Is Netflix free with DISH subscription?

  • Posted on: 01 Jul 2024
    Is Netflix free with DISH subscription?

  • Netflix is best known as a subscription based on-demand Internet streaming media provider, who puts a variety of television programs, films, documentaries and more at the user’s disposal. DISH is a well-known American direct broadcast satellite service company that deals in television. As more and more viewers drop their cable and satellite subscriptions for online streaming, people often find themselves asking whether they can add Netflix into their DISH TV subscription. In conclusion, while the existence of Netflix is undeniable, it cannot be said that Netflix is free with a DISH subscription.

    In a nutshell, the answer to this question is negative - Netflix cannot be obtained for free or as an integrated part of any DISH TV plans in 2024. Still, as it relates to movies and TV shows, DISH does provide some of it through its network, but Netflix is a separate subscription. Nonetheless, there are a couple of tricks that DISH subscribers can take advantage of to get Netflix cheaper.

    DISH and Netflix do not have any type of bundling arrangement in place.

    It should be noted that at the current time DISH does not have official partnerships with Netflix like Verizon Fios or T-Mobile Home Internet. What this means is that Netflix subscriptions are not reduced or given for free to DISH satellite users.

    As for movies, DISH offers customers more than a thousand on-demand movies through the company’s DISH On Demand catalog; nonetheless, this catalog does include original Netflix movies. The DISH On Demand library is more limited and concentrates on the TV shows and a few movies that were aired recently while Netflix has a much greater range of Netflix originals, all episodes of TVs shows, documentaries, kids’ show and more.

    If you desire to have Netflix on top of your DISH TV services, you will be required to buy Netflix subscription plans ranging from $6.99 for Basic SD streaming services in the United States. It is also important to note that when choosing between DISH satellite or Sling TV package, Netflix offers cannot be included as part of the package.

    How Free Gift Cards Can Help You Save Money on Netflix

    Netflix does not offer DISH as its bundle offer, however, DISH TV customers can obtain Netflix for a cheaper price through gift card offers. Now and then, DISH has offers on Netflix gift cards – either low priced or free with packages that are being offered by DISH.

    However, when these offers are around, DISH customers can use the opportunities to bring down the Netflix subscription fee to a monthly plan. The gift card is a form of credit balance where its funds are utilized in paying for Netflix subscriptions. As for the previous DISH promotions, there was a promotion where you could be given up to a $100 Netflix gift card, which will be enough to cover more than a year of Netflix depending on the plan you have with them.

    Therefore, although Netflix is not ever free or bundled indefinitely, DISH Netflix gift card offers offer a relatively useful strategy for permanently getting Netflix for a lesser price.

    BENEFIT #10: Utilizing the T-Mobile Benefits for the Netflix Discounts

    The other way that customers with DISH who also own T-Mobile cell phone plans can get Netflix at cheaper rates is through the following.

    T-Mobile Magenta cell phone plan gives Netflix Standard or Basic (Netflix 1 screen Subh streaming) subscription to its customers for free. If you have suitable T-Mobile plans together with DISH for the home TV, you can avail free or inexpensive Netflix streaming through the offers of your mobile carrier.

    But this T-Mobile offer is only valid for the standard or the basic Netflix streaming plans. However, if you wanted to watch Netflix with 4K quality, you would have to pay a fee for a Netflix subscription, which would not be covered by T-Mobile. Nevertheless, it is a brilliant idea to obtain some fundamental Netflix for complimentary if you are a DISH/T-Mobile client.

    The Bottom Line

    Unfortunately, there aren’t any specific Netflix discount promotions for DISH satellite TV or Sling TV streaming packages, and no free trials either Although, customers can benefit from gift card offers occasionally or choose a mobile carrier with a lower Netflix subscription price.

    While the option of activating those discounts is convenient for the user, it does take slightly more work to make sure they see the options and use the offers when they are available. But overall, Netflix still operates as its own streaming service in addition to DISH TV packages, but DISH consumers do have certain ways to save money on Netflix through gift cards or T-Mobile plans depending on their eligibility.


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