Top 20 New Movies To Stream Right Now

  • Posted on: 27 Jun 2024
    Top 20 New Movies To Stream Right Now

  • With Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and all the numerous streaming platforms available, there are always plenty of brand-new movies that have been added that are definitely worth viewing. Below are 20 fresh and popular films that are available for streaming right now.

    1. The Adam Project

    The new Sci-Fi comedy movie on Netflix is all about Reynolds waking up in 2022 and befriending his young self who is on a mission. It provides just as much action, funny bone tickling and emotional scenes as you can handle.

    2. The Lost City

    Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum just click on-screen as they provide lots of laughs and action in this predictable but fun rom-com available on Paramount+. He is a book writer who writes romance novels, and she is kidnapped by her cover model (Tatum) and they need to come together in order to escape.

    3. Turning Red

    The latest Pixar animated movie on Disney+ is built around Mei, a Chinese Canadian high-school girl who gradually transforms into a big red panda when she feels happy or excited. I think it’s an amusing and warm story about childhood and acceptance of the transition to adulthood.

    4. The Outfit

    This crime drama film, which you can rent now, revolves around a tailor in 1950’s Chicago played by Mark Rylance who is dragged against his will into the gangster world. This is a tense, dialogue heavy work that really shines with its performances.

    5. Fresh

    If a movie-goer is seeking a horror film that is packed with social implications? Despite the Summer finale, streaming platform Hulu is worth trying; Fresh with Daisy Edgar-Jones from Normal People. It gets rather creepy and even parodic when she transforms into a lady who dates a man with the potentiality not being what he looks like.

    6. The Desperate Hour

    Naomi Watts plays a mother who has to protect the kids and avoid the police as the latter consider her a fugitive and a criminal. They are seated on the edge of their seats up to the last scene. Streaming free on Tubi.

    7. Mothering Sunday

    Odessa Young and Josh O’Connor, the stars of ‘The Crown’ star in this British romance set after the war. The movie revolves around Young’s character, a maid, who starts an affair secretly, and it is prohibited, on one day only. On Hulu.

    8. The Contractor

    This is an action movie where Chris Pine plays the role of a discharged US special forces sergeant hired to work for a private contracting firm which he later discovers has some serious malice. It will satisfy your need for the adrenaline rush. On Amazon Prime.

    9. Master

    Regina Hall’s acting career is on full display in this grim horror that explores racism and oppression at a privileged New England university. Hall portrays the first Black master at the school who fights against bigotry on the territory. On Amazon Prime.

    10. X

    Ti West’s prequel to his 2020 hit horror film is set in the 1980s, starring scream queen Mia Goth as a young woman who goes to rural Texas to make an adult film, only to find herself in nightmare territory thanks to an eerie old couple next door. It’s frightening and thought-provoking. Streaming free on Hulu.

    11. Nitram

    Caleb Landry Jones, a man of African American decent, won the best actor award at Cannes for his role as the man who committed a mass shooting in Australia in 1996. It is disturbing but yet quite informative about the character being portrayed. On AMC+.

    12. Windfall

    Academy award nominee Jesse Plemons, Lily Collins and Jason Segel are featured in this enthralling Hitchcockian thriller of a couple on vacation in their summer home taken captive by man on the run. On Netflix.

    13. Alice

    This is a dark, twisted and terrifying spin on Alice in Wonderland with pop diva Keke Palmer as Alice and rapper Common as the Mad Hatter. Prepare to get unsettled. For instance, Free movie streaming sites like Vudu, Pluto TV.

    14. Against the Ice

    This Historical movie based on true survival events; it’s followed the story of Danish explorer on dangerous Arctic journey in 1909 to prove Greenland is one island. It is an action-adventure TV series with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in the lead role who is known for his role in Game of Thrones. On Netflix.

    15. Blackberry

    A group of relatively unknown actors and newcomers such as Jayden Smith breathe life into this relatively unknown narrative about the potential global behemoth that was Blackberry phones in the early 2000s and its demise. On Amazon Prime.

    16. Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    The direct successor to the original 1974 slasher film ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ this follows up film focuses on Leatherface again after several decades of the horrifying events of the original film. It’s a violent thrill ride for die hard slasher movie fans. On Netflix.

    17. Emotional Rescue

    This inspiring and funny comedy is about a middle-school teacher who always tells white lies and invents a whole series of imaginary problems to solve in order to avoid upsetting anyone. With Karen Gillan. On the Roku Channel.

    18. Against the Back

    This intense urban crime thriller revolves around a decent man working as a security guard in Los Angeles who is conned into an elaborate criminal heist plot by an old compatriot. Fast paced with sharp dialogue. On Tubi.

    19. Gringo: The Film Based on the Life of John McAfee

    Prepare yourself for the rollercoaster ride of raw and outrageous true events of the story of John McAfee, the mind behind the anti-virus software. On Netflix.

    20. Apollo 101?2: A Childhood in Space

    Moonrise Kingdom is a cute, animated movie with a touch of humor and quirkiness that Wes Anderson is known for, all framed in the backdrop of the astronaut-mania of the 1960s where our young protagonist, growing up in the space city of Houston, has his first taste of love. On Netflix.

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