• Posted on: 03 Jan 2023

  • DIRECTV offers two choices for entertainment seekers that bring the TV universe to you: the conventional satellite TV service and a streaming version for those who want an easily available solution. For over 25+ years, these services have been giving viewers access to live events, movies on demand, and more.

    Our advice is straightforward: if flexibility or cost-effectiveness are your top priorities, choose DIRECTV Stream rather than DIRECTV. For sports fans, however, investing in the latter could be well worth it given its enhanced DVR features, a wide range of channel options, and a large roster of athletic packages.

    Pros and Cons DIRECTV STREAM vs. DIRECTV


    • No contracts
    • Fast self-installation
    • High pricing for a streaming TV service
    • Fewer channels than DIRECTV (for the same price)


    • Genie DVR
    • 2-yr. contract
    • Steep price hike in the second year
    • No self-installation

    Compare DIRECTV STREAM vs. DIRECTV head-to-head



    Connection type

    Channel count

    DVR storage

    Simultaneous recordings





    20 hrs.–Unlimited (stores for 90 days)






    200–450 hrs.

    Up to 7

    High channel counts are one among the many parallels between AT&T TV and DIRECTV STREAM, but also expensive plans with an additional fee for streaming devices. Regretfully, compared to other live TV providers available, they provide not very good cloud DVR storage.

    For absolutely more fun viewing, DIRECTV provides 340+ channels and the Genie DVR at no additional cost. Furthermore, new clients can benefit from special premium-channel deals if that isn't enough!

    Potential consumers should be aware of the significant 30%-38% fee increase imposed after their first year and the need for professional installation even though DIRECTV may look appealing because of its promotional offers. These negatives make DIRECTV Stream the better option.


    From the comfort of your own house, you can now readily set up DIRECTV STREAM and access endless entertainment—all without any effort!

    All you have to do with DIRECTV Stream is wait for the gadget ($5 a month over two years) to arrive and get ready to enjoy streaming on your TV! Just make simple connections using the HDMI cable that comes with the package. adaptable plug-in power source. Then, just log in using your home Wi-Fi network to start instantly viewing infinite entertainment!

    Setting up with DIRECTV Stream is easy; no technician is required! If you pick normal DIRECTV service, however, getting things operating calls for additional work. You probably will have to take some time off from work and might need permission from your landlord for the five-hour installation process.

    Internet bundles

    A DIRECTV Bundle will help you to experience the best of both worlds! Watch your preferred shows with AT&T's streaming or satellite service and keep connected online with an internet plan. Additionally, in some places you may combine DIRECTV services with CenturyLink for even more savings; visit our review to find what plans are offered close by.

    Final take

    DIRECTV Stream is your best option if you want the most functionality and flexibility for your money. It offers a stress-free method to cancel anytime, free from contracts holding you down, preventing any annoying second-year price hikes seen by rivals!

    Searching for a satellite or streaming TV provider? If so, you should give DIRECTV Stream some thought. Still, be sure to check out YouTube TV and Hulu + Live TV if that isn't what fits. Why not give DISH some thought? Those who want satellite TV yet wish for alternatives to DIRECTV could find this interesting.

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