Does Viasat work over water?

  • Posted on: 09 Jul 2024
    Does Viasat work over water?

  • Staying connected to the internet while out on the water is a crucial thing for many boaters today. Just as people like to know the conditions outside when they are at sea, communicate with friends and family back home, or even work remotely while at sea, the availability of a good internet connection offshore certainly provides a lot of helpful options.

    In this article, we will look at whether Viasat satellite internet services can offer you the experience and connection that you are seeking while cruising offshore or over water.

    This paper looks at the various ways in which Viasat provides satellite internet.

    As a communications services provider whose specialty is satellite Internet, Viasat has a fleet of high-orbit satellites that can broadcast broadband internet connections to specific dishes or receivers that are attached to vehicles, homes, or boats, among others. Even though Viasat satellites are located in the southern sky, where it can be difficult to receive the signal, Viasat service can be received almost anywhere as long as you have a clear line-of-sight view of the satellites.

    This makes Viasat a very flexible Internet provider choice for RVs, trucks, offshore oil platforms, pleasure boats, fishing boats, houseboats, and other applications where mobility is crucial. Essentially, the fundamental requirements comprise properly fixing the hardware on the car of your preference and ensuring that there are no significant interferences with the satellite signal.

    Does Viasat Work If You’re Based Offshore?

    The short answer to this is that it does work rather well most of the time for receiving the internet offshore. This is because, as you position your antenna further afield from the land and over more water bodies, your line of sight to the Viasat satellites is less likely to be obstructed.

    As long as you mount their satellite antenna correctly on your vessel and have no large nearer structures or larger boats looming over the antenna, getting Viasat performance many miles offshore is quite possible. Another advantage is that it is also used in a raised manner, as shown in the picture below.

    This is something that requires emphasizing that the signal from the satellite can sometimes be periodically affected by extreme weather. Volatile weather may have an impact on this; for instance, murky water may hinder performance if it is rainy or stormy. However, in most cases, this satellite appears to function well offshore to ensure that those in boats remain connected.

    Key Takeaways on Using Viasat for Boats:

    Viasat satellite internet can operate effectively off the shore when the signal has an unobstructed view to the south.
    Mount and orient the hardware antenna carefully to ensure no onboard signal interference
    It is so recommended that you install the dish as high up on your vessel as possible.
    It is noteworthy that heavy rain or storms may for some time, disrupt connectivity.
    It provides vital internet to work in offshore areas and receives information about the weather and communication.

    So if you depend on internet access from providers such as Viasat during boating, cruising, fishing, or sailing, then it is highly likely it will deliver crucial connectivity to you. Do not forget to seek the services of a professional to install your marine antennas and position the dishes correctly to sustain connectivity to their network over the horizon. Smooth sailing!


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