How much does viasat internet cost?

  • Posted on: 24 May 2024
    How much does viasat internet cost?

  • The internet service company offers its clients various plans at competitive prices:

    Viasat has home internet services for satellite internet for homes in the United States of America. Viasat is a satellite internet provider company which can offer internet connections to those regions where cable or fibre optic internet is yet to be available. However, satellite internet as a type of internet is comparatively expensive among the available internet services. In this article, you will learn about Viasat’s plans and offers, including the viasat internet cost, charges, data limits, and the perks that come with the plans.

    Viasat Internet Pricing

    Viasat has three residential internet packages available nationwide:Viasat has three residential internet packages available nationwide:

    1. Bronze 12 Plan – Up to 12 Mbps for 69.99 dollars a month
    2. Silver 25 Plan - Up to 25 Mbps speed for $99.99 on per month.
    3. Gold 50 Plan – Up to 50 Mbps speed at only $149.99 per month

    Of course, the main divergences are the download/upload speeds and the amount of monthly traffic included in the plans. It is important to note that all Viasat plans ask customers to sign on for a two-year contract. The prices given here are the initial monthly rates one is likely to be charged upon subscribing for the first three months of service. The tariffs presented are slightly higher and are set on a regular monthly basis after the trial period.

    Viasat Fees and Surcharges

    In addition to the monthly internet package prices, Viasat charges several extra fees and surcharges, including:In addition to the monthly internet package prices, Viasat charges several extra fees and surcharges, including:

    1. Monthly service cost of $14.99 for equipment rental
    2. The other cost that was discovered is $100 standard installation fee
    3. $15 per month Unlimited Data charge a fee for adding the option of unlimited data
    4. Extra charges up to $10 each month modem maintenance plan fee
    5. Taxes, fee and other charges were computed in the range of 10-20% of the monthly cost.

    Nevertheless, it should be noted that when all the charges are tallied to the last cent, the total cost is much higher than the prices quoted for the Viasat internet packages. Viasat Gold package offers a basic 12Mbps internet connection starting from $99.99 per month and increases to $159.95 per month after adding equipment rental, installation, taxes, and normal monthly rates after one year of the promotional period.

    Viasat Data Caps

    This means that all Viasat satellite internet plan come with some form of data usage allowance that restricts the amount of data that can be used in a month to browse the internet, use social media, stream videos and music, or download any other file. The size of your data allowance depends on which Viasat plan you choose:The size of your data allowance depends on which Viasat plan you choose:

    1. Bronze 12 Plan – This plan comes with maximum data usage allowance of 40 GB.
    2. Silver 25 Plan – This plan comes with a 60GB data allowance.
    3. Gold 50 Plan – The package offers 100GB data usage limit.

    You will end up with slower internet speeds of between 1 and 5 Mbps for the remainder of your monthly billing period in case you go beyond your plan data limit. Mobile data internet for instance is limited to certain amounts of data as people who frequently stream high definition videos and download large files know too well.

    Unlimited Viasat Data Options

    Viasat provides more data at $15 per month which can be unlimited. Enabling unlimited data actually means that you get rid of the data limit offered by your specific plan and speeds won’t slow down regardless of how much internet you consume. Instead, Viasat points out that they may deprioritize network congestion during high traffic which can reduce speeds of unlimited data users who download more than 150GB per month.

    Bundling Options

    Additionally, Viasat offers chances for more discount rates on the internet package prices advertised by it by availing them in combination with other services offered by Viasat. Bundling options include:

    1. Offering free installation with their satellite TV, Viasat has absorbed bundling with their satellite TV packages.
    2. He then proceeded to add an additional option of having unlimited data.
    3. Incorporating the maintenance plan of the WiFi modem
    4. Combining the internet connection with the TeloIP phone service

    For instance, obtain the Bronze 12 Mbps internet package with the Choice satellite TV package and the monthly rate of the Bronze internet package is adjusted from the normal $124.97 cheaper to $99.99 per month for the first year in case the client will retain the internet package for 12 months as a 12-month plan instead of a 24-month agreement.

    What’s Included with Viasat

    Included in its pricing is the satellite internet equipment required for the internet connection at home. Standard Viasat internet installation includes:Standard Viasat internet installation includes:

    Satellite modem or WiFi router with modem functionality
    Cables and mounts

    Viasat usually employs an authorized technician to install it and this process may take between 4 – 6 hours. It is crucial to observe that $100 standard installation fee do not cover custom wiring or installation of equipment that is beyond a height of 20 feet.

    In addition to internet connectivity, the Viasat internet service provider also provides you with the Viasat WiFi hotspot facility. As a result, you may share other devices with others to access the internet through WiFi hotspots that are run by other Viasat internet subscribers.

    Viasat Internet Benefits and Drawbacks for Different ConsumerSegments

    Satellite internet services can deliver high data transmission rates to remote locations, but they are generally accompanied by higher prices than the cable or ADSL offers. The pros of Viasat internet include:The pros of Viasat internet include:

    1.Due to its availability in most states in the continental U.S., it is almost possible to find it anywhere.
    1. Some plans are available only without any long-term contracts.
    3. One can save a good amount of money by combining some of its options every month.

    Downsides of Viasat to consider include:

    1.It can increase at certain times of the day, namely, satellite latency.
    2.Internet connection speed is not constant, and it may be fast at one time while slow at another time.
    3.Data caps can be a problem since they affect streaming and downloading.
    4.These additional charges can help to raise the monthly expenses to a new level.

    It really depends on whether you reside in a place where cable/DSL is unavailable or not to determine the value of the Viasat internet connection. In many areas people may be willing to pay the premium price of Viasat to have residential high-speed internet service. Satellite Internet is usually slower and more expensive than Cable/DSL Internet, however for users that have both options available, the later should be faster and cheaper.


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