Does DIRECTV have AARP discount?

  • Posted on: 05 Jul 2024
    Does DIRECTV have AARP discount?

  • There are many seniors planning to reduce their monthly expenses, of which the television service is not an exception. A common question that many subscribers ask is if there are any special promotions or deals for people in AARP. In this blog post, allow us to discuss the types of discounts and special offers that are provided to the members of AARP when they subscribe to DIRECTV.

    What is AARP?

    Well for the rest of the audience, it is important to highlight that AARP is an acronym for the American Association of Retired Persons. It is a membership association that lobbies for the rights of all Americans aged 50 and above regarding issues such as healthcare, employment, or retirement benefits among others. Another way through which AARP has established itself is through partnerships where it offers various affiliated partner offers for its members.

    This question is particularly helpful when dealing with elderly people as it tries to establish whether or not DIRECTV offers an AARP discount.

    Regrettably, I have to answer no but at the moment, DIRECTV does not have any special offers for AARP members in terms of discounted rates or package deals. Contrary to other cable and satellite TV providers, DIRECTV has not adopted a program of cooperation with AARP to offer special offers.

    However, that is not to say that seniors can not save money while getting their DIRECTV service as you can see below. Despite this, the firm does provide routine discounts and seasonal rates that any client including the young or affiliated can enjoy.

    General Ways to Save with DIRECTV: General Ways to Save with DIRECTV:

    Introductory Promos

    DIRECTV like any other subscription-based services will have times when they offer new customers a certain discount for the first year or two of subscribing to their services. This enables you to use their packages with less amount of charge on your monthly bill for the first few months or years you have subscribed to them. When registering, you will be interested in asking where new customer promos can be gotten.

    Bundled Services

    There is also the opportunity to save more money if you combine DIRECTV with other services provided by AT&T such as wireless phones or the Internet. This way, it makes their services more affordable to the general public due to bundling. Therefore, even if there is no explicit, special AARP offer, saving can be achieved through the general concept of bundling and decreasing the total amount one pays monthly.

    Referral Rewards

    This is an opportunity to remind people about the offer whereby for every friend that one registers with DIRECTV, one earns a fifty-dollar reward visa prepaid card. Therefore depending on friends and family can get them to use other networks can make you earn a good amount of money each time.

    LOYALTY Offers

    Subscriptions may also be able to get loyalty discounts or promos sometime after you can subscribe which will further help in reducing your monthly bills and you continue to save in the long run. This is a way of compelling you not to change and dump DIRECTV service at a later date.

    In this segment, about tips to follow when signing up with the company for seniors, the following are detailed:

    If you’re a senior signing up for DIRECTV service, either by yourself or to gift it to an elderly parent or relative, here are some useful tips to save the most money: If you’re a senior signing up for DIRECTV service, either by yourself or to gift it to an elderly parent or relative, here are some useful tips to save the most money:

    1. Find out what customer special offers are currently available and how long they run to ensure that one secures low prices for as long as possible.
    2. Ask about the combination of television with wireless or Internet to bundle and save more on the services.
    3. Discover when there are peak pricing discount times where the rates may go down to a 20 percent or more range.
    4. Choose the auto-pay option and avoid extra charges that companies add for bills that are paid online or by mail.
    5. Include accidental protection plans that can help eliminate charges for TV equipment repair or replacement in the future.
    6. Look into REFERRAL rewards that will make you get $100 for every new customer that you refer to switch.
    7. Whenever possible, it is also preferred that they check back frequently and see if the customer promos have been extended or new ones have been added for the best overall customer value in the long run.

    Other Channels through Which You Can Obtain DIRECTV Coupons

    Even if there is no special discount available on AARP, you should not worried as you are not completely out of luck if you are a member of this organization and you want to subscribe to the services offered by DIRECTV. There are still some options seniors can look into both now and in the coming years for reducing costs: There are some options seniors can look into both now and in the coming years for reducing costs:

    1. Company or Union Discount – You may have secured some discounts from the employer regarding the DIRECTV; therefore, check if they are available.
    2. Military Service – Any veteran, currently serving Military members and families may be eligible for discounts up to 15% off per month.
    3. University Student Offers – Sometimes students of some universities can get it at a cheaper price.
    4. Get an exclusive deal with AT&T Wireless – There are likely to be some specific mobile phone plan offers that can come in handy if you subscribe to the service.
    5. Promotions through Direct sellers – Costco, Walmart, and other retail sellers occasionally offer promos for DIRECTV.

    Outlook for Future AARP DIRECTV Promotional Deals

    At this point, DIRECTV is engaging in discussions regarding a potential merger with DISH Network, making large service shifts improbable shortly. But an AARP deal could still happen in the coming future as various other players can be involved in the deal. In light of the efforts to target seniors as their customer base, it is not far-fetched to see DIRECTV partnering with AARP to offer rate discounts to its members in the future.

    The majority of analysts believe that it would be wiser to give a special discount to 37+ million AARP clients and thus secure as much market share among Americans of the age of 50 and above as possible. Well, other cable TV providers like Optimum, Charter Spectrum, and Verizon FIOS among others have already provided the necessary discounts. And so it may be that like other businesses that cater to the general public, DIRECTV may in the future decide to offer a certain percentage off each month to seniors.

    Currently, the only way is to try to benefit from its new customer offers, referral bonuses, opportunities to combine services, as well as extra bonuses for a faithful customer. Still, I would appreciate anyone keeping an eye out for future AARP partnership-related developments.


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