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Super Bowl Weekend TV Schedule 2024: Your Ultimate Guide

  • Posted on: 10 Feb 2024
    Super Bowl Weekend TV Schedule 2024: Your Ultimate Guide

  • As the excitement builds for Super Bowl 2024, the weekend is packed with not just the big game but also a plethora of shows and events catering to all interests. This comprehensive guide will ensure you don't miss out on any of the action.

    Friday, February 1st: Kickoff to Super Bowl Weekend

    Super Bowl Opening Night: The festivities begin with the traditional opening night, featuring player interviews, expert analysis, and a first look at the teams. Expect in-depth discussions, fun segments, and early predictions.

    Celebrity Flag Football Game: Celebrities and former NFL stars come together for a light-hearted, yet competitive flag football game. It’s a fun event full of entertainment and amusing moments.

    Super Bowl Concert Series – Day 1: The concert series kicks off with A-list performers taking the stage. These concerts set the tone for the weekend and are a must-watch for music lovers.

    Saturday, February 2nd: The Excitement Builds

    Super Bowl Breakfast: Start your day with the annual Super Bowl Breakfast featuring player testimonials, inspiring stories, and the presentation of the Bart Starr Award.

    Super Bowl Experience: An interactive theme park offering participatory games, youth football clinics, merchandise shops, and autograph sessions with NFL players.

    Super Bowl Concert Series – Day 2: Another night of sensational performances by top-tier artists, further heating up the Super Bowl fever.

    NFL Honors: A star-studded evening where the NFL acknowledges the best players and performances from the season with prestigious awards.

    Sunday, February 3rd: Super Bowl Sunday

    Countdown to Kickoff: The day begins with pre-game analysis, interviews, and feature stories. This comprehensive coverage includes last-minute updates, team strategies, and expert predictions.

    The Super Bowl Pregame Show: An extravaganza of entertainment, this show features celebrity appearances, musical performances, and special segments dedicated to both teams.

    Super Bowl 2024: The main event kicks off in the evening. Enjoy the pinnacle of American football as the two best NFL teams battle it out for the coveted championship.

    Halftime Show: Always a highlight, the Super Bowl Halftime Show promises a spectacular performance by globally renowned artists. Expect an electrifying show that will be talked about for years.

    Post-Game Analysis: After the game, tune in for expert analysis, player interviews, and the trophy presentation. It's a comprehensive wrap-up of the game's key moments and performances.

    CBS Sports Super Bowl schedule

    CBS Sports typically airs the Super Bowl every three years as part of the NFL's broadcasting rotation. The network provides comprehensive coverage leading up to the event, including pre-game analysis, player interviews, and expert commentary. On game day, CBS Sports offers extensive pre-game programming, followed by the highly anticipated Super Bowl kickoff. Throughout the game, viewers can expect in-depth analysis, replays, and sideline reports. Halftime entertainment is also a highlight, featuring top-tier musical acts. Post-game coverage includes analysis of key moments and interviews with players and coaches. CBS Sports delivers the excitement of the Super Bowl to millions of viewers worldwide.

    Show Date Time (ET) Channels
    NFL Honors Thursday, Feb. 8 9:00 p.m. CBS, Paramount+
    Super Bowl LVIII Countdown Show Saturday, Feb. 10 Noon CBS, Paramount+
    That Other Pregame Show Saturday, Feb. 10 1:00 p.m. CBS, Paramount+
    NFL Slimetime Sunday, Feb. 11 11:30 a.m. CBS, Paramount+
    Road to the Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 11 Noon CBS, Paramount+
    You Are Looking Live! Sunday, Feb. 11 1:00 p.m. CBS, Paramount+
    The NFL Today Sunday, Feb. 11 2:00 p.m. CBS, Paramount+
    Super Bowl on CBS Kickoff Show Sunday, Feb. 11 6:00 p.m. CBS, Paramount+
    Super Bowl LVIII Sunday, Feb. 11 6:30 p.m. CBS, Paramount+
    The NFL Today Postgame Show Sunday, Feb. 11 ~10:30 p.m.* CBS, Paramount+

    Additional Programming

    Throughout the weekend, various networks will offer special programming related to the Super Bowl. These might include:

    • Documentaries: Featuring past Super Bowl legends, memorable games, and behind-the-scenes insights.
    • Special Editions of Popular Shows: Themed episodes related to football or the Super Bowl.
    • Cooking Shows: Focusing on game-day recipes and party food ideas.
    • Sports Analysis Shows: Offering in-depth breakdowns of the teams, players, and strategies.

    Maximizing Your Super Bowl Weekend Viewing Experience

    • Plan Ahead: With so many events and shows, it's beneficial to plan your viewing schedule.
    • Record Shows: Use your DVR to record overlapping programs.
    • Streaming Options: Many events will also be available on streaming platforms, providing flexibility in how and where you watch.
    • Social Media: Follow the Super Bowl on social media for real-time updates and exclusive content.
    • Hosting a Super Bowl Party: Consider hosting a party for the big game. It’s a great way to enjoy the event with friends and family.

    In conclusion, Super Bowl weekend 2024 is more than just a game; it's a celebration of sports, entertainment, and culture. With a variety of events scheduled, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Make sure to mark your calendar and prepare for an unforgettable weekend.

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