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Can You Get DIRECTV with Bad Credit

  • Posted on: 31 Mar 2022
    Can You Get DIRECTV with Bad Credit

  • DIRECTV is looking for people just like you! It takes about 30 seconds to get in the door, but there are some hoops that need jumping through before they'll let your name hit their screen. First off - and this may be annoying-you have to pass a quick credit check (it's "soft"). But don't worry because if things go smoothly then all those free dishes will still land at YOUR doorstep with no deposit required by them whatsoever.

    What’s the minimum score required?

    This deposit is not a fee so it’ll be applied to your upcoming bills. The amount varies depending on what package you choose, but if your credit score is over 570-600 then chances are good that they won't require any money upfront and will qualify for all promotions going! If however; You're under this threshold-- They may ask for anywhere from $50-$250 as an initial investment into their service which includes two receivers (or more) at once AND unlimited DVR access.

    Do I have to pay the deposit?

    If you want to get the most out of your satellite TV service, it's important that not only do they have an account with DIRECTV but also any other providers. This way when there are promotions or deals on offers in which case we can upgrade our receiver/plans without being penalized for doing so!

    As a last resort, have someone else sign up

    You can have a friend or family member sign up in your place when you join Ting. It'll be just as easy for them, and they’ll take over the responsibility of paying their bill without any change to cost! If this sounds good with what's going on right now then my recommendation would also include signing up for automatic payments so that there aren't late fees charged against either one's credit score - which could lead to other problems down the road if left unchecked-and prevents issues like money being sent directly from our bank accounts every month etc.

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