Will Viasat work if power goes out?

  • Posted on: 09 Jul 2024
    Will Viasat work if power goes out?

  • The inconvenience of losing the power supply is high given that most individuals depend on the Internet for work, recreation, or correspondence. As you read this article, I want to provide an update on whether you will be able to access the internet with Viasat satellite internet during a power outage. In today’s blog, we will outline how Viasat functions during a power loss and how you can keep yourself connected.

    How Viasat Internet Works

    Viasat employs high-capacity communications satellites placed in geosynchronous orbit to provide fast, reliable broadband internet access for consumers and businesses across the United States. Unlike cable or fiber internet that is fixed to the ground and relies on power installation to operate, Viasat does not need this type of support.

    The Internet signal is transmitted through the satellite, and the satellite dish at your home enables you to access the Internet by connecting to the transmitted signal. Therefore, as long as your satellite antenna receives power, you are still connected to the internet from Viasat during an outage.

    To ensure that your Viasat equipment is in good working condition, it’s important to ensure that it remains powered.

    When there is a power loss, all your Viasat internet equipment can still function, especially if they are connected to a battery. Here are some options for powering your equipment when the electricity goes out:

    Here are some options for powering your equipment when the electricity goes out:

    - Use an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS): A UPS works kind of like a battery which provides electric power in case the electrical power on the wall is cut off. This can supply networking equipment in minutes to hours depending on make and model.

    - Connect Equipment to a Generator: If you are using a gas-powered generator, you can plug your generator directly into the house’s electric panel to have electricity during the power blackout. This will ensure that there is a constant power supply to the Viasat equipment so that you do not experience any interruption. Ensure compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations on safety while operating the generator.

    - Run an Extension Cord from the Vehicle: If you have a car, SUV, or truck nearby, you can connect the satellite equipment by an extension cord to the 12v power outlet. This can supply sufficient electrical energy that can support equipment operation for many hours.

    With proper backup power arrangement, you should be in a position to sustain and have concrete Viasat satellite internet regardless of the main power supply system failure. Keeping connections helps you to get informed on some things, update other people, or even work from that place. It is necessary to pre-install power backup equipment to have a satellite internet connection uninterrupted during any type of blackout.


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