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What Channel is TBS on Dish Network?

Watch TBS on DISH on Channel 139

Catch your favorite comedies, blockbuster movies, and must-see events on TBS with Dish Network! Tune in to channel 139 to enjoy a wide range of entertaining content, from hilarious sitcoms like "Family Guy" and "The Big Bang Theory" to captivating late-night shows and exciting sports broadcasts. Dish Network makes it easy to access TBS and all your favorite channels, so you can stay entertained around the clock. Don't miss out on the laughs, thrills, and special moments – subscribe to Dish Network today and unlock a world of entertainment possibilities!

What is TBS?

TBS is most recognized for includes comedic shows like Miracle Workers, The Last O.G., and Chad. Its flagship late-night show is CONAN, hosted by acclaimed talk show host Conan O'Brien. The network also airs a variety of hit movies and acquired series such as Atlanta, Family Guy, The Big Bang Theory, Friends, and more. TBS is one of several sister channels owned by Warner Bros. Discovery including TNT, TCM, TruTV, Cartoon Network, and HLN. The channel is readily available across major cable providers in the US as well as on streaming services like Hulu Live, YouTube TV, and DirecTV. Over its 45+ year history, TBS has established itself as a go-to destination for mainstream entertainment and comedy programming with broad audience appeal.

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What Channel is TBS on Dish Network?

TBS is available on channel 139 (SD) and channel 239 (HD) on Dish Network. As a popular cable entertainment channel owned by Warner Bros. Discovery, TBS can be found in Dish Network packages like America's Top 120 and above.

To watch TBS in high definition, Dish Network subscribers will need an HD-compatible receiver and TV along with a package that includes HD channels, like America's Top 200 or higher. The HD feed will then be accessible on channel 239. Those with older SD receivers can still access TBS on channel 139.

If TBS is not appearing on its designated Dish Network channel, troubleshooting steps may include: refreshing the channel guide, checking for satellite obstructions, verifying account status and payment, rebooting the Dish receiver box, or contacting Dish customer support for assistance.

Overall, as a widely distributed basic cable channel, Dish Network makes access to TBS straightforward for its subscribers by offering it in standard definition on channel 139 and high definition on channel 239 across its popular programming packages. With a compatible Dish subscription and equipment, tuning in to enjoy TBS movies, comedy, originals, and baseball coverage is simple. Just tune in to channel 139 or 239 depending on your desired resolution.

Subscription of DISH Network

Dish Network Plan Channels Package Price Subscribe
America's Top 120 190 $84.99/mo. Call To Order
America's Top 120+ 190+ $99.99/mo. Call To Order
America's Top 200 240+ $104.99/mo. Call To Order
America's Top 250 290+ $114.99/mo. Call To Order

Most Popular Shows in Dish Network

1. American Dad! (2005 - Present): This Seth MacFarlane creation is a hilarious animated satire following the dysfunctional Smith family. CIA agent Stan Smith grapples with raising his alien son Roger, his goldfish-turned-genius Klaus, and his teenage daughter Hayley, all while navigating outrageous adventures. Sharp wit, pop culture parodies, and a healthy dose of the absurd make American Dad! a show that never fails to elicit laughs.

2. AEW Dynamite (2022 - Present): Calling all wrestling fans! AEW Dynamite brings the high-flying action and intense rivalries of All Elite Wrestling to your living room. Witness top-tier athletes like CM Punk, Chris Jericho, and Kenny Omega battle it out in the ring. With electrifying matches, captivating storylines, and a passionate fan base, AEW Dynamite redefines professional wrestling entertainment.

3. Young Sheldon (2017 - Present): This prequel to the beloved sitcom "The Big Bang Theory" delves into the childhood of Sheldon Cooper, a child prodigy with a genius IQ and a complete lack of social skills. Navigating adolescence in East Texas alongside his eccentric family, Sheldon's journey is both hilarious and heartwarming. Young Sheldon offers viewers a chance to see the origins of a beloved television character and the quirky circumstances that shaped him.

4. The Big Bang Theory (2007 - 2019): This smash-hit sitcom requires no introduction. Following the lives of a group of brilliant but socially awkward scientists and their aspiring actress neighbor, Penny, The Big Bang Theory redefined laugh-out-loud television. Witty dialogue, relatable characters, and a celebration of "nerd culture" cemented the show's place in pop culture history. Even though it's no longer in production, reruns of The Big Bang Theory continue to entertain audiences on TBS.

5. Family Matters (1989 - 1998; 2020): A classic family sitcom enjoying a revival on TBS, Family Matters centers around the Winslows, a middle-class Chicago family whose lives are turned upside down when nerdy scientist Harriett Winslow takes in her mischievous younger brother, Carl, and his wise-cracking son, Urkel. Family Matters offers heartwarming family dynamics, hilarious situations, and a healthy dose of 90s nostalgia, making it a show enjoyed by audiences of all ages.


In conclusion, finding TBS on Dish Network is a breeze with channel number 139. You can access the Dish Network TBS channel guide to explore their schedule and enjoy a wide range of entertaining shows. If you're ever in doubt, follow the simple steps outlined in this article to locate TBS on your Dish Network subscription. Happy viewing!


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What channel number is TBS on Dish Network?

TBS on Dish Network can typically be found on channel 139 for standard definition (SD) and channel 9421 for high definition (HD).

Is TBS available in all Dish Network packages?

Yes, TBS is included in most Dish Network packages, ranging from the basic packages to the more comprehensive ones. You can check the specific channel lineup of your chosen package to confirm.

How can I find the Dish Network channel lineup for TBS in my area?

To find the Dish Network channel lineup for TBS in your area, you can visit the Dish Network website and use their channel lineup tool. Alternatively, you can contact Dish Network customer support for assistance.

Can I watch TBS on Dish Network without a cable subscription?

Yes, Dish Network offers various streaming options, such as Sling TV, which includes TBS in its channel lineup. You can subscribe to these streaming services without a traditional cable subscription.

What should I do if I'm experiencing issues with TBS on Dish Network?

If you encounter any issues with TBS on Dish Network, such as signal problems or missing channels, it is recommended to first check the connections and ensure your subscription is active. If the issue persists, you can reach out to Dish Network customer support for further assistance.

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