Is Viasat internet expensive?

  • Posted on: 09 Jul 2024
    Is Viasat internet expensive?

  • More so, due to the growing number of individuals working from home and spending their leisure time watching videos online, the demands for a fast and stable internet connection have never been higher. Viasat provides satellite internet service in the USA with a speed of up to 100 MBPS in some zones. However, many ask: Is Viasat internet more costly than every other provider or rather cheaper? So now let us look at the price offered by Viasat and what must inform the prices of their service offerings.

    Viasat Pricing Plans

    In Viasat internet service provision, the company provides various internet plans depending on the amount of speed you require and the amount of data used per month. Their entry-level packages range between $50 per month for up to 12Mbps in download speed and 12 GB of data allowance per month. From there, it goes up to $70/month for the next package to $150/month for the 100 Mbps unlimited data package.

    They also have several coupon and instant offers at different times, especially when bundling their internet with other Viasat services. That way, you might be able to shave off some of the monthly costs when you are just starting your service with this company. Like with any company offering an internet service, do make sure to carefully read all the terms and fee schedules.

    What Causes Fluctuations in Viasat’s Internet Prices?

    When comparing the pricing of Internet providers to decide if they are costly or cheap, you need to understand the cost that goes into providing that service. Viasat is a satellite internet company, and their service is different from cable or DSL networks in their basic operations.

    Some factors that influence Viasat's subscription costs include:

    Orbital placement and sustainment of satellites
    Ground network operations
    Technology and infrastructure investments
    working in regions that might be rural and have restricted accessibility.

    At the moment, Viasat has been launching three satellites to cover areas within the American continents. They have plans to add more satellites soon, which should enable the provision of faster connections to more places. And those satellites and the coverage area that has been expanded are quite expensive, and this is the monthly subscription fee that the users are charged.

    As a satellite internet provider, Viasat’s speeds and pricing put it in a different league than other internet providers.

    Therefore, is Viasat on the satellite internet unusually costly compared to other options? Their pricing is relatively typical, which places them right at the center of the average satellite internet company's pricing scale. Satellite internet is commonly more costly in the broad sense than cable or fiber, as the maintenance and installation of the structures are more intricate.

    It also focuses more on the rural regions that do not have access to mainstream internet platforms. As the last source of internet connectivity, satellite internet remains crucial to offering customers high-speed internet at comparatively affordable prices.

    If you have access to a cable or DSL provider, Viasat would be a highly-priced option to consider. However, the magnified speeds and performance capabilities make satellites worth the investment for most families, especially those with many users consuming large amounts of bandwidth.

    The Bottom Line

    All in all, although Viasat offers its internet services at a relatively higher cost than many providers, it offers reliable satellite internet to the rural population, which may not be an option. It therefore charges an amount that is fairly close to what other satellite internet service providers charge due to the inherent complications of the service’s technology. Another reason for the availability of the service is also the regularity of promotions, which allows many families to consider it more affordable.


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