How much is an average DIRECTV bill?

  • Posted on: 05 Jul 2024
    How much is an average DIRECTV bill?

  • DIRECTV has different packages that it offers and thus the monthly charges differ with the type of package, extra features such as premium channels and DVR as well as any special offer given. But, the average customer only pays $50-$ $150 per month for their DIRECTV packages. Now to make it easier for you to calculate the average monthly bill let’s discuss in detail the aspects that contribute to your total cost of DIRECTV.

    Base Packages

    DIRECTV provides several base TV packages that customers can subscribe to, at varying prices. While this is considerably higher than the industry average, they only offer one basic package for $69. 99 per month, which comes with over 155 channels under the ENTERTAINMENT package. This includes local stations and satellite channels that are ESPN, TNT, USA, and among others. However, there are no regional sports networks and premium movie channels on this list.

    The cheapest package from CHOICE is called the CHOICE package with 185+ channels available at $84. 99 per month. It is one of the middle packages that offer some other sports and entertainment channels that are not offered in the ENTERMENT package. CHOICE or higher tiers are preferred by most of the customers since they have more benefits than the Basic tier.

    The package that is referred to as the ULTIMATE has over 250 channels and goes for $94. 99 per month. This includes more than 30 premium movie channels such as HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax. It also has an entire range of sports channels with NFL Sunday Ticket. The most advanced package offered by PREMIER is the BIGGER package which has 340+ channels at $134. 99 per month.

    By comparing with the base packages alone, the prices offered by DIRECTV vary between 70 to 135 US dollars per month. However, to most people, the extra services that raise the monthly expenses are included in their packages.

    Premium Channels

    Paying for higher package services, music, movies, special events, HBO, SHOWTIME, STARZ, CINEMAX, and EPIX can cost you an additional of $15 to $25 monthly. To avail of the HBO and SHOWTIME, the ULTIMATE package is included; however, other packages need additional charges. Therefore, anticipate an additional $20 or so for premiums in your average costs.

    DVR Service

    The Genie HD DVR service costs $15 per month for the first receiver the second and other receivers are $10 each per month. Any extra DVR received is $7 per month. The larger models that come with additional storage space for the Genie models are $20 per month. This is because most customers afford to pay an additional $20 every month for DVR services to record programs.

    Additional TV Receivers

    First, the equipment and the access card which is the DIRECTV receiver are free when you sign up for the basic package. However, it is possible to add receivers for other rooms at $7 per month for each in case needed. Therefore cable operators who provide additional boxes to households with more than one TV can expect the consumers to pay $10 -$20 extra monthly.

    Early Termination Fees

    The early termination fee for canceling the DIRECTV service is based on a prorated basis, that is, if you cancel your subscription early, then you will need to pay the prorated amount depending on how long you have used the service before canceling it. This is approximately $10 to $15 for each month remaining under two-year contract terms. It is very important to factor them when financing bills over the period, depending on the number of months or years of the respective contracts.

    Taxes and Fees

    In addition to the basic service charges, taxes, broadcast fees, regional sports fees, and federal fees differ from DirecTV. These can go as high as about $10 to $30 on top of the regular subscription depending on the locality. There are also usually some extra costs that range from $15 to $25 per month, so be prepared for those as well.

    Promotions and Discounts

    DIRECTV tends to provide early bird offers to new customers with a view of lowering monthly charges. Depending on the deals you can catch, you can get $10-$30 off your bill each month for as long as six months to one year or even more. Internet-linked wireless phones can also attract bigger discounts depending on the bundled packages offered.

    So overall to consider all the above factors, the majority of customers spend about $100 to $150 per month including the fees and the taxes. Some of the budget plans are closest to $ 80 for a month while the best and full-packed ones with all the trimmings are over $ 200. Way two is to match your channel requirements with additional services or promotional offers, the DIRECTV cost reflecting your chosen channels. All these components assist in identifying average DIRECTV costs since all costs are taken into account.


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