2024 Big Ten on CBS: Gear Up for Another Thrilling Season on DirecTV

  • Posted on: 09 Dec 2023
    2024 Big Ten on CBS: Gear Up for Another Thrilling Season on DirecTV

  • The 2024 season promises to be another exciting chapter for Big Ten football and basketball fans. Whether you're a die-hard supporter of your favorite team or simply enjoy high-quality college sports, CBS will be your go-to channel for select Big Ten games. But with a new season comes questions about schedules and access. So, DirecTV subscribers, worry not – this guide will provide all the information you need to catch every Big Ten moment on CBS in 2024.

    2024 Big Ten on CBS Schedule:

    While the 2024 Big Ten on CBS schedule is still in development, the conference and CBS have announced a renewed seven-year media rights agreement that guarantees exciting matchups and increased coverage. This agreement includes:

    • Morning Games on FOX: Starting in 2024, select Big Ten football games will air on FOX in the morning, expanding the window of available broadcasts.
    • Afternoon Games on CBS: CBS will continue to be the exclusive home of select Big Ten football games in the afternoon time slot, offering prime viewing hours for fans.
    • Prime-time Games on NBC: NBC will now air Big Ten football games in prime time, adding another exciting dimension to the broadcast schedule.
    • Increased Basketball Coverage: CBS will continue to broadcast select Big Ten basketball games throughout the season, showcasing the conference's top talent and rivalries.

    Specific schedules will be released closer to the start of the season, but here are some anticipated highlights:

    Big Ten Football:

    • Morning Games: Look out for key matchups featuring top-ranked teams in the morning time slot on FOX.
    • CBS Games: Expect to see major rivalries and conference championship contenders take center stage on CBS broadcasts.
    • Big Ten Championship Game: The highly anticipated Big Ten Championship Game will be broadcast on CBS in December, determining the conference champion.

    Big Ten Basketball:

    • Conference Rivalries: Witness thrilling battles between traditional rivals as they fight for conference supremacy.
    • Top-Tier Matchups: Expect to see some of the nation's best basketball programs go head-to-head on CBS broadcasts.
    • Big Ten Tournament: Catch all the action and drama of the Big Ten Tournament, culminating in the selection of the conference's champion.

    How to Watch Big Ten on CBS with DirecTV?

    DirecTV subscribers have several ways to access Big Ten games on CBS:

    Local CBS Affiliate: Most DirecTV packages include your local CBS affiliate, allowing you to watch all scheduled Big Ten games without any additional subscriptions. Find your local CBS channel by entering your zip code on the DirecTV website.

    DIRECTV Stream: DirecTV Stream subscribers with a package that includes CBS can watch games live through the platform. This option provides flexibility by allowing you to access CBS on various devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and streaming devices.

    Paramount+: Paramount+ (formerly CBS All Access) offers live streaming of CBS programming, including Big Ten games. While not directly integrated with DirecTV Stream, a separate Paramount+ subscription allows access to additional content and on-demand replays.

    Enhance your Big Ten experience:

    Set your DVR: Never miss a game by setting your DVR to record any scheduled Big Ten broadcast on CBS.

    Stay connected: Follow the Big Ten Conference and your favorite teams on social media for updates, breaking news, and schedule changes.

    Upgrade your package: Consider upgrading your DirecTV package if it doesn't include your local CBS affiliate or if you desire additional sports channels.

    Explore additional options: While CBS provides access to key Big Ten games, remember that FOX and NBC will also broadcast select games in 2024. Ensure your DirecTV package includes these channels to maximize your viewing options.

    Gear up for an electrifying season of Big Ten athletics!

    With DirecTV and this informative guide, you're ready to witness every touchdown, three-pointer, and buzzer-beater of the 2024 Big Ten season on CBS. So, prepare your favorite snacks, gather your fellow fans, and get ready for another year of unforgettable Big Ten action!


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