What Channel is CW On Dish Network?

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The CW (Channel or Network) varies by location, as it is a network of local affiliate stations. To find the specific channel for The CW in your area, you can use the channel lookup tools on The CW's official website or check with your local cable or satellite TV provider. Alternatively, you can refer to local TV listings or use online TV guide services to find the channel number for The CW in your region.



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What Channel Is CW On Dish Network?

In accordance with Dish Network's elaborate array of channels, The CW finds its abode on the subsequent frequencies:

CW High Definition: Channel 189 CW Standard Definition: Channel 188 Should your subscription tether you to Dish Network's embrace, The CW awaits in resplendent high definition, nestled at the frequency denoted by 189. Simultaneously, the standard definition manifestation graces channel 188.

The precise positioning within the channel mosaic may exhibit slight deviations contingent upon your geographical coordinates and the nuanced spectrum of your subscription package. Nonetheless, across most demarcations, the spectral aura of The CW manifests itself on Dish Network, steadfastly adhering to the numerical epithets provided above.

Here are the Dish channel numbers for CW in some major cities.


Dish Channel Number

Los Angeles


San Diego


New York






San Antonio








CW Availability on Dish Packages

CW is available on all Dish Network packages, ranging from $69.99 to $104.99 per month. As far as satellite TV goes, the CW is available on all packages on DISH Network. Since it's free via local over-the-air, all you really need is a satellite dish and receiver to access the channel. The number of channels varies depending on your locality, so it's important to consult with local providers for the exact channel number.

Dish Network Plan Channels Package Price Subscribe
America's Top 120 190 $84.99/mo. Call To Order
America's Top 120+ 190+ $99.99/mo. Call To Order
America's Top 200 240+ $104.99/mo. Call To Order
America's Top 250 290+ $114.99/mo. Call To Order

The Popular Shows on the CW

In the Dark

"In the Dark" is a gripping crime drama TV show that follows the story of Murphy Mason, a blind woman who becomes embroiled in a murder investigation. Despite her disability, Murphy possesses a sharp wit, sardonic humor, and an uncanny ability to sense the truth. The show cleverly portrays her as a flawed and complex character, battling her own vices while trying to solve the mysterious murder of her close friend. With twists and turns at every corner, "In the Dark" keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, painting a realistic and empathetic portrayal of a visually impaired individual fighting against all odds.

Walker (TV series)

Walker is an American television series that follows the life of Cordell Walker, a widower and father of two who returns to his hometown of Austin, Texas after being undercover for two years. As a Texas Ranger, Walker seeks justice while balancing the challenges of raising his children and reconnecting with his family. The show delves into both the personal and professional aspects of Walker's life as he navigates intricate murder investigations while gradually unveiling the secrets of his wife's death. With its captivating storyline, intense action sequences, and heartfelt family drama, Walker is a gripping TV show that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

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All American

All American is a popular TV show that revolves around the life of a talented high school football player, Spencer James. The series follows Spencer as he navigates the challenges of balancing his life in two different worlds: his rough neighborhood of Crenshaw and the wealthy Beverly Hills. Along the way, relationships are tested, secrets are revealed, and dreams are pursued. With its compelling storyline, dynamic characters, and thought-provoking themes, All American offers a gripping and entertaining portrayal of the complexities of identity and the pursuit of the American dream.

The Winchesters

"The Winchesters" is a thrilling TV show that follows the adventures of brothers Sam and Dean Winchester as they hunt supernatural creatures. Combining elements of horror, fantasy, and drama, this long-running series has captivated audiences with its compelling storytelling and charismatic characters. With each episode, viewers are transported into a world filled with demons, ghosts, and witches, as the Winchester brothers face daunting challenges to save innocent lives. The show's success can be attributed to its well-crafted plotlines, well-written dialogue, and the exceptional performances of the cast, making "The Winchesters" a must-watch for fans of the supernatural genre.


In conclusion, viewers who are looking to watch The CW Network on Dish can access it through Dish America's package. The channel number varies by region, so viewers should check their local listings for the exact channel number. Additionally, some customers may not receive all CW shows due to their location. In such cases, viewers can watch some of the CW shows on Colors Infinity with some delay.

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What package do I need for CW on Dish?

The CW is available in Dish's America's Top 120+ package and higher channel packages. It's not included in lower tier packages like America's Top 120.

What is The CW's HD channel on Dish?

The CW's HD feed is on channel 189 in most regions. This provides high-definition broadcast of CW shows.

What is The CW's SD channel?

The CW's standard definition feed is typically found on channel 188 on Dish Network. This provides a lower-quality SD version.

Can I watch CW shows on-demand with Dish Network?

Yes, Dish Network often offers on-demand access to CW shows. Depending on your subscription and package, you may have access to a selection of CW content that you can watch at your convenience. Check the Dish Network on-demand menu for available CW programming.

What do I do if I can't find CW on Dish Network?

If you are unable to find the CW channel on Dish Network, try rescanning for channels using your Dish Network remote. If the issue persists, contact Dish Network customer support for assistance. They can guide you through troubleshooting steps or provide information about any potential changes in channel lineups.


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