What are monthly charges for Dish TV?

  • Posted on: 09 Jul 2024
    What are monthly charges for Dish TV?

  • Dish TV is one of the leading satellite television service providers in United States of America and provides different packages of channels along with various quality services. Now that you are thinking of subscribing to Dish TV, among the first pieces of information that you may desire to know is – how much does it cost per month? Here is what Dish TV charges its customers every month.

    Base Packages

    In terms of the packages offered, Dish TV provides its customers with four primary plans for their subscription, which include 60 + and 290 + channels. Direct Price of DirecTV Packages begins $64.99 /month for AT 120+, 60+ channels America’s Top 120+ to $184.99 /month with 290+ channels America’s Everything Pack. Here's a quick look at the four packages and their monthly prices:

    • For the price of $64.99/month, customers of America’s Top 120 can access channels which include 60+ more.
    • America’s Top 200 offering costs $94.99 per month and it comes with 140+ channels.
    • America’s Top 250 – price of 134.99 USD per month with more than 190 channels.
    • Americas Everything Pack: $184.99 per month and offers 290 plus channels.

    Some of the packages have options for local broadcast networks you can access from your region added to the channel count. The price estimates also do not include extra ‘premium’ movie channels like HBO MAX or Showtime. Additional charges for this ought to be $15-$18 a month for each premium movie channel.

    Other key points about Dish's base programming packages:

    • These prices are valid if the services are purchased together with Dish Voice phone service. This is so because prices of the same services offered without phonelines are $5 higher per month.
    • Provide details for the Dish Anywhere app so you can view TV on your cellular telephone, tablets, and PCs away from home.
    • The Dish Voice service comes free with packages containing 120+ channel offering.

    Premium Channels

    However, Dish offers options to select from various packages, which includes the base packages, and premium channels comprises HBO, Showtime, Starz, Cinemax, among others. Here are the monthly prices for Dish TV premium channels:

    • HBO - $15/month
    • Cinemax - $10/month
    • Showtime - $10/month
    • Starz - $8/month
    • Starz Encore – 5$/month.

    Preprogramming can also be offered in a bundle, for example getting HBO + Cinemax for $20 per month or Showtime + Starz + Starz Encore for $15 per month.

    International Packages

    Dish TV has a number of packages that are dedicated to international programming with channels from Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Monthly pricing for international packages includes:

    • Latin American channels (Spanish language) - $15 to $35/month
    • Arabic Elite Super Pack – forty-four dollars and ninety-nine cents per month.
    • Chinese Basic Pack can be purchased for $7 per month.
    • The first cable package available was the TV Asia Pack which costs $25/month.
    • Polish Programming Pack – $15 per month.

    Plus, there are language and region-specific add-ons such as, international packages are available based on the condition that you choose the America’s Top 200 or higher base package.

    Other Receiver and services Fees

    In addition to the cost of your basic TV package and any extra costs for specific premium channels and packages from Dish, there is a fee for each additional TV receiver that you take in your household. Pricing is as follows:

    • Joey receivers addle TV – $7.00
    • Dvr receiver of record shows – $ 10 per month
    • Super Joey receiver (Upgrade, UHD 4K) – 10$/month

    Hence if you are opting for TV service in 3 rooms under DVR service then you will be charged $20 more ($10 in each for two DVR receiver charges).

    Finally, Dish has a professional installation fee of up to $15 per month as well as regional sports fee of up to $12 per month to meet the local cost of airtime for sporting events. There is no service contract but depending on your situation when you cancel service early you may have to return equipment or pay an early termination fee.

    Key Takeaways

    Dish base packages are as low as $65 per month, but the average consumer pays over $85/month after costs such as fees, premiums, additional boxes are factored in. To put into perspective, there are more channel and equipment choices with Dish than with streaming TV options such as YouTube TV or Hulu Live, but the cost per month is generally higher in most cases. It is, therefore, advisable to take into account all the charges before coming up with a conclusion that can enable you to determine whether or not Dish TV can meet your needs and preferences when it comes to watching television.


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