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If you want to know what channel is TNT on Dish, this write-up is for you.

TNT is a network that focuses on dramas. They have been able to provide people with unpredictable plots and thrilling stories each day because of this dedication, which makes them one major player in the industry!

Prime time has finally arrived! subscribers will be able to enjoy popular dramas from the comfort of their own homes. With exclusive programming, you'll have more chance at catching up on some great TV shows without having any trouble finding something that suits your taste or interests- because we've got it covered right here waiting for you.

If you have time to kill this weekend, check out the latest episode of Bones.otnight on TNT! You'll be hooked after one great scene with Dr Temperance "Bones" Brennan (played by Beverly Hills).

Might as well catch up on some other TV shows while there's still plenty left for tomorrow…

Getting TNT on Dish

Turner Network Television (TNT) is on channel 138 on Dish.

Top Shows on TNT


The Winchester brothers are two down-on-their luck hunters who have always followed in their father's footsteps. They're currently working to save innocent people from monsters and otherworldly beings that would otherwise ravage them, but it seems like nothing can stop these blood thirsty pests!


The Charmed Series is about three sisters "the enchanted" who are powerful but good witches. They use their powers together to protect people from evil like warlocks and demons in this TV show that has gone through many reboots over the years!

NCAA Tournament on TNT

As a subscriber to truTV, you’ll be able enjoy 12 games of the NCAA Tournament on TNT. The first four will air exclusively with TBS before moving over-the game coverage moves back into its regular time slot for Rounds 5 through 16!

The entire tournament will be broadcasted on a number of networks, including ESPN3. Lastly at the end there are 12 games that can’t have any particular network broadcasting them because they're for other rounds!

In Conclusion

Turner Network Television or TNT as it is commonly called, has been the most popular channel in America for over 20 years.

Dish network is a great choice for those who want to cut their bills by over 50%. With the exception of channel number 138 in both standard definition and high-definition, dish offers an impressive list of more than 150 channels. Number 138 may not seem like much but it's still worth having!


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