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What Channel Is Diy On Directv Tv?

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If you're a DIY enthusiast and a DirecTV subscriber, you're in for a treat! DirecTV offers a dedicated channel for do-it-yourselfers, packed with engaging content to fuel your creativity and help you tackle home improvement projects. In this article, we will explore the channel, its programming, and how to access it. Let's dive into the world of DIY on DirecTV!

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DIY Channel Overview

The DIY channel on DirecTV is a haven for those who love to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty with home improvement projects, crafting, and more. Here's everything you need to know:

What Is the DIY Channel on DirecTV?

The DIY channel, short for Do It Yourself, is a channel that focuses on home improvement, renovation, and crafting projects. It's a treasure trove of DIY inspiration, offering a wide range of shows and content for viewers of all skill levels.

How Can You Access the DIY Channel?

To access the DIY channel on DirecTV, you'll need to subscribe to the DirecTV satellite service. Once you have your DirecTV subscription set up, you can easily find the DIY channel in the channel lineup.

What Type of Content Does the DIY Channel Offer?

The DIY channel offers a diverse range of content, including:

DIY Channel Programming

Popular Shows on the DIY Channel

  1. "Rehab Addict" - Follow Nicole Curtis as she restores historic homes to their former glory.

  2. "Yard Crashers" - Join host Chris Lambton as he surprises homeowners with stunning backyard makeovers.

  3. "Bargain Mansions" - Watch as Tamara Day transforms neglected mansions into beautiful homes.

  4. "First Time Flippers" - Experience the trials and tribulations of first-time house flippers.

  5. "Texas Flip N Move" - Follow real estate entrepreneurs as they buy, move, and renovate homes.

DIY Channel Specials

The DIY channel also features special programming, including DIY marathons and holiday-themed episodes. Keep an eye on the schedule for these exciting events.


Q: Can I watch the DIY channel on DirecTV without a subscription?

A: Unfortunately, the DIY channel is only available to DirecTV subscribers.

Q: Are there any DIY tutorials on the DIY channel?

A: Yes, the channel offers a variety of DIY tutorials and step-by-step guides.

Q: Is there an online streaming option for the DIY channel?

A: Yes, DirecTV offers an online streaming service that allows you to watch the DIY channel on the go.

Q: Can I record DIY channel shows on DirecTV?

A: Yes, DirecTV provides DVR capabilities, so you can record your favorite DIY shows to watch later.

Q: Are there any DIY competitions on the DIY channel?

A: Absolutely! The channel features exciting DIY competitions that showcase the talents of contestants.

Q: Can I get expert advice on home improvement projects from the DIY channel?

A: Yes, many shows on the DIY channel feature expert advice and tips for DIY enthusiasts.


If you're wondering "What Channel Is DIY on DirecTV?" and you're ready to embark on a DIY journey, look no further than the DIY channel on DirecTV. With a wide range of shows and content, it's the perfect resource for DIY enthusiasts of all levels. So, grab your tools and get ready to be inspired by the world of DIY!

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