What is the least expensive DISH Network package?

  • Posted on: 01 Jul 2024
    What is the least expensive DISH Network package?

  • In the event that you are in search of an affordable TV provider, there is no way you should consider DISH Network. DISH has created packages that meet all the lifestyles of the clients and their pocket size. DISH America’s Top 120 package as mentioned above is the cheapest package in the market if one is looking for saving cash, but at the same time wants a good channel lineup. This article aims to explain all the features and services that come with America’s Top 120 and why this package is the cheapest from DISH if you are looking for the cheapest DISH package.


    Cable TV packages by America’s Top 120 has the basic package that costs $59.99 monthly. This starting price for over 120 channel options is among the lowest in the market compared to other major TV providers’ plans. As much as they allow you some additional services such as DVR fee and High-Definition channels the total monthly charge is quite affordable. This makes America’s Top 120 from DISH not only the least costly package offered by the provider but one of the cheapest TV plans in the market.

    Channel Lineup

    America’s Top 120 is inexpensive, offering more than 120 of the most sought-after packages even though it has a low cost. Highlights of what’s available with this basic package include:

    • Residents – The channels include ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX among others depending on the specific region. You can also watch live local broadcast TV networks from the four major networks, all without any additional cost.
    • Media related – AMC, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel and Hallmark Channel and Food Network.
    • Sports – ESPN, ESPN2, FS1, NFL Network and local certified networks depending on your zip code.
    • Children’s channel: Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, Cartoon Network and others.
    • Lifestyle - Ethie means that users of cable TV are able to access channels such as CNBC, Discovery, CNN, ESPN, FOX, MTV, TBS, TLC and TNT.
    • News – Cable Networks – CNN, FOX News, MSNBC and HLN.

    Overall, the below offers a good mix of many entertainments, sports, news, kids and more programs that are popular. While some of your favorite channels may be excluded from this lineup if they are reserved for the more expensive packages, you do receive a good mix of programming from the more popular and widely recognized broadcast networks.


    As a bonus to the relatively cheap price and decent list of channels, America’s Top 120 also benefits from some valuable extras that make it more convenient to use. Features available with this starter DISH package include:

    • Cloud DVR: Savor up to 50 hours of your favorite shows on the cloud and stream on mobile devices using the DISH Anywhere app. Save time by avoiding commercials and never miss the start of an opening pitch or a play.
    • On Demand Library: Thousands of titles are always available on various networks with a wide range of programs that you can watch at your convenience.
    • DISH Voice Remote: With this innovative remote control, you can open and browse channels, search for content, manage smart home devices, and do other things using your voice commands only.
    • TV Apps: Download popular apps such as Netflix, You Tube, Pandora, and other goodies right on your TV. Watch movies, search for a video, listen to a song and watch viral videos.
    • DISH Pause Rewind: Stay tuned when live TV is on if you are late, then you will need to start living TV from the onset. Watch all the game or go back to the most epic moments – can’t miss!

    Although America’s Top 120 covers all the basic needs, these bonuses boost your experience as you watch your favorite shows. In sum, it provides outstanding value for the cost and is loaded with the programming you love and convenient apparatuses to find fun.

    A Step-by-Step Guide to Determine if America’s Top 120 is Right for You

    In conclusion, America’s Top 120 is the best package that DISH Network offers despite the fact that it is the most basic package. If you wish to save cash on your monthly subscription but still get to enjoy local stations, big games, hot shows, and kid shows, then it gets a thumbs up from me. However, considering the available options of streaming services that provide only a small number of channels and the opportunities for their changes, the price for America’s Top 120 is rather affordable for all the services to be given.

    However, it’ll be useful to note that keen sports enthusiasts may wish to upgrade to get more specific sports stations. In addition, movie lovers and those people who are fond of watching TV programs may need a higher tier package in order to watch the programs which are shown on the premium channels as well as to have a wider choice of titles in the on-demand list. You can ensure that you shift your DISH package as your needs evolve and you need not worry about having the perfect package all the time. However, America’s Top 120 is the perfect plan for those who previously had no experience with DISH TV and want to save money on the basic TV package.

    If you are in quest of a cheaper plan that will still give you a good number of channels to watch without incurring a huge sum of money, then you will find America’s Top 120 cheap and ideal for your need from DISH Network. Has cost-effective and versatile features and comes with over 100 favorite channels making it an excellence value for all your basic television requirements.


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