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3 Reasons to Stay With Satellite TV

  • Posted on: 03 Oct 2017
    3 Reasons to Stay With Satellite TV

  • 2023 has been a time of incredible advancement for home entertainment. From 4K Satellite TVs to streaming services, there is no end in sight when it comes down to what you can do at your house with just one remote control! And yet some people seem determined not only to make those advancements but also to take them away from us- why? It seems like these innovations might be too good already -perhaps they threaten established industries or practices which don't want their market share reduced by new technology?! Well here's advice: if nothing else then out of respect should give satellite television provider another look before passing the final judgment on its benefits.

    With so much money being spent on home entertainment, some have said it’s time to bid farewell to the satellite. We say the opposite, and here are my three reasons why.

    Top 3 Reasons to Stay With Satellite TV

    1. Satellite TV is still a phenomenal value

    Let's not talk about the couple of hundred channels you don't watch. Because it’s true, there are a lot of specialized markets and that may not be your thing; but still—you have plenty to choose from! Take for example clear reception with local network broadcasts on broadcast TV or satellite dishes - both offer excellent picture quality as well as pause-ability during commercials, unlike streaming services which cannot do this due to their lack of bandwidth limitations (though some providers allow pausing after certain amounts).

    2. Satellite makes streaming better

    With an active satellite TV subscription, you can stream dozens of streaming apps. Want to watch HGTV content? Just use their app and sign in with your pay-tv username or password! The same is true for tons of other provider applications that will let you log into the service using either one (or both) types above - so get downloading today :)

    If you want to watch live TV on an unlimited plan, there is no better option than satellite. You get all of your favorite channels like HBO Max and Cinemax included in the price while also getting free access through streaming services such as Netflix or HuluPlus!

    3. Satellite TV companies are poised to innovate

    Now is the time for both DIRECTV and DISH to strike back against streaming competitors. With strong customer bases, and innovative mindsets among employees eager to succeed in their field of work by coming up with new ideas that will keep people interested long enough so they can upgrade equipment or cancel service altogether- these companies have everything it takes!

    Need more convincing?

    Have you given up on satellite television? Have no fear! The folks at Signal Connect can show why this is still a great value and even recommend upgrades to help get the most out of what little dish space there may be left.

    Call on (855) 212-8877 & Book your connection!


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