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Are DIRECTV Bundles Worth in 2023?

  • Posted on: 27 Feb 2023
    Are DIRECTV Bundles Worth in 2023?

  • Are you considering a DIRECTV bundle for your home in 2023? With so many cable and satellite providers to choose from, it can be difficult to make the right choice. In this blog post, we'll explore the advantages and disadvantages of DIRECTV bundles so that you can make an informed decision about whether it's worth investing in.


    In 2023, DIRECTV offers a range of attractive packages and bundles that can save customers money on their TV subscriptions. Whether you're looking for a large selection of channels, the latest streaming services, or the best sports packages, DIRECTV has something to offer. With a two-year price guarantee and competitive introductory packages, customers can trust that they'll be getting the best value for their money. And with DIRECTV STREAM, internet TV streaming is more affordable than ever with plans starting at just $10/mo. What's more, AT&T customers who bundle their TV package with an internet package can get up to $300 back. With so many great options available in 2023, it's easy to see why DIRECTV is one of the most popular TV providers in the US.

    DIRECTV Pricing

    DIRECTV revealed today that it will raise prices on programming packages for existing subscribers by anywhere from $1 a month to $10 a month, depending on the package. The Entertainment, Ultimate, and Premier tiers will see a $5 per month increase, while the Choice package will go up by $10 per month. Since we're on the subject of deals, DIRECTV's Choice package is worth knowing about as it offers 165 channels at approximately $0.38 to $0.40 per channel. As reported by The Streamable, DirecTV Stream prices will now start at $74.99 per month, an increase of $5 compared to the previous pricing. While the price for your DIRECTV package doesn't change, you get a discount on your internet service ($10 with AT&T; $5 with CenturyLink).

    DIRECTV Packages

    DIRECTV offers a variety of packages that range from $64.99/per month to $139.99/per month. The Entertainment Package gets you 160 channels including ESPN and NBCSN, while the Choice Package gets you 235 channels, including regional sports networks and the NFL Sunday Ticket. The Ultimate Package gives you 260 channels, including premium networks like HBO and Showtime, and the Premier Package gets you 330 channels, with even more premium networks. All packages come with the advanced Genie DVR and access to the DIRECTV app. Additionally, customers can get a discount on their internet service if they sign up for a DIRECTV bundle.


    On January 22, 2023, DIRECTV STREAM increased the prices of its streaming packages. The new pricing applied to both new and existing customers, with plans ranging from $74.99 per month to $154.99 per month. The top-tier plan, PREMIER ($154.99 per month, 340 channels), includes every DIRECTV channel and an additional 20 hours of Cloud DVR recording time. This marks the second year in a row that DIRECTV STREAM has raised its prices in January. Customers looking for more value may consider bundling their DIRECTV package with an AT&T internet package, which can earn them up to $300 back.

    What Can You Watch on DIRECTV STREAM?

    DIRECTV STREAM offers a wide selection of channels, including popular favorites like ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CW, ESPN, and more. The streaming service also offers access to HBO and Cinemax for an additional fee. With DIRECTV STREAM, you'll get access to thousands of movies and shows on-demand from networks like AMC, History Channel, National Geographic, and more. Plus, the service includes access to the AT&T TV app so you can watch live and recorded content from your TV or phone.

    DIRECTV Bundles

    DIRECTV offers several different bundles that include both their streaming and satellite services. With the Choice bundle, customers can get up to 165 channels for $64.99 a month. Bundling DIRECTV with an AT&T or CenturyLink internet connection package is also a great way to save money. Those looking for the most affordable option can opt for the Entertainment package, which offers 160 channels at just $64.99 a month including ESPN and NBCSN. Frontier also now partners with providers like DirecTV, Dish, and YouTube TV to offer customers access to its own TV service at an affordable price.

    Internet Service Discounts

    Internet service discounts can provide an affordable way to bundle DIRECTV services with AT&T internet. This can be a great way to save money and get access to the channels and features that DIRECTV offers. With the AT&T Internet and DIRECTV STREAM bundle, customers can get three months of HBO included in the package for $104.99 a month, with $20 off the first two months. Additionally, when you bundle AT&T wireless plans and Internet services, customers can stay connected for a great savings. Cox Internet Essential starts at $50 per month, and when you add an actual TV package, customers can get up to $300 in savings. These deals are worth considering if you are looking to save money while gaining access to all of the great features that DIRECTV has to offer.

    DIRECTV STREAM Review 2023

    In 2023, DIRECTV STREAM is the most expensive live TV streaming service, with plans ranging in price from $74.99 to $154.99 a month, plus taxes. However, DIRECTV STREAM offers a reliable, live TV streaming experience with regional networks, backed by a well-established satellite TV cable provider. The service has new, more transparent pricing, a huge channel selection, lots of sports channels, and the advanced Genie DVR. Subscribers can start with the basic ENTERTAINMENT package and enjoy excellent sports coverage and a wide variety of content to binge on. Customers may also take advantage of internet service discounts if they bundle with an AT&T internet package - up to $300 back. When considering whether or not DIRECTV STREAM is worth the price, customers should consider their entertainment needs and budget before making a decision.

    What is the Most Affordable Package?

    The most affordable package for DIRECTV in 2023 is the Entertainment Package, which costs $64.99 per month and offers 160 channels, including ESPN and NBCSN. The bundle also comes with 165 channels in the CHOICE™ package. AT&T’s DIRECTV STREAM’s cheapest plan also provides access to a variety of channels and is offered at a similar price. The most affordable internet and TV bundle that includes both DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT and AT&T Internet 50 starts at $129.99 per month. However, if you are looking for top sports coverage, then DISH TV may be a better option as it is cheaper in the long term and comes with more content. Streaming packages are usually just as expensive as cable TV, but customers can add extra content to lower-level bundles for an extra fee.


    In conclusion, DIRECTV bundles still offer good value in 2023, but there are also many other options worth considering. The company has recently spun off its U-Verse TV and DirecTV Stream services into a separate entity, providing customers with more flexible options. While satellite TV may be on the decline, there are still many packages that can provide you with a good selection of channels and features. Customers can also save money by bundling their service with internet service from providers like AT&T and CenturyLink. Ultimately, the choice is up to you – it’s important to do your research and find the package that fits your needs and budget best.

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