How much is Dish TV a month?

  • Posted on: 01 Jul 2024
    How much is Dish TV a month?

  • Dish TV Prices: How Much Does a Dish TV Cost Per Month?

    Dish TV is another leading satellite TV service provider company in the United States that provides numerous channel bundles and subscription rates. However, the average monthly cost of a Dish TV subscription that has not been specified may be of interest. Now, let’s focus more on Dish TV monthly packages and services offered and the determinant of this amount of money that one is supposed to pay.

    Base Package Pricing

    Dish TV offers four main channel packages:

    • DIRECTV Packages – Starts at $69.99/month | DirecTV plans and deals: America’s Top 120
    • Choice – Affordability: America’s Top 200 costs as low as $84.99 per month.
    • America’s Top 250 with HD FREE – Starting at $94.99 per month
    • America’s Everything pack – $149.99 per month

    These prices are applicable for the first year’s subscription if the user agrees to a two-year subscription. These prices are $10 higher than the regular prices, but only if the customer doesn’t sign a contract.

    For the lowest price you can pay for, there is the America’s Top 120. It has more than 190 channels that have local networks and other cable networks such as ESPN, CNN, Disney and others. America’s Everything Pack also includes over 330 channels and additional movie packages that consist of HBO and Showtime.

    Actually, starting from the basic option, Dish TV offers its services starting from $70 up to $150 per month. However, it is not very expensive, and it is always on offer, so the price is cheaper than it may initially seem.

    Introductory Discounts

    Dish TV normally offers good introductory rates for new customers and sometimes, Dish TV offers an initial three months’ free subscription on some packages for $59.99. And to be more precise, we are talking about $7.33 a week, or approximately $20 a month.

    You may also be able to receive some premium movie channels, for example HBO, Showtime or Starz for a trial period of three months upon subscribing to certain packages.

    The fact that some classes may have cheaper introductory offers is good only when you also remember that your price will increase when the introductory offer is over.

    Bundled Plans

    One can also find some offers to get the Dish TV connection at a cheaper rate if one opts for the internet connection or other related services. Dish has their bundling through a sister Cell phone company which is the Boost Mobile.

    Some examples of Dish TV bundled discounts include:

    • America’s Top 120 + Internet: Annual Subscription $999.99 or $89.98 per month
    • America’s Top 200 + Internet: Having been introduced to different types of television services and options available, the average cost per month for each service or option can be estimated as follows: basic television package – $97.47/month, pay-tv services – $104.98/month.
    • America's Top 120 + Internet + Voice: In freemium model, they could provide some basic limited features or services to the users free of cost and charge for the rest, which may be around $99.98 per month.

    The basic concept with any bundled service is that the more services you acquire in one package, the more possible savings you have over the cost of the services that are offered separately. Just a note: the prices for the second year may be higher than the first-year prices!

    Premium Channels

    These services are not cheap, so if you want movie and TV channels of a higher class, that will mean a higher price per month. Here’s how much some popular premium add-ons cost with Dish TV:

    • HBO: $15/month
    • Showtime: $10/month
    • Cinemax: $10/month
    • Starz: $8/month
    • Starz Encore: $5/month

    You can also get plans offering two channels such as HBO + Cinemax for $20 per month. Or, there is the “Premium Pass” with Showtime, Starz, Epic, and Sundance Now for $20 per month in total.

    Number of TVs

    The Dish TV charges you according to the one television connection. If you want to be able to watch on additional TVs in your house, you’ll pay a small monthly service fee per extra TV: If you want to be able to watch on additional TVs in your house, you’ll pay a small monthly service fee per extra TV:

    • Hopper Duo Receiver: In the case of Amazon Prime, it costs $5/month.
    • Hopper 3 Receiver: As low as $10 per month
    • Joey Receiver: $7/month

    If in the past you got Dish programming in your living room, bedroom and kitchen you would need two extra receivers which would cost you an additional $10-$14 per month.

    Regional Sports Fees

    Some states have regional sports fees that Dish TV may add depending on your location of residing. This enables them to include regional sports networks such as Fox Sports or NBC Sports in the local market. These fees may cost between $5 and $20 on top of what a customer is charged on a monthly basis.

    DVR Service

    It is notable that most Dish TV deals come with the Hopper Duo DVR for an opportunity to watch in several rooms. Yet, in case your package does not contain the DVR, the addition of this feature will cost you $10-$15 per month.

    Protection Plans

    A protection plan is available for purchase by Dish TV for covering the sat dish, wires and the receivers which are optional. The plans cost around $6-$8 per month for the plans that I have discussed in this article. This can be advantageous but may not be desirable if one can cope with the loss by restocking the needed equipment.

    Taxes and Fees

    Dish TV actually offers very competitive programming rates starting at $39.99 per month; however, in addition to these rates, their customers have to pay between $5-$20 a month in taxes, government fees, and Dish TV receiver fees. The amount varies with each location, although you cannot exceed this:

    The receiver fees enable Dish TV to recover most of the infrastructure and operating expenses incurred. They were once contained in the basic rates, but currently, they are unbundled and reflected in the customer’s bill.

    Ways of Receiving the Best Deal when Subscribing to Dish TV

    To get the lowest price on Dish TV service, here are some tips:

    • In the same way, the buyer should take a closer look at new customer offers and bundle deals.
    • Secure your energy prices for the long-term with a 2-year price freeze
    • Suspend it at the end of the first month if you wish to downgrade your package.
    • To ensure that you get the best deal, compare prices on Dish TV official website instead of making purchases from third party dealers.
    • Promotion codes are also beneficial for obtaining additional first-month discounts

    The Dish TV packages were revealed to start from $39.99 per month, and when bundled with internet and a hopper DVR, the total could range from $75-$100 monthly, inclusive of taxes and fees. On the same note, observing and waiting for coupons and other special offers as you utilize a given contract can also help in the process of achieving the same objective too.


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