Is there a penalty for canceling DIRECTV?

  • Posted on: 05 Jul 2024
    Is there a penalty for canceling DIRECTV?

  • It may be a tough call to make when you’ve made up your mind to cancel your subscription with DIRECTV. DIRECTV is a popular satellite TV provider, and therefore, it is understandable that some people may be wondering if this company imposes fees when you cancel your subscription or if there are any other charges that you should expect while canceling your subscription with the company. In this blog article, we will explain whether and to what extent DIRECTV can impose early termination fees or other cancelation penalties to assist you in making the right decision.

    What is the cancellation fee policy of the company called DIRECTV?

    If you decide to cancel your DIRECTV service you will be expected to pay certain amounts as outlined below especially when the cancellation is done before fulfilling the contract period as follows: This early cancellation penalty ensures that DIRECTV can recover the losses it incurred due to promotional offers or equipment at a subsidized rate during the subscription process.

    DIRECTV's early termination fee varies today from $10 per month left in the contract, up to $480. And if you have only ten months remaining from a two-year commitment, the ETF would be one hundred bucks. If there is only one month of the subscription left, for example, it would be $10.

    This cancellation fee applies whether you are moving to an area that Directv does not service, whether you are moving to a different provider, or whether you just simply do not want to deal with Cable/satellite anymore. The only way to avoid the fee is to cancel DIRECTV after your contract expires From the above, it is clear that the only way to avoid the fee is to cancel the DIRECTV after the expiry of your contract.

    Is there any other charge that the subscriber is subjected to every time he or she discontinues the service with DIRECTV?

    In addition to the early termination fee, you may face other charges when canceling DIRECTV: In addition to the early termination fee, you may face other charges when canceling DIRECTV:

    Unreturned equipment fees: DIRECTV makes it mandatory that the leased equipment such as; receivers, access cards, and remotes among others, be returned by the subscriber upon cancellation of the service. In case some items are not returned, the student will be required to pay for the unreturned equipment fee starting from $460 for each item.

    Outstanding balance repayment: Canceling, however, requires some payment even if it is just the outstanding balance on your DIRECTV account. If any amount remains unpaid, they will be collection agents and will be pursued until paid in full.

    These additional cancellation fees are on top of the early termination fees that you incur when you choose to terminate your contract with DIRECTV early. Therefore, it is advised to review the list of equipment multiple times to ensure all items are returned and all the balances are paid at the time of account closure.

    Can you cancel with DIRECTV and pay less than the prorated amount of cancellation fees?

    No, it was disappointing to find out that like most cable companies, DIRECTV does not prorate early termination fees. No matter if you cancel your DIRECTV service with 1 month or 11 months remaining of your agreed-upon time, you will be charged $10 for each of the remaining months.

    The good news is that the cancellation fee does not continue to be billed once the amount of $480 has been reached for residential customers. However, there is no further decrease in the fee or any form of discount offered if you only partially fulfill your two-year commitment.

    What measures should one take in order not to be charged DIRECTV cancellation fees?

    However, the only way you can cancel your contract with DIRECTV without having to incur the termination fees or any other penalties is by waiting until your contract ends after two years. After the agreement term, customers may close the account without charges and penalties.

    You need to know that there are options to change or even cancel DIRECTV early depending on your circumstances, such as transferring your account to a new home. Like many other cable operators, DIRECTV also permits the transfer of contracts between the owners of properties and tenants to ensure that there are no disruptions in service and that no penalties associated with the termination of contracts are incurred.

    A cancelation fee is another way where a temporary suspension of service is done in case one is moving across town or students when they are going back to their homes during summer. But bear in mind that while DIRECTV is unavailable, monthly sports packages, premium channels, and DVR service fees remain active.

    To cancel your DIRECTV service, there is no need to go through a series of challenging hurdles or spend a lot of money. Still, it is comforting to be aware of such policies for cancellation and contract termination fees when they save you from penalty shocks further down the line when ending your TV services.


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