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What Channel is the Yankees Game

Watch the Yankees Game on DIRECTV

Are you a die-hard Yankees fan eager to catch every game? You're in luck! DIRECTV provides access to all the action, but you might be wondering, "What channel is the Yankees game on DIRECTV?" In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the channels, packages, and more to ensure you never miss a Yankees moment.

Understanding DIRECTV Packages

Before we dive into the specifics of where to find the Yankees game on DIRECTV, let's first explore the different packages offered by this satellite TV provider. It's essential to choose the right package to ensure you have access to the games you love.






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DIRECTV Packages Overview

DIRECTV offers several packages, each catering to different preferences and budgets. These packages include:

  1. SELECT: This package provides a solid lineup of channels at an affordable price, making it a great choice for casual viewers.

  2. ENTERTAINMENT: With a bit more variety, the ENTERTAINMENT package is perfect for those who enjoy a mix of sports, movies, and lifestyle channels.

  3. CHOICE: Sports enthusiasts will appreciate the CHOICE package, which includes regional sports networks, ideal for watching the Yankees.

  4. XTRA: For an extensive channel selection, including premium networks like HBO and STARZ, XTRA is an excellent option.

  5. ULTIMATE: This package offers a comprehensive range of channels, making it ideal for households with diverse entertainment tastes.

  6. PREMIER: If you want it all, PREMIER is the ultimate package with access to every channel in the DIRECTV lineup.

Finding the Yankees Game

Now, let's answer the burning question: What channel is the Yankees game on DIRECTV?

YES Network

The YES Network, short for the "Yankees Entertainment and Sports Network," is the go-to channel for Yankees games. Whether you're enjoying a regular-season matchup or the thrill of the playoffs, you can count on the YES Network to bring you the action.

Local Affiliates

In addition to the YES Network, DIRECTV provides access to local affiliates. Depending on your location, these channels may broadcast Yankees games. Be sure to check your local listings to see if you can catch the game on a nearby channel.

MLB Network

As a bonus, the MLB Network often features Yankees games and related content. While it might not cover every game, it's an excellent resource for dedicated fans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I watch Yankees games on DIRECTV without a sports package?

Yes, you can. While sports packages like CHOICE offer a more comprehensive Yankees viewing experience, some games may still be available on basic packages or local channels.

Q. How do I subscribe to the YES Network on DIRECTV?

To access the YES Network, you'll need to subscribe to the appropriate package, such as CHOICE or higher. Contact DIRECTV customer support for assistance with package upgrades.

Q. Are there any blackout restrictions for Yankees games on DIRECTV?

Blackout restrictions can apply to Yankees games, particularly for in-market games. These restrictions are imposed by Major League Baseball to encourage attendance at local stadiums. To bypass blackouts, consider using MLB.TV.

Q. Can I record Yankees games on DIRECTV?

Yes, DIRECTV offers DVR (Digital Video Recorder) capabilities, allowing you to record Yankees games and watch them at your convenience.

Q. Are there any additional fees for accessing the YES Network?

While some packages include the YES Network, it's essential to review your plan's details for any additional fees related to regional sports networks.

Q. What should I do if I'm experiencing technical difficulties with my Yankees game broadcast?

If you encounter technical issues, DIRECTV's customer support team is available to assist you. They can troubleshoot problems and help ensure you don't miss a single pitch.


In your quest to watch the Yankees on DIRECTV, you now have a clear understanding of where to find the games and the package options available. Whether you choose the SELECT package for casual viewing or the PREMIER package for comprehensive entertainment, your Yankees experience awaits.

Remember, the YES Network is your primary destination for Yankees action, so check your package to ensure you have access. With the right plan and some snacks in hand, you're all set to cheer for the Bronx Bombers from the comfort of your home.

So, grab your Yankees cap and settle in for an exciting season of baseball on DIRECTV!

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