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What Channel is E on DirecTV?

Start Watching E on DirecTV

E is a highly popular entertainment channel among cable TV viewers. Owned by NBCUniversal Television and Streaming, the channel has access to over 92 million households in America. DIRECTV subscribers can easily access E by subscribing to any of the provider's packages, including ENTERTAINMENT, CHOICE, ULTIMATE, or PREMIER. DIRECTV is a reliable provider with tailored channel lineups and features such as 200 hours of DVR service and live TV streaming with the DIRECTV app. In addition, subscribers can also acquire DIRECTV. E can be found on DIRECTV channel 236, and subscribers can enjoy a range of other entertainment channels.

What channel is E! on DirecTV?

E is available on DIRECTV channel 236. As one of the most successful entertainment networks in the industry, E! offers a wide range of shows, including reality TV, movies, and entertainment news. DIRECTV, a leading satellite TV provider in the United States, offers tailored channel lineups for everyone and provides features like DVR service with 200 hours of recording ability and live TV streaming with the DIRECTV app. To get E!

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How to access E on DirecTV?

1. Choose a DIRECTV package: In order to access E on DIRECTV, you must have a DIRECTV subscription. Choose from the four available packages: ENTERTAINMENT, CHOICE, ULTIMATE, or PREMIER, based on your entertainment needs and budget.

2. E! is available on all packages: No matter which package you select, E is included, so you can catch up on all the latest celebrity gossip and entertainment news.

3. Use your TV remote or channel guide: Once you have subscribed to DIRECTV and selected a package, you can easily find E on channel 236 on DirecTV. Use your TV remote to change channels, or consult the on-screen programming guide for details on upcoming shows.

4. DIRECTV app: If you prefer to watch E on the go, DIRECTV offers an app that lets you stream live television directly to your mobile device. Simply download the app onto your smartphone or tablet, sign in with your DIRECTV account information, and start watching.

5. Other entertainment options: In addition to E, your DIRECTV package comes with access to a wide range of entertainment options, including popular channels like Comedy Central, Bravo, BET, Hallmark, and MTV. Explore your package and discover new shows and networks to enjoy.

6. Take advantage of DIRECTV perks: From a FREE limited-time subscription to premium networks like HBO Max and Cinemax to a FREE Genie HD DVR that lets you record up to 200 hours of television programming, DIRECTV offers a host of perks that make it worth the investment. Don't forget to check out the 24/7 full-time 4K UHD channel and the FREE NFL Sunday Ticket for sports fans.

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Top 3 Most popular shows on E


Botched is a reality TV show that follows the lives of two plastic surgeons, Dr. Terry Dubrow, and Dr. Paul Nassif, as they help people who have had bad plastic surgery experiences get back to their original look.

The show has become a hit amongst viewers as it offers an insight into the world of plastic surgery and how it can go wrong. It also provides an entertaining glimpse into the lives of those who seek out these doctors for help in restoring their appearance.

Botched is filled with interesting cases and stories that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats with each episode. It's a must-watch for those who are interested in learning more about the world of plastic surgery and its potential risks and rewards.

Daily Pop

Daily Pop TV Show is a daily entertainment news and talk show hosted by E! News anchor and comedian, Justin Sylvester. The show features celebrity interviews, gossip, and pop culture news. It also covers topics such as fashion, beauty, music, and lifestyle trends. With its unique blend of humor and insight into the world of entertainment, Daily Pop TV Show offers viewers an entertaining look at the latest trends in pop culture.

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Movies we love

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In conclusion, E! is a popular entertainment channel that is available on DIRECTV. With access to over 92 million households in America, it is a highly demanded channel among viewers. It is available on all four packages of DIRECTV, including ENTERTAINMENT CHOICE, ULTIMATE, and PREMIER. Along with E!, DIRECTV offers a diverse range of channels that cater to all audience categories, including local sports and news channels. DIRECTV's reliability and features such as tailored channel lineups, DVR service with 200 hours of recording ability, and live TV streaming with the DIRECTV app make it an excellent choice for TV enthusiasts.

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