packages that include CNBC. They will guide you through the process and help you choose the best package that meets your needs.

  5. Explore DIRECTV Streaming Options:
    If you're not subscribed to DIRECTV but still want to access CNBC, consider DIRECTV streaming services. DIRECTV Stream offers a variety of streaming packages that allow you to access live and on-demand content, including CNBC. Visit the DIRECTV Stream website to explore your options and choose the package that suits your preferences and budget.
DirecTV Plan Channels Package Price Subscribe
ENTERTAINMENT 75+ $69.99/mo. Call To Order
CHOICE 105+ $84.99/mo. Call To Order
ULTIMATE 140+ $114.99/mo. Call To Order
PREMIER 150+ $159.99/mo. Call To Order

Most Popular Shows on CNBC

The Profit
The Profit is a popular reality TV show that airs on CNBC. It is hosted by businessman and investor Marcus Lemonis. The show follows Lemonis as he works with struggling businesses and invests his own money to help turn them around. Lemonis uses his expertise and experience to identify the issues within the companies and provides valuable guidance and financial support to help them thrive. As an engaging and educational series, The Profit highlights the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and offers insightful lessons on business strategy and management.
Super Heists

Super Heists is an electrifying TV show that captivates viewers with its thrilling narrative and elaborate criminal plots. The show delves deep into the world of high-stakes robbery, showcasing a diverse range of ingenious strategies employed by masterminds to pull off audacious heists all over the world. With its professional tone and third-person point of view, Super Heists provides a comprehensive look at the planning, execution, and aftermath of these daring criminal exploits.

Money Court

Money Court is a captivating TV show that delves into the complex world of financial disputes and provides viewers with an in-depth look at the legal proceedings that unfold. Hosted by esteemed Judge Kevin Ross, the show combines legal expertise with compelling storytelling to tackle a wide range of monetary conflicts between individuals and businesses. With a professional tone and a third-person point of view, the show explores how litigation is utilized as a means to resolve complex financial matters in a fair and impartial manner.

Squawk on the Street
Squawk on the Street is a popular daily business news program that airs on CNBC. The show, which is hosted by an expert team of financial analysts and journalists, provides in-depth coverage and analysis of the latest market trends and economic news. With a fast-paced format and lively discussions, Squawk on the Street keeps viewers informed and up to date-on the ever-changing world of finance. It features interviews with industry leaders, market experts, and CEOs, giving viewers exclusive insights into the latest developments in the business world. Overall, Squawk on the Street is a must-watch show for anyone interested in staying informed about the stock market and the global economy.

In conclusion, for DirecTV subscribers looking for the channel listing for CNBC, it can be found on channel 355. CNBC provides a wide range of programming related to business, finance, and current affairs. Whether it's market updates, investment advice, or the latest news impacting the world of business, CNBC offers an informative and engaging platform for viewers. With channel 355 on DirecTV, subscribers can easily stay informed and make informed decisions about their finances and investments.


1. What channel is CNBC on DirecTV?
CNBC can be found on DirecTV on channel number 355.

2. Is CNBC available in HD on DirecTV?
Yes, CNBC is available in high definition (HD) on DirecTV. The HD channel number may vary depending on your location and the specific DirecTV package you have subscribed to.

3. How can I find the CNBC channel number on DirecTV?
To find the CNBC channel number on DirecTV, you can follow these steps:

Use your DirecTV remote control.
Press the GUIDE button.
Navigate through the list of channels or use the search feature to find CNBC.
Once you locate CNBC, note down the channel number on your DirecTV system.

4. Can I access CNBC programming through DirecTV's On Demand service?
Yes, DirecTV offers an On Demand service where you can access a wide range of CNBC programming. This allows you to watch your favorite shows and segments at your convenience.

5. What packages on DirecTV include CNBC?
CNBC is included in both the DirecTV Choice package and above as well as the DirecTV Business Select package and above. However, it is recommended that you check your specific package details or contact DirecTV customer service for the most accurate and up-to-date information on channel availability.

6. Is CNBC available in languages other than English on DirecTV?
No, CNBC on DirecTV is primarily available in English. However, DirecTV does offer a variety of international programming options, including news channels in different languages. You can explore these options to find news networks that cater to specific languages or regions.

7. Can I stream CNBC live on DirecTV?
Yes, you can stream CNBC live on DirecTV through their online streaming service called DirecTV Everywhere. By logging in with your DirecTV account details, you can access CNBC's live stream and stay up to date with the latest business news and market updates.

8. What other channels are similar to CNBC on DirecTV?
DirecTV offers various channels that cater to similar financial and business content as CNBC. Some of these channels include Bloomberg Television (channel 353), Fox Business Network (channel 359), and Cheddar Business (channel 353).

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