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The Ultimate Guide to Portable Satellite Internet

  • Posted on: 18 Apr 2023
    The Ultimate Guide to Portable Satellite Internet

  • The Ultimate Guide to Portable Satellite Internet provides an in-depth look at the options and considerations when it comes to getting internet on the go. The guide covers the three primary providers of satellite internet for RVs, as well as standalone Wi-Fi hotspots and portable satellite terminals like Satcube and Chobham’s EXPLORER 5075GX. The guide also cautions that satellite internet does not yet solve all mobile internet needs and outlines important factors to consider, such as cost and coverage. Whether needing internet for work or entertainment on the road, The Ultimate Guide to Portable Satellite Internet is a comprehensive resource for those looking to stay connected.

    What is Portable Satellite Internet?

    Portable satellite internet devices are a type of internet service that travels with the user and provide broadband connectivity almost anywhere on earth. Unlike mobile internet, which uses cellular networks, portable satellite devices rely on a couple of high-capacity satellites to provide internet access. These devices are fast, easy, and convenient, making them an ideal solution for people who need to stay connected while traveling through the air, at sea, or out of cellular connectivity range on land. Some of the popular portable satellite terminals include Satcube, Iridium GO!, and Flyaway satellite antennas. Hughesnet and Viasat is also gaining popularity as reliable option for portable satellite internet. These devices offer great flexibility and convenience to users who require internet connectivity while on the move.

    How Portable Satellite Internet Works?

    Portable satellite internet works by transmitting and receiving data through a compact satellite dish and portable modem. This solution is ideal for those who require connectivity in remote locations and areas where traditional internet access is not available. To access portable satellite internet, the user must first set up the satellite dish and connect it to the portable modem. Once connected, the modem sends the signal to the satellite, which then transmits it back down to Earth. The data is then received by the modem and made available for the user to access. Since the system is portable, the user can easily move it to different locations to maintain a reliable internet connection. Despite its convenience, portable satellite internet can be affected by harsh weather conditions and may have limitations on data usage. However, for those who need on-demand connectivity in remote areas, portable satellite internet remains a viable solution.

    How to Choosing a Portable Satellite Internet Provider?

    1. Consider Your Location: If you're traveling to rural areas, a satellite internet provider like HughesNet, Starlink, or Viasat may be the way to go. These providers offer coverage in remote areas where other types of internet access may not be available.
    2. Look for Versatility: Viasat offers a variety of different internet plans to choose from, so you can find one that fits your specific needs. If you're looking for a provider with more flexibility, consider Iridium, Inmarsat, or Globalstar.
    3. Evaluate Speed and Data: Satellite internet can be slower than other types of internet, but providers like Viasat offer fast speeds and unlimited data. Compare providers to find the one that offers the most speed and data for your needs.
    4. Check Hardware Options: Different providers offer various options for hardware, such as mounted or portable terminals. Determine which option will work best for you based on your specific needs.
    5. Compare Pricing: Satellite internet providers can vary in terms of pricing, so it's important to compare different plans to find one that fits your budget. HughesNet offers excellent value for those looking to save money, while Starlink offers a bit more expensive yet faster service.

    Equipment Options for Portable Satellite Internet

    When it comes to accessing the internet from remote locations, traditional methods such as Wi-Fi hotspots or cellular data plans may not be reliable. Portable satellite internet provides a solution by offering broadband connectivity almost anywhere on earth. With numerous equipment options available, users can select devices based on their speed requirements, coverage area, and mobility needs. Popular choices include the Satcube portable satellite terminal, which provides speeds of up to 20Mbps, the NETGEAR Orbi Quad-Band WiFi 6E Mesh System, providing coverage of up to 9,000sq.ft, and the Inmarsat, Iridium and Globalstar devices available at Satmodo. Other options include the Hughes 9202M BGAN Terminal, the Cobham Explorer 8100 Flexmove Drive-Away VSAT, and the portable high-speed data solutions available from ISS. With these equipment options, individuals and businesses can maintain connectivity even in the most remote locations.

    Setting Up and Using Portable Satellite Internet

    Setting up and using portable satellite internet has become a popular option for individuals who are always on the go. Wi-Fi hotspots, unlimited mobile data plans, and satellite internet are all solid ways to help alleviate portable internet issues. One option gaining popularity is satellite-based Hughesnet internet service, which provides excellent speeds almost anywhere. Setting up BGAN is extremely easy. A laptop can be connected to the BGAN terminal using either an Ethernet or USB cable. For individuals who own RVs, mobile satellite internet add-on plans are available from residential providers like DISH and HughesNet. 4G internet also provides flexible plan options and more data, making it a great choice for van, RV, or long-term setups. Additionally, Satcube is a portable satellite terminal that provides broadband connectivity anywhere on earth with speeds of up to 20 Mbps. To use portable satellite internet, users can simply unpack their wireless router and place it next to the satellite modem for a reliable internet connection no matter where they go.

    Portable Satellite Internet vs. Other Types of Mobile Internet

    When it comes to internet connectivity options for businesses, portable satellite internet and other types of mobile internet play a crucial role. Portable satellite internet is an excellent choice for those living in rural areas where traditional internet sources are not available. With prices starting from $60 per month, satellite internet offers lower speeds and data allowances than other mobile internet options. However, in areas with excellent cell coverage, mobile hotspots can be a faster alternative to satellite internet. It is essential to consider the pros and cons of each option before selecting the most suitable one for business needs. Factors such as location, internet speed, data allowances, and costs should be weighed before making a final decision. Regardless of the chosen option, both satellite internet and mobile hotspots provide reliable and convenient access to the internet, making them essential tools for businesses in today's connected world.


    After analyzing and synthesizing a wealth of information on satellite internet, the conclusion is clear: it can be a viable option for those who need portable internet access but live in remote or rural areas, or who require it while traveling in a vehicle such as a RV or truck. While satellite internet providers offer faster speeds than other options in some cases, it does come with potential drawbacks such as higher latency and costs, as well as limitations on data usage. Individuals need to weigh the pros and cons and evaluate their specific needs before investing in satellite internet equipment and service plans. However, with diligent research and optimization, the ultimate guide to portable satellite internet provides a robust resource for those in need of reliable internet access on the go.

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