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What is the Red Zone Channel?

  • Posted on: 24 Sep 2022
    What is the Red Zone Channel?

  • Maybe you have enough TVs to watch three or four games at the same time, but what about Sunday football? It is tough when we are all trying our best with one screen in between us. Sometimes I find myself watching on my phone instead of going out into town because there's no way that everyone else can watch every single game together! Unfortunately, there are only so many hours in a day, and it can be difficult to find time for everything. Plus, you need the right mindset if watching TV or playing games are going to sit atop your priorities list- which means not everyone has what they want when they really need them!

    The thing is most sports bars just have a few TVs and they duplicate what's on those. What can you do?

    Enter the Red Zone Channel

    The Red Zone Channel is a great way to keep track of your favorite team's game. It only shows you the significant plays as they happen, so there's no need for useless downtime or boring analysis! The Red Zone Channel is the best place to catch all your favorite football games and other live events. You can watch one game at a time or go on an adventure with them, as they have 24/7 coverage of everything sports related!

    For die-hard football fans, there is no better way to watch their team play than with the Sunday Ticket from DIRECTV. This package offers access and streaming of every game on Sundays all year long! You can enjoy it directly through our service or get one more additional provider if needed so you have coverage wherever life takes us.

    Two bonus channels with the Max package from DIRECTV are Red Zone Channel and its companion, Fantasy Zone. These provide football fans an opportunity to improve their game by watching ads for free plays in games they’re already enjoying!

    Dropping some truth

    The contract between the NFL and DIRECTV will expire at year's end, but we still don't know what'll happen there. I could give you my predictions if that would help anything; they wouldn’t be any better than anything in our thoughts (or anyone else's). The only ones who really know are lawyers—and no one wants to talk about it on this blog anyway!

    The only way to watch Sunday NFL games this season is with DIRECTV. But don't worry, if you live at home or work in a business that has limited access to television channels—you can still sign up for packages available on directv.com/NFL

    East Coast viewers – you’ve got some time left to get your football fix! But don't wait too long because our direct TV contract ends soon, and we can help with that. Call (855) 213-2250 during business hours today for a free consultation on how best to serve your interests in this upcoming season's games.


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