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Find your favorites with the Directv channel guide

With four different DirecTv channel lineup packages to choose from, you're sure find the perfect plan for your needs! With channels ranging up past 140 and rates starting at just $70/mo., there is something here that will suit any budget. Each DirecTv channel lineup package comes with unlimited cloud DVR space where recordings can be stored digitally so they never lose their value even if disks stop being made anymore - talk about longevity!!

Directv stream channels

Sports Channels with DIRECTV STREAM

With the Sports package, you can choose from four different types of channels. You will receive ESPN and FS1 as well as two more sports-oriented networks for a total penetration rate on your TV that is about 30%.

There are plenty of different Sports packages to choose from, but you'll find your favorite teams at every turn with the Choice package (14 channels), Ultimate upgrade plan for 20+ channel bundle including regional sports networks and even more local coverage than before! If there's one thing we learned about watching sports online today - it’s that no matter where in America you live sometimes all our options can feel overwhelming. Luckily though thanks once again iTunes TV app makes things really simple by giving us access too.

Local Channels with DIRECTV STREAM

To find out what channels are available in your area, simply enter your zip code. You'll have access to local ABCs (or whatever), CBS and FOX as well!

Entertainment Channels with DIRECTV STREAM

Entertainment channels are a staple of the DIRECTV STREAM package. This includes some popular TV brands such as A&E, AMC and more!

For Sports Fans

Sports fans can choose from four different packages with even more options in each one! The regional networks are just part of what makes this streaming service so great- there's also Bally Sports exclusives that aren’t available anywhere else and dedicated ad breaks for live events on top of all those other perks we mentioned earlier.

For Newsworthy Channels

If you're looking for a variety of news coverage, then DIRECTV STREAM has what your heart desires. With almost 25 different channels in their Entertainment package alone with such offerings as CNBC and CNN among them--you'll never run out!

Watch what you really want with directv channel packages

Genie HD dvr included

Clean up your past

With the magic of DVR, you can now record up to 5 shows at one time and store 200 hours worth is your favorite content.


Track your present

The DIRECTV App is the best way to stream live TV shows and movies, or record them so you can watch later.


Change your future

You can have it all, starting at $64.99/mo for ENTERTAINMENT All Included or watch more sports with CHOICE -your choice! Go PREMIER if you want the best of both worlds and save 20%.

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