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Which is more reliable; streaming, cable TV or satellite TV

  • Posted on: 01 Apr 2022
    Which is more reliable; streaming, cable TV or satellite TV

  • As technology advances, the ways we consume content change as well. There are now a variety of options when it comes to watching TV, including streaming services, cable TV, and satellite TV. So which is more reliable? Let's take a look.

    Cable and cable internet

    While 98% of cable customers are not experiencing problems at any given time, most likely due to the high reliability that comes from a properly installed system. However, there can still be issues with TV signals if you dig in the wrong place or maybe rodents chew through some wires! A visit from an installer will always help find what needs fixing and may require some digging for repairs especially when it’s easy enough just seeing where things were cut off so they know how much work needs to be done before installing new cables.

    When you call your cable company, they'll tell you to wait on hold for a while. You might have the annoying experience of getting an appointment and then sitting in their van while waiting! That's not all though-if it gets really bad (or even just consistently) there can be outages where everyone has problems reaching internet access thanks so don't forget about going to work early because things will probably go smoothly until someone else makes trouble happen again.


    Satellite TV is the best way to get your favorite channels no matter where you live. Although recent numbers say that over 99% of customers still have a signal when they need it, there will always be those rainy days where reception goes out and then comes back once the rain has passed - which gives satellite an edge in reliability!

    In the event that your dish aims incorrectly or there’s a cabling problem, don't worry! You can make replacement cables on your own and learn how to aim correctly using just a satellite receiver. In addition, if you're waiting for a service call from our tech team then simply give it another go until they arrive - no need to perfect the Job this time around since we understand things happen sometimes.

    Why do people think satellite reliability is an issue?

    Imagine the rare case that there’s an outage caused at the system level. It would have to be a satellite failure or something like that, and millions of people lose their service altogether when one provider experiences problems with its network hardware, but let's say you're only impacted individually instead- does this make sense? You still hear about what happened because your shovel hit some buried cables in addition to other ones that weren't affected by whatever problem set off said outages (which were thankfully extremely uncommon).

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