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What Channel is Game Show Network on DirecTV?

Start watching Game Show Network On the Directv channel today!

Are you a fan of game shows and wondering What Channel is Game Show Network on DirecTV? Look no further! Here, we’ll cover everything you need to know about accessing the Game Show Network on DirecTV, including channel numbers and programming options. Whether you’re looking for classic game show favorites like Jeopardy or new hits like Common Knowledge, we’ve got you covered. So sit back, relax, and get ready to tune in to all your favorite game shows on DirecTV!

What Channel is Game Show Network on DirecTV?

Are you looking for the channel number of Game Show Network on DirecTV? The Game Show Network is available on DirecTV at channel number 233. It is a great source for all kinds of game shows, from classic favorites to new favorites. With the Game Show Network, you can watch your favorite shows anytime, anywhere. So if you're a fan of game shows and want to stay up to date with the latest episodes and trends, then be sure to tune in to the Game Show Network on DirecTV!

Game Show Network in DirecTV Packages

DirecTV Plan Channels Package Price Subscribe
ENTERTAINMENT 75+ $64.99/mo. Call To Order
CHOICE™ 105+ $84.99/mo. Call To Order
ULTIMATE 140+ $109.99/mo. Call To Order
PREMIER™ 150+ $154.99/mo. Call To Order

Top shows on Game Show Network


Winsanity is a TV show that has been gaining a lot of attention lately. It follows the story of an eccentric inventor and his team, who are working on a revolutionary new technology. The show is filled with exciting moments, as the team tries to make their invention work. Along with this, the show also focuses on the relationships between the characters and how they handle different situations. With its interesting plotline and relatable characters, Winsanity has quickly become one of the most popular TV shows out there.

Snap Decision

Snap Decision is a fast-paced game show where contestants are challenged to make quick decisions in the face of high-pressure situations. The show is hosted by former NFL star and TV personality, Terrell Owens. Contestants compete for a cash prize by answering questions about their lives and making snap decisions based on the answers they provide. The show has been a hit with viewers and critics alike, providing an exciting twist on the traditional quiz format. With its unique premise and engaging gameplay, Snap Decision has become one of the most popular game shows on television today.

The Newlywed Game

The Newlywed Game is a widely popular game show that has been airing since the 1960s. It's a classic game of wits and strategy that pits newlyweds against each other in a battle of knowledge, wit, and luck. The show has seen many iterations throughout the years, but its basic premise remains the same - couples answer questions about each other to see who knows more about their partner. The Newlywed Game is an entertaining way to get to know your partner better and can be enjoyed by all ages.

American Says

American Says is a popular game show that has been entertaining viewers since 2018. The show places two teams of family members, friends, or co-workers against each other in a fast-paced game of fill-in-the-blank. The objective of the game is to guess the most popular answers to survey questions asked by the host. This fun and interactive show has become a hit with viewers from all walks of life, as it provides an opportunity to see how different people think and interact with one another. With its unique format and quick pace, American Says offers an exciting way for viewers to test their knowledge and have fun at the same time!


The Game Show Network (GSN) is a cable and satellite television channel that primarily broadcasts game shows, reality shows, and other entertainment programming. It is available on DirecTV on channel number 233 in the USA. This channel features a variety of game shows from all eras, as well as classic game show episodes and original series.

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