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Dish Network Deals for New Customers

  • Posted on: 24 May 2022
    Dish Network Deals for New Customers

  • To compete with DISH and DIRECTV, you need a better offer. Luckily for customers of the two cable TV providers, there is an easy way to get discounts on your services! Just call up either company before signing up they’ll match any bonus offered by another provider (up to 50% in some cases). With these incentives being so popular among potential subscribers right now it's important that everyone takes advantage when possible because competition always favors consumers ultimately resulting in lower prices across all channels over time.

    Do your homework

    Promotions are a great way to save money! To get the best deal, make sure you compare offers and facts with customer service agents. They will help find what’s right for your needs but may not mention every promo available along the way (they usually wait until near the end of the order). So as programming is being discussed ask them if there's an even better special offer available when going up in plan or adding extra services.

    You’ll save more with a 36-month agreement

    If you want to save money on your monthly service costs, it is best not only to commit but also to agree upon a longer-term contract. There are plenty of people who try to game the system by jumping from company A and then skipping over their bill with Company B; however, this practice will end up costing them more in total as they continue paying off old debts without earning any new revenue for themselves! In general, we recommend signing up for 36 months so that qualifies as an affordable price point compared.

    The long-term contracts may not be for everyone, so if you don't want to take part in this deal then it would probably cost at least 40% more per month during your first year as well. Just make sure that before committing yourself fully into non-contractual freedom with DISH Network they have been high on JD Power's list of customer satisfaction ratings or else there could potentially come some regret later down the line when things get hard again and we're left without anyone who can help us out!

    Here’s what you’ll get

    Signing up with an average package will get you the following: -A free domain name for one year ($19.99 value)

    • Save up to 38% during the first year

    • Free HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, and STARZ for 3 months

    • Free HD channels for life (regularly $10/month)

    • No charge for a professional installation of up to 6 rooms

    • Free HD DVR Receiver for up to 2 rooms

    • Like Netflix? DISH will give you their similar service (called Blockbuster@Home) free for 3 months

    When you order from us, don’t forget to ask about our bonuses! We offer free shipping on all orders and if they miss one bonus it can be much harder to get discounts applied after the fact. Make sure that everything is covered before placing your order so there won't have any issues when filling out paperwork later down the line."

    Call on (877) 471-4808 & get special deals and discounts on Dish network connections.


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