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What Channel is CW On DirecTV?

CW on DirecTV: Channel listings & schedule, find your favorite shows.

CW is a popular network available on DirecTV, showcasing a wide array of entertaining television programs. With a diverse range of genres including drama, comedy, and reality TV, CW offers something for every viewer's taste. From critically acclaimed series to exciting live events, CW brings high-quality content into the households of DirecTV subscribers. With its engaging lineup of shows and a commitment to producing original and captivating content, CW has become a go-to destination for television enthusiasts seeking fresh and compelling programming. Whether it's catching up on beloved series or discovering new favorites, CW on DirecTV ensures a satisfying and enjoyable viewing experience for all.

What channel is CW?

The CW, often referred to as simply CW, is a popular television network known for airing a variety of shows, including dramas, comedies, and superhero series like "Arrow" and "The Flash." The channel number for The CW can vary depending on your location and cable or satellite TV provider. To find the specific channel for The CW in your area, it's best to check your local listings or use the electronic program guide (EPG) on your television. You can also visit The CW's official website or contact your cable or satellite TV provider for the most up-to-date channel information, as channel numbers may change over time and differ based on your region.
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What channel is CW on DirecTV?

The CW network, known for its popular television shows and series, can typically be found on DirecTV with varying channel numbers depending on your location and DirecTV package. To find the specific channel for The CW in your area, I recommend checking your local channel lineup on your DirecTV receiver or visiting the official DirecTV website. Channel assignments can occasionally change, so it's a good practice to verify the channel number periodically to ensure you can catch your favorite CW programs.

You can watch CW on DIRECTV on channel 385.

City, State

Channel Number

Albuquerque, NM


Anderson, SC


Atlanta, GA


Austin, TX


Baltimore, MD


Birmingham, AL


Boston, MA


Brandon, MS


Charlotte, NC


Chicago, IL


Clarksburg-Weston, WV


Clarksville, IN


Colorado Springs, CO


Columbus, OH


Dallas, TX


Detroit, MI


Kansas City, KS


Kansas City, MO


Little Rock, AR


Los Angeles, CA


Louisville, KY


Madison, WI


Miami, FL


Minneapolis, MN


Nashville, TN


New Orleans, LA


New York City, NY


Oklahoma City, OK


Philadelphia, PA


Phoenix, AZ


Portland, OR


Reno, NV


Sacramento, CA


Salt Lake City, UT


San Antonio, TX


San Diego, CA


Seattle, WA


Tampa, FL


Washington, DC


DirecTV Plans

The DirecTV Entertainment package is perfect for those looking for a comprehensive lineup of channels without breaking the bank. With 160+ channels, including popular networks like ESPN, TNT, and HGTV, you'll have plenty of options to keep you entertained. It also includes local channels, so you won't miss out on any regional programming.

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If you're someone who enjoys a mix of entertainment, sports, and news, the DirecTV Choice package is an excellent option. With over 185 channels, including the NFL Network, ESPN, and CNN, you can catch up on your favorite shows, and sports events, and stay up to date with the latest news stories. Additionally, this plan offers access to DirecTV On Demand, so you can watch popular movies and shows anytime you want.

For those who crave even more content, the DirecTV Xtra package is a step up from the Choice package. With over 235 channels, including premium networks like HBO, Cinemax, and Showtime, you will have access to an extensive range of movies, series, and documentaries. This plan also offers regional sports networks, perfect for avid sports fans.

DirecTV Ultimate goes above and beyond when it comes to entertainment options. With more than 250 channels, including the full suite of premium networks, like STARZ, The Movie Channel, and Encore, you'll have an abundance of choices. Additionally, this plan includes the NFL Sunday Ticket, which allows you to watch every live out-of-market NFL game every Sunday.

For the ultimate entertainment experience, look no further than the DirecTV Premier package. With over 330 channels, including premium networks such as HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, STARZ, and more, this plan ensures that you won't miss out on any movies, series, or exclusive content. The DirecTV Premier package also provides access to popular sports channels like NBA TV and MLB Network, making it a perfect choice for sports enthusiasts.

DirecTV Plan Channels Package Price Subscribe
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Popular shows on  CW

Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights is a highly anticipated television show that delves into the dark and gritty world of Gotham City. Set in a notorious city filled with crime and corruption, the series follows a group of vigilante heroes who rise to protect the streets when Batman mysteriously disappears. Each member of this eclectic team brings a unique set of skills and personalities, adding depth and complexity to the narrative.

The storyline of Gotham Knights is set to captivate viewers, as it delves into the darker side of Gotham City like never before. The absence of Batman leaves the city vulnerable to chaos and disorder, forcing the new generation of heroes to step up and defend the innocent. As they navigate the treacherous streets, viewers will be drawn into a thrilling and suspenseful narrative filled with twists and turns.

Greatest Geek Year Ever: 1982

The year 1982 is often hailed as the greatest geek year ever in terms of TV shows. In this transformative year, television networks unleashed a plethora of groundbreaking and iconic shows that catered to the geeky and technologically inclined audience. One standout series that defined this golden era was the legendary science fiction show, "Knight Rider." Premiering in September, "Knight Rider" captivated viewers with its thrilling blend of high-tech gadgetry and gripping storytelling. The show followed the adventures of Michael Knight, a crime fighter assisted by an intelligent, crime-fighting car named KITT. Audiences were hooked by the show's futuristic concept and mesmerized by KITT's capabilities, including turbo boost jumps and a talking dashboard. With its memorable characters and innovative use of technology, "Knight Rider" left an indelible mark on geek culture, slotting it at the top of the list for the greatest geek year of 1982 TV shows.

Totally Weird and Funny

Totally Weird and Funny TV Show is a wildly unique and eccentric program that never fails to leave viewers questioning reality and laughing out loud. From its bizarre premises to its offbeat characters, this show breaks all the rules of conventional television in the most entertaining way possible. Each episode takes viewers on a rollercoaster ride of ridiculous and absurd situations, leaving them captivated and eagerly anticipating the next outrageous twist.

One of the show's defining features is its outlandish concepts, which push the boundaries of imagination. Whether it's a group of time-traveling clowns attempting to save the world or a secret society of penguins plotting to take over the world, the ideas presented in Totally Weird and Funny TV Show are as diverse as they are peculiar. Viewers never know what to expect next, as each wacky storyline takes them on an unexpected journey that defies all logical explanations.


In conclusion, DirecTV subscribers who are eager to find out what channel CW is on will find it on Channel 385. CW, also known as The CW Television Network, is a popular American broadcast network that offers a blend of entertaining shows and compelling dramas. Whether viewers are interested in tuning in to watch their favorite CW series or discover new ones, they can easily navigate to Channel 20 on their DirecTV guide. With CW's diverse programming lineup, DirecTV subscribers can enjoy a variety of content tailored to different interests and preferences. So, if you are a DirecTV subscriber and want to catch up on CW's latest offerings, simply tune in to Channel 20 and indulge in their captivating television programming.

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