Which satellite has most free channels?

  • Posted on: 28 Jun 2024
    Which satellite has most free channels?

  • Cable television service has also risen to prominence in the last few decades, offering audiences an enormous number of channels and programs. However, there is a problem of too many satellite providers and as such choosing the one that offers the most free channels may be a problem. In this blog post, we will be exploring the major contenders offering satellite services and analyze the free contents they provide.

    DISH Network

    The DISH Network is one of the nation’s largest pay-TV satellite television providers. In this regard, they are allowed to provide several different programming packages in different prices, but even if to start from the lowest price they provide a lot of different channels that are free with subscription. Starting from the bottom rung America’s Top 120, you will get over 190 of them including many that are free with no extra cost or subscription. It encompasses some of the most famous networks such as NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, The CW, PBS, Univision, etc. If however you want to get all sorts of entertainment, news, sports and many other programs for free then DISH Network is the best solution.


    DirecTV like DISH is also one of the most successful satellite TV brands that has grown over the years. And thankfully, even the most basic packages that they offer are still pretty loaded with lots of free programming and stations. The Entertainment package offered by DirecTV which is its basic package known as the cheapest one offer over 150 channels with no additional charges. Among the popular channels, there is MTV, ESPN, Fox News, The Hallmark Channel, and others, which are included in the base package of most popular cable networks. However, some of the premium channels and services are not inclusive of the monthly subscriptions that will be charged separately. Considering the amount of varied, uncensored material, DirecTV has one of the strongest cases to be considered as having the most free channels.


    This British satellite TV service is aimed and delivers only free channels, as the name suggests quite categorically. Just a platform that is free to use, Freesat provides users with a list of more than 200 channels that are available for free. This includes the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and channel 5 among others Due to their reach and influence, they can shape public opinion and behavior in a way that smaller stations cannot.

    The majority of the offered channels have their origins in the United Kingdom, however, Freesat does also provide some free international channels such as PBS, PBS Kids and Al Jazeera. Although this is a good point for viewers who don’t watch many paid channels and are interested in free channels more than paying for premium packages and subscriptions, none offers as many unencrypted choices as Freesat.

    Astra 2

    Astra 2 is another satellite system which is used mostly by the European audience, but is alsoavailable for users in many other countries. Starting its life some 32 years ago, Astra 2 goes on to provide a vast selection of free-to-air satellite television and radio stations. All in all, Astra 2 provides its users with more than a thousand Open channels from Europe and other parts of the globe. However, to tune to these signals, an even bigger dish is needed than an ordinary television antenna would need. However, for those capable of taking on this challenge, Astra 2 is difficult to beat in terms of wholly free satellite channels.

    Bell TV

    Of all the satellite broadcasters, Bell TV has progressed in the right direction by integrating satellite signals with on-demand services. While the most basic package with Bell TV is now with over 350 channels in the Starter pack, the monthly fee is still relatively low. And unlike some of its competitors, Bell TV offers 90+ percent of such opening channels entirely free, within the subscription fee. Some of the highlights showcased here are the Global, CBC, CTV, City TV, NBC, ABC, Fox, PBS and The Weather Network. If you live in some particular areas of Canada, Bell TV will provide Satellite TV with over 100 free channels included.

    So which satellite TV provider ends up on top when it comes to the offering of free channels? With only the count number in mind, the fact that Astra 2 provides 1200+ of free European and international channels outdoes any of them. However, for North American viewer who is interested in acquiring major network and cable channels, DISH Network and DirecTV do have a valid point to prove where DISH Network offers 190+ free channel as compared to DirecTV’s 150+ free channels at the basic package level. It also lists fantastically high free numbers for the initial days for Canadian viewers watching on Bell TV. Whether the choice is what appeared to be the most promising satellite service, viewers in numerous territories can now watched more entertainment than could have been previously imagined for free through basic satellite TV packages.


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