Does DIRECTV STREAM have the same channels as DIRECTV?

  • Posted on: 05 Jul 2024
    Does DIRECTV STREAM have the same channels as DIRECTV?

  • DIRECTV STREAM and DIRECTV are two of the satellite and streaming TV service providers that have distinct categories in terms of the channels offered, the additional features, where they are available, and their pricing. This guide addresses the question, does the service known as DIRECTV STREAM provide the same content options as the satellite service, DIRECTV?

    An overview of DIRECTV STREAM and DIRECTV

    DIRECTV STREAM formerly known as AT&T TV is an Internet television service for live television that is owned by both DIRECTV and AT&T. It is a television network that broadcasts live TV and regularly scheduled programming without the need for a satellite dish or cable subscription. It does not have a physical interface but rather delivers content on the Internet to support devices such as phones, tablets, computers, and streaming boxes.

    Another satellite TV service DIRECTV is more conventional and began its operations in 1994. To get a signal from satellites located in space, it calls for the fixture of a satellite dish on the rooftop of your house. DIRECTV is also under AT&T, but it is the traditional satellite television service that uses the same name as the streaming service but has a different channel selection and set of features.

    Channel Lineup Question: Do They Have the Same Channel Lineup?

    This means that the new product, the DIRECTV STREAM, and the satellite DIRECTV service, are not the same in terms of channel offerings. DIRECTV usually has a slightly larger overall selection of channels, however, the channels that are available with DIRECTV STREAM depend on the plan chosen.

    For instance, DIRECTV’s Premier all-included package offer can go up to 315 plus channels. Even in its top tier offering, known as Ultimate, DIRECTV STREAM tops out at 140+ channels, which doesn’t include all the networks available on satellite service.

    Some key channel differences include:

    • They have more regional sports programs like Bally Sports and NBC Sports Regional. DIRECTV STREAM does not have most RSNs so when you want to watch any of the games on the mentioned RSNs, you are out of luck.
    • DIRECTV has enhanced audio services including SonicTap music channels as well as audio simulcast. Unfortunately for those interested in music and audio, DIRECTV STREAM does not have these features.
    • In DIRECTV there are more often more specific and specialized channels, for example, MTV Classic, Ovation, Sony Movie Channel, etc. Choice is not constant across all the packages that are offered in the DIRECTV STREAM.

    Well, it doesn’t perfectly align, but the DIRECTV STREAM channel list is broadening still. But both services should contain all the top cable networks and local channels. However, those viewers who can be die-hard sports fans and lovers of particular channels may prefer satellite DIRECTV which has a bigger package.

    DIRECTV and DIRECTV STREAM offer similar services, but the two are quite different in their packages and pricing structure.

    In addition to lineup differences, DIRECTV and DIRECTV STREAM take very distinct approaches to packages and pricing:

    DIRECTV Packages & Pricing

    DIRECTV categorizes TV packages according to the number of channels they provide, ranging from 155+ to 350+, the availability of which may be limited immediately following the expiration of promotional offers. Pricing is as follows:

    • Choice ($69. 99/mo) – 155+
    • Premium ($94. 99/month) – This pack has more than 250 channels.
    • Premier ($139. 99/mo) – Over 350 channels

    You will also include DVR service, other TV charges, and the fee for the receivers per television set. In general, it depends on the type of services needed, but costs can be between $100 and $150 per month. There are introductory discounts for the first year which would mean that the person has to pay a lesser amount than stated in the above prices.

    Directv stream packages and Prices 

    DIRECTV STREAM takes a simpler approach with just four main packages that vary by channel count and cost:

    • Entertainment plan ($69. 99/mo) – 75+
    • Choice: 130+ channels for $89. 99/mo
    • TABLE 2: DISH TV PACKAGES PRICES AND CHANNELS OFFERED Ultimate – $104. 99/month – 140+ channels
    • Premier ($149. 99/mo) – The package comes with more than 150+ different channels.

    This basic price is subject to free standard DVR service for program recording and on-demand. It is easy to use and does not cost anything beyond the app’s price, there is no installation cost, and no requirement for a contract. They offer a monthly subscription, and there’s a slight discount on every three months subscription payments.

    Assessment of DIRECTV vs DIRECTV STREAM DVR & Features

    Aside from a difference in channel lineups, DIRECTV and DIRECTV STREAM offer similar core features but some key differences in functionality:

    • Cloud DVR: The two services, that are DIRECTV and DIRECTV STREAM, offer a feature that allows users to record shows with the help of DVR. DIRECTV has a Genie DVR set-top box while DIRECTV STREAM offers a cloud DVR system that doesn’t need additional hardware.
    • Simultaneous Streams: DIRECTV allows per television, one channel to watch. DIRECT STREAM can be basic with two streams on the base package or have unlimited streaming with options in the premium package range.
    • 4K HDR: DIRECTV offers compatibility with 4K resolution and HDR in more channels and movie titles in comparison to DIRECTV STREAM.
    • Mobile Streaming: With the help of the DIRECTV application, you can watch on the go, outside the house. Out-of-home streaming is not supported on this DIRECTV STREAM.

    If you seek the strongest in-house DVR and fewer hiccups with 4K, satellite DIRECTV has a benefit. However, with DIRECTV STREAM one gets more freedom streaming.

    Which Service Offers the Help You Need?

    As such, is satellite DIRECTV the way to go, or should you opt for the more modern and flexible, or at least the newer, streaming version, DIRECTV STREAM? Here are a few key points to consider:

    Go with DIRECTV if you:

    • Desire the largest selection of channels and most options for add-ons
    • Ensure games, both professional, college, and regional games
    • As with other features such as, for example, the level of control over DVR and its capacity.
    • Budget to take services in a package to be able to enjoy some discounts.

    Go with DIRECTV STREAM if you:

    • Desire a cheaper initial rate without agreements
    • Require a more flexible, subscription-based service where you can choose what services you want and for how long.
    • Possess an apartment or if one cannot install a satellite dish
    • As streaming flexibility with many devices
    • The desire for easier packing and tariffs

    While they are the same company and are part of the same conglomerate, as of now, DIRECTV and DIRECTV STREAM are two different services with different purposes. DIRECTV focuses on packages that cost more but with better service and equipment, while DIRECTV STREAM does not complicate things and has no equipment issues. Compare the two lineups and features to determine which one is going to be better suited to be a home entertainment system.


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