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HBO Max on Dish Network

With HBO Max, you get HBO Entertainment with Dish Network

HBO Max is the HBO subscription service you know and love with even more content, now available to DISH subscribers without additional cost. To get access to HBO Max streaming, simply download the HBO Max app on select devices or visit play.hbomax.com/login and follow three easy steps: sign in with a provider using your DISH username and password, set up an HBO Max profile, and start streaming HBO's blockbuster movies, classic favorites, and larger-than-life characters! With HBO Max through DISH, it has never been easier to dive into some of HBO's best content yet.

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What Channel is HBO Max on Dish Network?

HBO Max is a streaming service that offers shows and movies from HBO, Warner Bros., and other networks. It's available as an app or website and also on certain satellite and cable providers like Dish Network. HBO Max is included in the Top 200 Channel Package of Dish Network, with it being broadcast on channel 331. If you're subscribed to HBO through HBO®, HBO NOW®, or HBO GO®, your subscription includes HBO Max at no extra cost. You can access it directly using the same login credentials for these services. With HBO Max and Dish Network, you'll get access to HBO's award-winning lineup plus other top titles from the WarnerMedia family of networks.

Other HBO channels on Dish Network

HBO East

CH 310 HD

HBO East

Discover original series, movies and more from some of your favorite stars Discover everything HBO® has to offer across a wide variety of genres.

HBO West

CH 311 HD

HBO West

Original series, movies, and more from some of your favorite stars Discover everything HBO® has to offer across a variety of genres.


CH 312 HD


A channel for the ultimate fans of HBO Original programming, featuring binge-worthy marathons of HBO Original series in addition to top dramatic movies.

HBO Latino

CH 313 HD

HBO Latino

HBO Latino is a home for high-quality Spanish-language original series, films, concerts, and documentaries celebrating the passion and diversity of the Latin experience, plus hit original shows like Game of Thrones® and Westworld in Spanish.

HBO Signature

CH 314 HD

HBO Signature

HBO Signature is home to a mix of current and classic blockbuster dramas, HBO original movies, documentaries and iconic series like Band of Brothers and The Wire.

Requires Hopper or Wally to connect to the Internet.

HBO Family

CH 315 HD

HBO Family

A place for the whole family, free of R- and TVMA-rated shows.

Hopper or Wally is required to connect to the Internet.

DISH HBO Max Movie Package Channels:

The White Lotus

The White Lotus, a beautiful flower native to Southeast Asian countries, is making its way into mainstream 'Western' media with HBO Max's series of the same name. The show puts an intriguingly unique spin on the mythical elephant spirit, as it follows a young boy who, upon discovering his identity as the reincarnated spirit of the elephant, must evade persecution from a totalitarian regime determined to silence him. HBO Max’s ‘White Lotus’ serves as an incredibly important platform for conveying the beauty and importance of Southeast Asian culture to those who otherwise may not be familiar with it – providing many viewers with an incredibly captivating and immersive experience.

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HOUSE OF THE DRAGON is the upcoming prequel series to HBO's hit show Game of Thrones. It is set to come out on the HBO Max streaming service and follows the House of Targaryen’s rise 300 years before the events of Game of Thrones. This new series will be co-created by showrunners Miguel Sapochnik and Ryan Condal, who have both been involved in some great episodes of Game of Thrones, as well as co-executive producer George R.R. Martin, whose books served as the basis for the original series. HOUSE OF THE DRAGON promises to dive deeper into this fantasy world, taking fans on an exciting journey through history and giving even more insight into one of television’s most beloved franchises.


The HBO Max series THE SEX LIVES OF COLLEGE GIRLS provides an unprecedented look at the sexual lives of college students. Through in-depth interviews, researchers are exploring attitudes and experiences surrounding sex and relationships on college campuses. The project seeks to understand how modern young adults navigate sexuality in a time when things like dating apps are commonplace and boundaries may be more fluid than ever before. By examining the complexities of the modern college girl's sex life, the series provides viewers with insight into the pressures that students face in love, sex, and navigating boundaries. THE SEX LIVES OF COLLEGE GIRLS is an important reminder of the complexity and nuance behind human sexuality for generations both current and future.


Although HBO Max has yet to release its entire lineup of programming, it is clear that the new streaming service will have something for everyone. With a mix of classic shows, Hollywood blockbusters, and brand-new originals, HBO Max is sure to be a hit with subscribers. And at just $15 per month, it's an affordable option for families looking to cut the cord. Are you excited about HBO Max? What shows are you most looking forward to watching?

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What is the cost of HBO max on Dish?

HBO Max for only $15/month!

What channels are included in HBO Max on a dish?

HBO Max on Dish includes HBO East, HBO West, HBO 2, HBO Signature, HBO Family, and HBO Latino. To get those channels on the dish, you have to subscribe to the dish's programming package. HBO Max has a streaming app and you can use that to watch on more than one screen. The HBO Max streaming app is available on Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick, Apple TV, Roku, and select Android and iOS devices.

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