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What Channel is Cozi TV On DirecTV?

Watch Cozi TV on DirecTV Now!

Cozi TV is a popular television network that offers a wide range of classic and iconic television shows to its viewers. Airing on DirecTV, Cozi TV is known for its nostalgic appeal, taking audiences back to the golden age of television. With a focus on timeless favorites, the network features beloved sitcoms, dramas, and game shows from the 1950s to the 1990s.

Cozi TV on DirecTV provides a refreshing alternative to the modern programming that dominates today's television landscape. By offering a lineup of shows that have stood the test of time, Cozi TV offers viewers the chance to relive and enjoy timeless entertainment. From the family-friendly charm of "The Brady Bunch" and "Little House on the Prairie," to the comedy genius of "Frasier" and "The Office," Cozi TV caters to a variety of tastes and preferences.

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What Channel Is Cozi TV On DirecTV?

The CoziTv is available on 308 on DirecTv.

Cozi TV is a popular television network known for broadcasting classic TV shows and movies from the 1950s to the 1990s. For DirecTV subscribers who are interested in tuning into Cozi TV's nostalgic programming, it is crucial to know the channel on which it is available. Cozi TV can be found on channel 308 on DirecTV, making it easily accessible to viewers. By navigating to channel 308, subscribers can relish the timeless entertainment that Cozi TV has to offer. Whether they are seeking a trip down memory lane or simply craving the charm of classic television, DirecTV customers can tune into Cozi TV's programming by flipping to channel 308 on their televisions.

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How to get Cozi TV On DirecTV?

  1. Check the Channel Lineup

The first step to getting Cozi TV on DirecTV is to see if your DirecTV package includes Cozi TV in its channel lineup. You can find the channel lineup by visiting the DirecTV website or contacting DirecTV customer service. Check if Cozi TV is available in your area and with your specific package.

  1. Upgrade Your Package

If Cozi TV is not included in your current DirecTV package, you may need to upgrade your package to get access to the channel. DirecTV offers a variety of packages with different channel lineups, so consider upgrading to a package that includes Cozi TV.

  1. Contact DirecTV Customer Service

If you can't find Cozi TV in your channel lineup or if you are having trouble upgrading your package, it is recommended to contact DirecTV customer service directly. Reach out to them via phone, email, or live chat and inquire about adding Cozi TV to your lineup.

  1. Explore Streaming Options

If you are unable to get Cozi TV through DirecTV, there are other streaming options available. Cozi TV may be offered as part of various streaming services such as Hulu Live TV, YouTube TV, or Sling TV. Investigate these alternatives to see if they offer Cozi TV and consider subscribing to one of these services instead.

  1. Consider an Antenna

In some cases, Cozi TV may also be available for free over the air with the help of an antenna. Check if your television has a built-in antenna receiver or purchase a separate antenna from a reputable retailer. Connect the antenna to your TV and scan for available channels to see if Cozi TV is accessible in your area.

  1. Set Up Recording

Once you have access to Cozi TV on DirecTV, make the most of the channel by utilizing DirecTV's recording features. Cozi TV airs a variety of classic TV shows and movies that you may want to catch up on. Schedule recordings of your favorite programs with DirecTV's DVR option so that you never miss an episode.

  1. Enjoy the Nostalgia

Now that you have successfully added Cozi TV to your DirecTV lineup, sit back, relax, and enjoy the nostalgia-inducing content. Cozi TV is known for broadcasting popular classic shows and movies, so get ready to indulge in timeless entertainment right in your living room.

The Most Popular Shows on Cozi TV

Highway to Heaven

"Highway to Heaven" is a popular television show that first aired in 1984 and captivated audiences for five seasons. The series follows the heartwarming journey of two main characters, Jonathan Smith and Mark Gordon, played by Michael Landon and Victor French, respectively. Jonathan is an angel sent down to earth with one mission: to help and guide people through challenges and adversity, while Mark serves as his loyal sidekick on this spiritual quest.

Each episode of "Highway to Heaven" presents a distinct narrative, focusing on various individuals or families who are in desperate need of guidance and redemption. From struggling single parents to troubled youth, the show addresses a wide range of real-life issues with sensitivity and compassion. Jonathan's supernatural abilities, coupled with his unwavering compassion, provide the catalyst for extraordinary transformations and powerful life lessons.

Little House on the Prairie

The TV show "Little House on the Prairie" captured the hearts of millions around the world with its heartfelt storytelling and captivating characters. Based on Laura Ingalls Wilder's beloved books, the show depicted the struggles and triumphs of the Ingalls family as they settled in the American Midwest during the late 1800s.

One of the show's main appeals was its ability to transport viewers to a simpler time, where family and community were at the center of daily life. Through the eyes of young Laura Ingalls, played by Melissa Gilbert, audiences experienced the joys of childhood, the challenges of pioneering, and the importance of resilience and determination.

The strong ensemble cast brought each character to life, creating a sense of familiarity and connection among viewers. Michael Landon, who played Charles Ingalls (Laura's father) and also served as one of the show's executive producers, was particularly beloved for his portrayal of a loving and wise patriarch.

McMillan & Wife

McMillan & Wife is an iconic American television show that first aired in 1971. Created by Leonard Stern, this mystery and comedy series quickly captured the hearts of viewers across the nation. The show follows the charismatic and witty San Francisco police commissioner, Stewart McMillan, played by Rock Hudson, and his astute and resourceful wife, Sally McMillan, portrayed by Susan Saint James.

The storyline revolves around the couple's unconventional approach to solving crimes and their ability to navigate the complexities of both their professional and personal lives. With his brilliant detective skills and her sharp intuition, together they make an unstoppable duo, often outsmarting criminals and often surprising the audience with their clever tactics.

The chemistry between Hudson and Saint James is at the core of the show's appeal. Their playful banter, undeniable charm, and undeniable love for each other create a captivating dynamic on screen. The show brilliantly combines elements of mystery, comedy, and romance to keep viewers hooked episode after episode.


In conclusion, Cozi TV is a popular channel that offers a wide range of classic television shows and movies. Unfortunately, it is not available on DirecTV. While DirecTV offers a vast selection of channels, Cozi TV is not among them. This may disappoint viewers who are fans of the channel's nostalgic programming. However, there are other ways to access Cozi TV, such as through cable providers or streaming services. As technology continues to advance, viewers have the option to explore different platforms and find alternative ways to enjoy their favorite shows.

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Q1: What Channel Is Cozi TV on DirecTV?
A1: Cozi TV is available on DirecTV on channel 308.

Q2: Is Cozi TV included in the DirecTV basic package?
A2: Yes, Cozi TV is included in the DirecTV basic package at no additional cost.

Q3: Can I watch Cozi TV in high definition on DirecTV?
A3: Yes, Cozi TV is available in high definition (HD) on DirecTV.

Q4: Does Cozi TV offer closed captioning on DirecTV?
A4: Yes, Cozi TV provides closed captioning for their programs on DirecTV.

Q5: Are there any regional variations in the channel number for Cozi TV on DirecTV?
A5: No, the channel number for Cozi TV is the same across all regions on DirecTV. It is located on channel 366.

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