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What Channel is ESPN On DISH Network

Watch ESPN and Stream Live Sports and News

ESPN is one of the biggest sports broadcasting goods and services in the world, delivering major sporting events from around the globe to viewers. ESPN offers an incredibly wide range of sports coverage, including ESPN Radio and ESPN Classic, as well as international soccer leagues, college sports, golfing tournaments, motor racing championships, NFL Monday Night Football, and much more. ESPN also produces breakthrough programming with award-winning shows such as producing SportsCenter and ESPN Films. ESPN's vast content is available across its Television Networks and streamed live to users around the world via its website. With successful digital renderings such as ESPN Fantasy Football, ESPN continues to prove itself as a leader in sports media.

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What Channel Is ESPN on DISH Network?

ESPN is available on DISH Network channel 140. DISH Network subscribers can access ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPNews, ESPN Plus, and ESPN U in every DISH Network package, including the base America's Top 120. The SEC and ACC Networks are also available, but only through America's Top 120+ package and higher. ESPN airs a mix of live events and sports talk shows throughout the day. Here are the channel numbers for ESPN and its sister stations on DISH Network:

ESPN: 140
ESPN 2: 143
ESPNews: 142
ESPN U: 141
ACC Network: 402
SEC Network: 404
ESPN Deportes: 854

ESPN on DISH Network Channel Number


Channel 140



Channel 141



Channel 142



Channel 143


ESPN Alternate HD

Channel 144

ESPN Alternate HD

ESPNDeportes HD

Channel 854


What Channel is ESPN2 On DISH?

ESPN2 can be found on channel number 143 with DISH Network. It is included in all of America's Top Packages, as well as the Latino and Multi-Sport packages so if you have any of those, ESPN2 is available. ESPN2 is also included in a variety of international packages, so anyone with a subscription to DISH Network should be able to watch ESPN2. ESPN2 provides coverage of a variety of sporting events year-round and is great for sports fans who don't want to miss out on any important games or events.

What Channel is ESPNEWS on DISH?

ESPNEWS provides 24-hour sports-related coverage and states its focus as "the only all-sports news network". ESPNEWS covers almost every major sport with live scores, headlines, and highlights. ESPNEWS also has the latest in video and audio analysis of major sports topics as well as post-game press conferences. Staying informed has never been easier with ESPNEWS on DISH, so if you're a dedicated sports fan this channel is worth checking out.

What Channel is ESPNU on DISH?

ESPNU is ESPN’s 24-hour college sports channel that airs exclusive coverage of live events, original programming, and studio shows. ESPNU offers fans the opportunity to stay up to date on Division I college sports including football and basketball games as well as conferences such as Big 12, Atlantic Coast, Pac 12, Big Ten, and SEC. Those with DISH Network can access ESPNU by tuning into channel number 141.

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What Channel is ESPNDeportes on DISH?

ESPNDeportes, the Spanish-language version of ESPN, is available to many viewers who have DISH satellite services. ESPNDeportes is channel 854 for both American English and Latino customers. This channel offers a variety of sports programming in both languages. If you’re interested in sportscasts and athletically focused news stories explicitly written in Spanish then ESPNDeportes offers just that - and it's simple to tune into as long as you have a compatible DISH package.

What Channel is ESPN3 on DISH?

ESPN3 is a streaming service that offers live games and events from ESPN networks around the world. ESPN3 can be easily accessed from any device with an Internet connection and an ESPN subscription. DISH customers can find ESPN3 on Channel 867 for most packages, making it easier than ever to stay connected to all their favorite sports-related content. With ESPN3, DISH customers never have to miss their favorite events or teams, allowing them to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the world of sports. ESPN3 provides a comprehensive source of entertainment and information at your fingertips.

Sports Programs to Watch on ESPN


"SportsCenter" has been a cornerstone of the ESPN network since its debut in 1979, offering comprehensive coverage and updates from around the sports world. On weekdays, viewers can tune into an evening edition followed by a late-night show for all the highlights - then catch up on game action with SportsCenter's live morning broadcast featuring fast-paced reports complemented by social media insights.

Monday Night Football

Monday Night Football has been an American tradition since 1970, with passionate viewers tuned in to ESPN and ABC each week for their favorite National Football League matchup. In 2005 the broadcast moved exclusively to ESPN - keeping fans' eyes glued on America's most popular sport!

College GameDay

College GameDay brings you all the hype and excitement of college football with its Saturday morning pre-game show. It takes place on the campus hosting that day's featured game, providing an in-depth look at matchups around the country. Get ready for ESPN College GameDay built by The Home Depot - your one-stop source for updates, analysis, and predictions from some of the sports' best minds!

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DISH Sports Beyond ESPN

With DISH America's Top packages, there’s something for every sports fan. You can start with the basics of ESPN in their entry package and then go up to enjoy even more coverage of college or professional games. And if that wasn't enough you can also add entire packs of premium sports channels so you never miss out on your favorite teams' scores!


Sports lovers can now relax - the ESPN channel has arrived on the Dish TV network. No more fear of missing your favorite matches while juggling life's obligations; you'll be able to catch all the action anytime, anywhere!

ESPN provides an amazing streaming experience, with the ability to watch up to 16 shows at once - all for a very affordable cost. Don't worry if you miss something during one of their live match broadcasts either; just skip ahead through any ads!

If you're looking for a great new channel to watch, try 140! It's incredibly easy to access and should show up right away. If any issues arise while searching, don't hesitate - just reach out to the service provider and get immediate assistance.

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1. What channel is ESPN on DISH Network?

ESPN on DISH Network is typically available on channel 140. However, channel numbers may vary based on your specific DISH Network package and location.

2. Do I need a specific DISH Network package to access ESPN?

ESPN is commonly included in DISH Network's America's Top 120 and higher packages. To ensure ESPN is part of your subscription, you can check your channel lineup on the DISH Network website or contact their customer support.

3. Can I watch ESPN in HD on DISH Network?

Yes, DISH Network offers ESPN in high definition (HD). If you have an HD-compatible television and receiver, you can enjoy ESPN's content in superior picture quality for an enhanced viewing experience.

4. Is ESPN available on DISH Network's streaming services?

Yes, DISH Network provides streaming options through their platform, DISH Anywhere. You can access ESPN and other channels included in your DISH subscription on various devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs.

5. Are there additional charges for including ESPN in my DISH Network package?

ESPN is part of DISH Network's standard channel lineup in many packages. However, to get the most accurate information regarding pricing and package details, it's recommended to check DISH Network's official website or contact their customer service. Additional charges may apply if you choose a premium sports package that includes extra channels beyond the basic lineup.


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