Best 5G Home Internet Providers

5G home internet is the latest internet technology

5G home internet is a revolutionary technology that utilizes cell towers to deliver internet service directly to you. It is quickly becoming one of the primary ways for households and businesses to stay connected, as 5G providers can offer speeds as high as 1,000 Mbps in select areas. 5G home internet providers are quickly becoming the new go-to choice when it comes to selecting an internet service provider. 5G technology provides a cost-efficient, reliable connection with greatly improved speeds from previous generations of wireless technology. This makes 5G providers the perfect fit for everyone from light users who check email and do occasional web browsing, all the way up to extreme gamers and streaming enthusiasts who need rapid download speeds.

What is 5G home internet?

5G stands for the fifth generation of wireless technology, and it has revolutionized the way people can access the data they need quickly and efficiently. Compared to its predecessors, 5G utilizes what is known as Low Latency, meaning that data transfers from a source to its destination quickly with fewer delays. What does this mean for people using 5G home internet? One provider of 5G home internet services is satellite internet service providers such as Viasat or Hughesnet, which have plans that promise speeds comparable to what you are used to on 4G or 4G LTE networks. With these services, you can get fast speeds no matter where you are located, though the amount of data you use is sometimes limited with certain plans.  The benefits that come with these satellite providers’ 5C-powered services make them an ideal choice for anyone looking to stay connected while on the go or while in an area beyond what your landline internet service provides.

What is fixed wireless 5G?

Fixed wireless 5G is a type of home internet service that sends an internet connection to a cellular tower using an antenna. This type of connection has traditionally been used in more rural areas and was only available on a 4G network, but now many cellphone carriers have begun to offer fixed wireless 5G services around the country. Companies like Viasat and Hughesnet are leading the charge in providing high-speed 5G home internet, which promises greater reliability and performance than previous generations of technology. By taking advantage of this cutting-edge wireless solution, customers will be able to enjoy faster and more dependable access to the web from their homes.

Available 5G home internet providers

5G home internet is becoming more and more accessible. If you're interested in getting access to faster download speeds, increased reliability, and low latency capabilities, 5G is the way to go. Two of the top providers offering 5G home internet services are Viasat and Hughesnet. Viasat offers impressive upload and download speeds with its Freedom plans while Hughesnet boosts its flexibility with its Gen5 plans: it has several packages available depending on how much data customers need each month. As 5G becomes increasingly available throughout the US, these two companies are sure to remain at the forefront of 5G technology for years to come.

Viasat 5G Home Internet: Best Overall


Intro price

Price after 3 mos.

Download speed

Data cap

Unlimited Bronze 12



12 Mbps


Unlimited Silver 25



25 Mbps


Unlimited Gold 50



50 Mbps


Unlimited Platinum 100



100 Mbps


Viasat 5G Home Internet is the best overall home internet option for those who need reliable and fast service. Viasat's 5G network boasts speeds up to 100 Mbps, upload speeds up to 25 Mbps, and no data caps. With Viasat 5G Home Internet and satellite Internet, you can do more with your internet connection with its powerful speeds, allowing plenty of room for simultaneous downloads, streaming TV shows, playing online gaming, and more. Viasat also offers great Viasat customer service with its 24/7 tech support team and a variety of plans to suit different budget levels. Viasat 5G Home Internet is the perfect choice for anyone looking for consistent, reliable internet connections without breaking the bank.

Hughesnet 5G Home Internet: Best Overall

Plan Name

Starting Price

Download Speeds

Monthly data Allowance

15 GB


25 Mbps


30 GB


25 Mbps


50 GB


25 Mbps


100 GB


25 Mbps


Hughesnet 5G Home Internet is the best overall when it comes to satellite internet. Hughesnet offers more coverage than any other service, providing more customers with stable, reliable internet speeds even in the remotest of locations. Hughesnet's 5G connection has been proven to be faster than ever before while maintaining its excellent performance over long distances and in massively populated areas. Furthermore, Hughesnet is one of the only satellite internet services that truly offer their customers Service 24/7 customer support around the globe. With Hughesnet 5G Home Internet, you can have access to the internet with ease - no matter where you are located.


What is 5G Home Internet, and do HughesNet and Viasat offer it?

5G Home Internet utilizes fifth-generation cellular technology for high-speed, reliable connectivity. HughesNet and Viasat primarily focus on satellite internet, not 5G. For 5G, consider local providers or cellular carriers.

How does satellite internet from HughesNet and Viasat compare to 5G in terms of speed?

Satellite internet offers widespread coverage but may have latency. While 5G generally provides lower latency, its availability is limited. Compare local options for the best fit.

What plans do HughesNet and Viasat offer for satellite internet services?

Both HughesNet and Viasat provide various satellite internet plans with different speeds and data allowances. Explore their websites for detailed information on available plans.

Are there equipment costs associated with HughesNet and Viasat satellite internet services?

Yes, both providers may have equipment costs, including satellite dishes and modems. Check with HughesNet and Viasat for specific details on equipment fees.

Can I bundle satellite internet services with other offerings from HughesNet or Viasat?

HughesNet and Viasat may offer bundling options, including TV or phone services. Check their websites or contact customer service to explore available bundling deals.

What is the installation process like for HughesNet and Viasat satellite internet?

Installation involves mounting a satellite dish at your location. Both HughesNet and Viasat provide professional installation services to ensure a smooth setup process.

Are there any contracts or commitments with HughesNet and Viasat satellite internet plans?

Both providers typically offer service agreements with varying contract lengths. Review the terms and conditions of each plan to understand the commitment involved.


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