What happens to equipment when you cancel DIRECTV?

  • Posted on: 01 Jul 2024
    What happens to equipment when you cancel DIRECTV?

  • If you are contemplating canceling your DIRECTV service, you may be wondering what happens to your equipment once you discontinue your subscription.

    People may be reluctant to cancel their DIRECTV service because canceling can be challenging. As a customer, you may be anxious of the penalties for early termination, your deposit, or the fate of the DIRECTV equipment that you have. This guide will show you what you need to know when it comes to canceling, the process, and equipment return.

    Returning Your DIRECTV Equipment

    If you subscribe to DIRECTV service, when you successfully open the account, they give you equipment to pick up the signal from the satellite and to get the program from DIRECTV. This may have included:

    • DIRECTV Receiver (the primary cable box that may contain additional hard drives or disk storage).
    • DIRECTV Genie Mini Clients
    • Satellite Dish
    • Cables/Wires
    • DIRECTV Remote Control

    This equipment is leased and even if it is set in your home, it always belongs to DIRECTV. In addition, when you decide to cancel your service, you will be expected to return all leased equipment to this company; otherwise, you will be charged for the unreturned equipment.

    DIRECTV offers prepaid express shipping labels and boxes for the return of equipment within 30 days of disconnection of service. If you did not receive these return kits, you can obtain them by contacting the DIRECTV live support service. Place all DIRECTV boxes, remotes, wire, satellite dishes, and any other accessories in the return kits and take them to any UPS Center or request for pick up for free from UPS.

    Timely return of equipment is paramount to avoid incurring the wrath of unreturned equipment fees. Every DIRECTV primary store is $135 if not returned. Clients also come with a cost of $60, remotes at $25, and dishes at $85 among other items.

    Professionally installed equipment, and equipment that has been leased.

    However, if you hired a professional standard or custom installation for your DIRECTV service then this may be slightly harder. For example:

    WIRED MULTIPLE ROOMS – If you have had your home wired for multi-room Genie Mini Clients, only the clients must be returned but the wiring can remain.

    Custom Satellite Dish Installation – Since the actual satellite dish must be returned to the manufacturer, everything from the mount to the wiring and the cost of installation that was done specifically for this review belongs to you.

    Owned Equipment-That Hopper, owned HD DVR or any other equipment bought directly from DIRECTV or any retail outlet is owned by you or can be sold by you upon cancellation of service.

    If you still are not clear whether some piece of equipment used in the professional installation of the DirecTV system is leased or owned by you, you could refer to the DirecTV customer agreement or your account information online. However, you can also consult with the DIRECTV support service to explain the issue to you.

    This article focuses on the issue of how to get back the deposit of a DIRECTV.

    It is worth noting that, DIRECTV customers are required to pay a deposit of $0 to $200 where they subscribe. If the equipment is returned to DIRECTV without any damage and in proper working condition, the deposit amount mentioned above will be refunded to the respective client.

    If you believe that you are owed a DIRECTV deposit refund, you should receive the credit on your final bill or monthly statement within one to two billing cycles after the cancellation of service. For additional security, it is recommended to take note of when it is safe to contact the customer support team in case the refund has not been processed immediately.

    What is an Early Termination Fee?

    It is common for most service providers to have some form of contract while subscribing to their services; for example, when subscribing to DIRECTV, normally, the service provider may wish to bind the customer to a 24-month agreement to be rewarded with offers and discounts on the equipment. If you cancel service before fulfilling this initial agreement term, then DIRECTV will require an early termination fee in proportion to the amount of time left in the agreed period.

    This early cancellation penalty is calculated at $10 per month which is remaining on your contract. For instance, if you cancel and six months are remaining, you will pay fifty-six dollars ($56) as the termination fee. Currently, active serving military personnel can present transfer orders which will help him or her to be exempted from having to pay termination fees in the event he or she has to move to another place.

    There are a few other instances where you can end DIRECTV service early with no termination penalty: There are a few other instances where you can end DIRECTV service early with no termination penalty:

    • Aimlessly Relocating Somewhere that has no Line of Site on Satellite
    • Offering DIRECTV Specifically with Some Internet and Phone Services
    • Switching Plans During the Contract “Buyer’s Remorse” Period

    It is available to discuss such conditions in the contract of the DIRECTV customer, which may contain stated situations that exempt the consumer from termination fees when choosing to disconnect the services early.

    Leaving on Good Terms

    But if you are relocating or just changing your cable provider or ‘cord-shaving,’ make sure to end your DIRECTV service contract professionally and on a good note. Contacting customer retention departments and explaining why you are disconnecting may help make it a smoother process.

    And, of course, properly returning all the equipment on time will help to reduce problems or misunderstandings in the future. While the return process that the DIRECTV Company provides their clients may seem a bit complicated, it is the final step to end the service.

    Having a clear understanding of what one is likely to face when canceling DIRECTV helps reduce frustration on issues of early termination fees, deposit refunds, cleaning up professional installations, or returning leased equipment. Yes, you can effectively cancel your satellite TV service now that you know what to do!


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