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If you're in Springfield, Massachusetts, and looking for information on how to find NBC on your television, you've come to the right place. NBC is one of the most popular television networks, known for its wide range of entertaining shows, news, and live events. To catch your favorite NBC programs, it's essential to know the channel number. In this article, we'll explore various ways to access NBC in Springfield, whether you're using cable, satellite TV, or even online streaming services.

Understanding the NBC Network

Before diving into the specifics, let's understand that NBC is a nationwide network, which means that its channel number can vary depending on your location. Springfield, MA, offers multiple options to access NBC, and the method you choose will determine the channel you need to tune into.

What Channel is NBC in Springfield MA

NBC in Springfield, MA is on channel 22.

The NBC affiliate for Springfield, MA is WWLP, which is owned by Nexstar Media Group. WWLP's studios are located in Chicopee, MA, and its transmitter is located on Provin Mountain in Agawam, MA.

If you are unable to find WWLP on your local cable or satellite provider, you can watch the station's newscasts and other programming live.

Cable and Satellite TV Services in Springfield, MA

Springfield residents have access to various cable and satellite TV providers. Each of these services has its own channel lineup. Here's how to find NBC on some of the most popular ones:

Finding NBC on Comcast Xfinity

Comcast Xfinity offers a comprehensive channel lineup, and finding NBC is quite easy. In most areas of Springfield, you can tune in to NBC by simply entering channel 10. If you're having trouble, consult the on-screen guide or contact Xfinity customer support.

Tuning into NBC on Charter Spectrum

Charter Spectrum is another reliable TV provider in Springfield. To find NBC on Charter Spectrum, navigate to channel 3 or 703 for high-definition viewing. You can also check your local Spectrum TV listings for exact channel numbers in your area.

Locating NBC on Dish Network

Dish Network subscribers can find NBC on channel 3. If you have a different setup or are in a different area, refer to your Dish Network program guide for precise channel information.

Discovering NBC on DirecTV

For DirecTV viewers in Springfield, NBC is commonly located on channel 22. However, keep in mind that the channel number may vary slightly depending on your specific location.

Over-the-Air (OTA) Access to NBC

If you don't have a cable or satellite subscription, you can still access NBC over the air. All you need is an antenna and a TV with a built-in digital tuner. Simply scan for available channels, and you'll likely find NBC among them.

Streaming NBC Online

In today's digital age, streaming NBC online has become increasingly popular. Here are a few ways to enjoy NBC over the internet:

Using Streaming Services

Many streaming services offer live TV options that include NBC. Services like Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, and Sling TV provide access to NBC, and you can watch it on your computer, smart TV, or mobile device.

NBC Apps

NBC also offers its own apps for various devices. You can download the NBC app on your smartphone, tablet, or smart TV and watch your favorite shows on-demand.

Local TV Listings

For the most up-to-date and accurate information about NBC's channel number in Springfield, consider checking local TV listings or using online resources that provide accurate channel information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What if I have a different cable or satellite provider?

If you have a different provider, consult their channel lineup guide or contact customer support to find the NBC channel in Springfield.

Can I watch NBC for free over the air?

Yes, you can watch NBC for free with an antenna and a TV with a digital tuner.

Do I need a subscription for online streaming services that offer NBC?

Yes, most online streaming services require a subscription to access live NBC content.

Are there any regional differences in NBC channel numbers?

Yes, NBC in Springfield, Massachusetts is on WWLP channel 22.

Can I access NBC's online content from anywhere in the United States?

Typically, you can access NBC's online content from anywhere in the United States, but some regional restrictions may apply.


In Springfield, MA, finding NBC on your television is a straightforward process, whether you use cable, satellite, or online streaming services. By following the instructions provided by your service provider or utilizing an over-the-air antenna, you can enjoy all the exciting programming that NBC has to offer. Stay updated with your local TV listings for any changes, and never miss your favorite shows. Happy watching!


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